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"Fir Tree at Kissanpur"

Rimmi, Susan, Lisa, John, Prem and Sachin finished their annual examinations and wanted to have some fun. They all stay in the same gated community and study in the same school. Rimmi is the eldest of all who just finished her Xth standard (SSC) exams. Every one calls her didi. Susan finished her 5th standard. Lisa , John and Prem finished their 6th where as Sachin is Rimmi's class mate. On a hot sultry April afternoon they were lazing around at Rimmi's place. Some were doodling , some were reading, some were watching IPL. Then out of the blue Lisa shouted, "Why don't we all go to Kissanpur next week? I heard the place is awesome with too many birds and too much greenery.I am sure we will have loads of fun there. There is an amusement park too!"

Prem: "But will mom dad allow us to go there all by ourselves?"

Rimmi: "Come on! You are not a baby boy! Ofcourse they will allow."

Susan: "My mom for sure will not allow. Remember how my sister fell off a tree last time we went to picnic?"

John: "No. Please persuade them Susan. It will be too much fun. You know Kissanpur has many exotic plants and birds. We will have a grand time there."

Sachin: "Ya and I will get my new Canon too. We will post some amazing clicks on FB and make every one jealous."

Rimmi, Lisa and Prem in chorus: "Yay. That sounds like a plan."

Susan: "I don't know if I can join."

Rimmi: "Why do you worry? Leave it to us. We will convince your mama papa." With that assurance Susan smiled broad. It took at least 2 days to convince all their parents. With out any delay they all backpacked and carried all the essentials for a day long picnic at Kissanpur. It was a sweltering hot day and they carried cold drinks, Tangs, Lemon soda and many things to munch on the way.
Kids being welcomed at Kissanpur

As soon as they entered Kissanpur, they all were awed. The lush green ambiance and the rare birds, plants and fruits were just perfect. It was like they were sitting in mother nature's lap. The food in the outlets was so fresh and green. There were no artificial flavors or colors. The trees and the cool shade excited them. In the city and the hustle bustle they never get a chance to take a whiff of fresh air but in Kissanpur the experience was enthralling. They totally forgot the food they got from home and relished the natural fresh food at Kissanpur and clicked hundreds of pics. They explored various fields and the plantations there. It was a 200 acre land. Part of it is used for farming , part of it for kids' amusement with all the eateries and rides but there was a third far flunged part which was fenced and no one was being allowed inside. Rimmi went to one of the organizers and spoke.

"Hey. Why is that area barricaded? Are we not allowed to go in there?"

The organiser: "Nope. That area doesn't belong to Kissanpur and it definitely is not for kids. Err.. I mean that area is under development and entry is strictly prohibited. Please don't go there." Saying so the organiser left and he got busy with other duties.

John spoke, "Let's go and see what is in there. We may click something which no one clicked."

Susan: "Why to take risk John : ( ?"

Rimmi , Lisa and Prem: "Hey. It is ok. It is just under development . It is not haunted." Saying so they laughed loud which scared the shit out of Susan.

Susan: "I don't know. I am scared."

Sachin: " Don't worry Susie. We will just go, click one or two pics and come back."

They carefully crossed the fence and walked and walked and found nothing. The land was mostly barren and trees were life less. A factory just next to the land bellowed a siren now and then and the smoke which was coming out of factory chimneys made them breathless. Susan and Lisa both were hyperventilating as it was getting dark.

Susan : "I told you not to come. There is nothing here. Let us go back."

They were just about to leave when they heard a voice....

"Why are you leaving so soon? Explore the land little more." The voice was deep and threatening.

Susan jumped and got hold of John's shirt. Lisa gasped and every one stood shell shocked at the same spot.

They all looked around but no one was in vicinity other than a Fir tree which was almost leafless.

Lisa: "Rimmi didi, I am scared." Susan started crying.

Rimmi: "Hushhh. Don't cry Susie. Lisa , please keep quiet."

She continued, " Who is this ? Why are you not coming in open?"

"I am the Fir tree. My friends named me Florence. We breathe life as much as you do and sometimes we talk too if we want. The morons have been thinking this place is haunted." Fir tree replied in a stern voice.

Prem: "Is this some kind of a joke? Come on, show your self."

Fir tree: "Why is it so tough for you humans to believe that we are also living beings?"

John: "Err.. Is this some kind of game the Kissanpur team has set up, coz it is no longer funny dude. Please let us know." Susan was looking petrified by that time.

Fir tree : "This is not Kissanpur's land. Can you see the factory near by. It emits lot of smoke day long and the wastes from there have many harmful metals like chromium. Due to the extensive pollution I have shed all my leaves and so did many other plants around here. Before the factory was built, this area was also as green as the Kissanpur which is adjacent to this."

 "So you mean you are actually speaking to us now. Right?" questioned Rimmi in disbelief trying to understand what ever the Fir tree spoke.

The Fir tree bent it's branches as if to signal that it actually is speaking.

Susan and Lisa shrieked. Rimmi silenced them and continued , "So why are you talking to us now. I mean why did you choose us?"

Fir: "I saw that you guys were enjoying nature and appreciating mother nature's beauty. I felt you can save us. Meet my friend sunflower. His name is sunny."

Sunny : "Ya. Hi guys." Sunflower shouted in enthusiasm which startled every one.

"Don't be scared of us. We have started speaking in human language only to scare the people who want to encroach this land. If we don't act we all will be killed." Continued Sunny.

The kids conversing with Florence the fir, sunny the sunflower and other plants at Kissanpur
By now Susan was hiding behind Lisa. She was watching around her with wide eyes. Rimmi was the only one who seemed a bit calm. John and Prem gained composure and spoke to Florence.

John: "But how is this act going to help you?"

At this Sunny laughed loud and even Florence chuckled.

 "You just spoke to the Kissanpur's organiser right? Everyone including him believe that this place is haunted. They think it is due to the burial ground near by and they are scared of occupying this area." replied Sunny with a sunny smile spreading across its petals.

All other trees also started speaking.

Tree 1: "Only this act could save the rest of us."

Tree 2: " I was a happy tree too but due to the polluted water, air and the harmful wastage from the factory my health is also deteriorating."

Every one was silent for a minute. Sachin spoke first. "But how can we help you? How can we stop the encroachment? "

Florence: "You can report to authorities and also spread the word in your school. Post this issue on social networks. Talk to your dad who works in the department of Environmental sciences and help us. Social media is a big thing these days. We all know that. When I was just a seed I was bought from a shop which has a facebook page too. You people can generate the uproar and help us."

 " OK. We will see what we can do but do continue the talking till the issue gets resolved. Now we have to leave as it is getting dark. We will come back soon." Rimmi promised with a smile.

"Oh. Ya. We can do the talking. Humans are most scared by humans. It is not tough imitating them. I am hoping you passionate kids can bring a good change soon." Replied Florence in a hopeful tonne.

Rimmi nodded. Every one left the place after waving bye to the trees!

They all came back home with a sense of purpose in their minds. They spoke to their dad and reported to the concerned authorities and did what ever they can do to resolve the issue. They dedicated their summer holidays totally to this. Finally by the end of May, the concerned people responded and the land encroachment was cancelled. Also a law was passed according to which the polluted water and garbage should be diverted and for the good health of the plants a dedicated team would work in that area, for regular gardening and watering of plants and much more.

Rimmi and the team jumped in joy. Just before the school reopened they all went to Kissanpur again to say "hi" to their old friends. Now the barricades were removed and work was in progress in that area.

Florence conveyed thanks and Sunny winked at them when no one was watching. A mango tree offered the best of the mangoes to the kids' clan and a Neem tree swayed little more to give the coolest shade to them. It for sure felt that life was back in Kissanpur and  every plant became their new friend which proved that if you love nature, nature will love you back!  After few months even that land became a part of Kissanpur and was looked after with extra care and the owner of Kissanpur gifted the kids and their families some rich ripe juicy tomatoes and awarded them with tickets to Kerala - God's own country. Every one was happy with the new extension of Kissanpur but the happiest of all were the trees of Kissanpur now full of life.

I end this post with a wonderful quote.
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This fictional post about "Florence the Fir tree" is written for Indiblogger's Nature's Friends Contest. Do visit Kissanpur's page when you are here.

PS: I made the cartoons with the help of a website but ideas are my own

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  1. Enjoyed the story and the message. I like the quote at the end of the post.

  2. I wish trees could speak. We surely need more trees.

  3. Nice post afshan :-) 1 post se do nishaane ;-)

    1. Thanks
      Yep had no time and patience to write a different post for challenge :)
      thanks for visiting

  4. What a lovely story! All the best for the contest, Afshan.

  5. Loved the story Afshu. And all the best for the contest :)

  6. what a lovely story with a very good message. Thank you

  7. A good message sent out across with a good story. Why did not I think of combining the contest post with the challenge one? I think kids now a days are not that exposed to nature where as we spent the best of summers without TV, laptop, electricity and IPAD. Good old childhood :)

  8. A nice weave Afshan....All the best for the contest !

    Random Thoughts Naba

  9. I loved the story and the quote at the end. Beautiful!

  10. beautiful post, you have virtually given voice to the tress :)

  11. I love your cartoons, I LOVE them with your wonderful story, and I love your attitude--I was fascinated by all the descriptions and so glad for a happy ending! Lovely! jean

  12. Awesome afshan. Story with a much needed lesson. Must read for all. I will make V read it as well. Good one!!

  13. Such a great lesson in environmental conservation!

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  14. While reading i went to memory lane... so sweet writing .. great work

  15. That's a lovely tale pf a fir tree and a few adorable kids!

  16. You can make cartoons too! How much effort you've put into this story Afshan! Lovely quote there at the end!

  17. If you love nature, nature will love you back - love that line. Very sweet story.

  18. A very good way to convey the message, kids are our future and if they take care of nature... that is the best for future. Looking for more cartoon posts, they make reading more fun...


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