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"D" for "Despicable me"

I became a bigger fan of animated movies after my husband started working with Dreamworks. I got a chance to watch many animated movies and many a times for free. I have been to premiere shows and thoroughly enjoyed every time I go watch one. I download and watch them and I even watch when ever they are relayed on TV.

On one sick day when I applied leave due to some severe wrist pain I was getting bored and I downloaded Despicable me and Despicable me 2. By the way these movies are not made by Dreamworks :) Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures made these movies! I was strictly warned by Doc to not use the keyboard for atleast two days (I have carpel tunnel syndrome. Now it is an open question as to how I will survive A to Z with out getting shooting pain in my thumb and index finger :-( !). I realised the best way to pass time is by watching a good movie. 

I heard a lot about these movies and with out any delay downloaded them and I immensely loved them. The beauty of animation movies is in the subtle moral hidden in the movie, the crystal clear emotions expressed by the characters which are rarely seen in a normal movie , the overflowing cuteness which steals every one's hearts, the brilliance of camera and the fact that these can be watched by anyone and every one. This post describes what all I loved about this movie. This is not exactly a review but highlights my favorite things from the movie

The story line and Characters

Gru, a ferocious looking villain on the block who deserves the song and the title-Despicable me. He is detestable and hateful and is a thief who has a secret army of the yellow globular beings called Minions in basement who fulfill all his wishes which are commands to them. He has a Scientist working in his lab who implements all his innovative ideas, few useful , few useless and few senseless.Vector, another young talented thief beats Gru by stealing pyramids and Gru decides he would steal moon with the help of a rocket and shrink ray. Gru uses three little girls from Orphanage-  Margo, Edith and Agnes as baits to steal the stolen shrink ray from Vector!

Gru's encounters with Vector and the escapade are all well executed. Humor is intact and as it is an animated movie everything is possible from stealing a pyramid to shrinking the moon :) The story becomes interesting and adorable once the 3 girls enter our stubborn and emotion-less Gru's life. Even if he is not actually pleasant with them, they like him and make him like them. I just loved the way they bond with each other. Agnes is the cutest of all. I love it when she holds a white unicorn stuffed toy and shouts - "This is so fluffy. I will die." :).  Edith's attitude and Margo's calm are impressive as well. Minions need a special mention here. These cute characters speak in an accent which will make you giggle and laugh. They empathize with each other, tease each other and obey their master's commands. They are CUTE! Below is a glimpse of the minions
Cute Agnes- Image source- here

The minions. Image source : here

The plot is not extremely adventurous or super-heroic but the girls , Gru , minions and all other characters and the dialogues make it an interesting watch. You will love the bed time story which Gru narrates in the end where he represents himself as an Unicorn and all the three girls as kittens :) In Despicable me 2 the tables get turned and our Gru becomes a "Good" man and acts as a spy for an investigation bureau! Will not discuss more and make this a long post ;) Do watch the movies and I am sure you will love them. If you already watched, I am sure you would have liked most of the aspects in the movie!

Three cheers to the movie makers- Directors- Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud , Producers-  Chris Meledandri ,Janet Healy and the entire cast and crew. 90% credit goes to those who lent their voices to the characters. The list is like below!

The below details are picked from IMDB.

Steve Carell ...
Gru (voice) --- I love Steve Carell
Jason Segel ...
Vector (voice)--- Oh ! I love him too. Our very own Marshall from HIMYM
Russell Brand ...
Dr. Nefario (voice)

Kristen Wiig ...
Miss Hattie (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove ...
Margo (voice)
Dana Gaier ...
Edith (voice)
Elsie Fisher ...
Agnes (voice)  --- She is the cutest
Last but not the least Pharrell William's HAPPY song is an icing on the cake. I love love love this song. Do watch the movie to get happy :) I will write about some other movies during the challenge, when I feel like!


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This is my 4th post for "A to Z blogging Challenge 2014"


  1. I really liked the first one, but I still have NOT seen the sequel. It's on my "must see" list. New follower here! I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" and I look forward to visiting again!

    1. Thanks Sylvia . I remember that we read each other last year
      Great to see u again :) We shall b in touch. All the best.. do watch the sequel

  2. I have seen neither of these and now they are on my list, because of YOU! Thank you! I appreciate the fascinating way you have written about them! xox jean

  3. I loved the second part more than the first. One of my all time favourites. :)

  4. Oh yes.. Give me animated movies any time over the others. I enjoyed watching both Despicable me and the part 2. Thanks for this post. :)

  5. I haven't watched either though the kids have!


    P.S- U r coming to kerala? Munnar and thekkady are superb.. hills so it shall be colder. Not the Shimla cold but just colder than the other part of kerala, which btw is burning hot right nw!

  7. Lovely post, Afshan. I hope your wrist is better now...I absolutely love minions and Agnes, they are the cutest :D Looking forward to the next posts <3

  8. It's so FLUFFY I COULD DIEEE! I love love love despicable me...from games to toys, to the movie cd and even a t shirt, I have it all! awesome post. you made my friday :)

  9. Somehow, animated movies leave me feeling unmoved. But the manner in which you've described this, I feel like watching it. :)
    Thank you for the tag Afshan!

  10. I lubs Despicable Me. Yet to watch part 2

  11. I have always loved cartoons and after my son joined the field, I have been watching more of them as he gives me suggestions. I love Despicable Me.
    Oh btw, thank you for the spotlight! :)

  12. I love animated movies.....especially now, that they are made or remade with new twists which give them new meanings ! Lovely post !

  13. I haven't seen them but I know of these minions as they are plastered all over the wall of one of the teams at work. Will have to look them up.

  14. I love animation..I think I can never grow too old for it :)

    Random Thoughts Naba

  15. Aah I know your love for Despicable :D. This was a cute cute post. I also plan to download it and watch it with the kidos.

  16. I haven't watched it completely I think, maybe towards the end :) but I think it is a nice movie!

  17. I have heard a lot of good things about this movie yet I've never seen it. I really need to one of these days!

  18. I haven't seen either of them, but you have described them so well that it now makes me eager to watch them both!!

  19. Watched the second one last week on a long haul flight and was laughing haha ;) they are good fun

  20. I loved Despicable Me! When I first got my kitten, Ruby, I was often heard to exclaim, "She's so fluffyyyyy I could diiiiiie!"

    Have you ever seen Twinkies snack cakes made into minions? Do you have Twinkies in India?!


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