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The New Yoga Tablet for all with "Chitti's" renovation!

 Not every one's day starts with a unique Yoga pose.
The day need not start with a tablet taken as a daily dose.
 Fellas and Chicas these days grope in the dark for their smart phone or a tablet.
 With sleepy eyes and a dizzy head every one checks for some update!

 A doctor prescribes a tablet as a cure for your fever or any other ailment.

 I prescribe the yoga tablet as a dose for your daily entertainment.
 A doctor prescribes Yoga for your health and well being.
I prescribe the yoga tablet which will help you in sharing and caring!
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A  tablet is a house wife's key to success.
She can browse easily and know many new recipes.
Even a grandma can play diner dash or angry birds.
A tablet keeps her occupied and she can easily read and type the words. 

A tablet is a boon to the corporate offices.
A manager can check his mails and also create documents.
Many useful apps come to his rescue every day.
With the flick of a finger, work becomes child's play!

A politician can always tune in to news with the help of easy to browse apps.
He can type out his speech and also know who, what and where which fills the gaps.
One can travel to any place easily with the help of the maps.
Your day to day activities can be planned online with out any lapse!

Grand pa can get in touch with his friends on a tablet by social networking.
He doesn't miss his young days any more with all the fun and the talking. 
Now he feels easy to nurture his hobbies and habits like reading and writing.
With his favorite to-do things he keeps busy and it is never tiring!

Kids should also have special tablets to use, which will help them to learn.
It is so much more fun to let them browse once in a while and avoid their yearn.
With few restrictions on web and OS they can enjoy many fun apps and feel privileged.
Along with parents they can also use their tablet with out being caged!

Everyone's life was happy and happening due to their affordable Yoga Tablets. 

Days went by and lenovo's sales were great. On one fine evening in Bangalore a weird man wearing a long over coat entered a Lenovo store in a bustling mall. He was wearing sun glasses even in the evening hours. Every one started staring at him as they felt he might be a robber. Entire staff kept a close eye on him due to his suspicious get up and body language! He stopped at the Lenovo Yoga Tablet which was kept in the display and stared at it earnestly for a long time. Finally the lenovo vendor confronted him and spoke to him.

Lenovo Vendor: "Excuse me Sir. You need any help?"
Chitti replying to the Lenovo vendor. Click on the Image for a better view. Original Image source - here
The man: "I don't need help. You need my help."

LV: "Sorry sir. I didn't get you."

The man : "Don't you recognise me. I am Chitti the robot. I was on news all over the TV from  a week." Saying so he removed his glasses.

The vendor almost fainted looking in to his eyes which actually were mini monitors displaying so many things.

Chitti : "Don't be shocked. There is no such thing which I can't do and I was happy and surprised on seeing the features of Lenovo Yoga tablet. It is so flexible, sleek and has so many features. Its design is unique and battery life is excellent which makes it different from all other tablets. My boss and my creator RajniKanth thought of taking this project of further improvising it ."

The vendor recollected the news he watched day before where it was mentioned that Chitti helped a doctor during a critical surgery and also saved people in a fire accident. Vendor was speechless. Another person from staff approached Chitti. He was sure that Chitti has some mental problem!

"But sir, who gave you permission to come to our store ? This tablet is perfect. Improvising this tablet is impossible."

Chitti: " IMPOSSIBLE is not present in the dictionary of my creator Rajni. There is nothing which Rajni-Can't do and I follow his foot steps." Saying so he gave way to one and only RajniKanth.

Click on the Image for better view. 
Original source of the image- here
Rajnikanth entering in to the store. Original source of the image is -here

By now every one in the store and also people in the mall started surrounding Chitti and Rajni as they instantly recognized them. The store got jam-packed with audience. Every one took out their mobiles and tablets to click the super star. The crowd was chanting and shouting "TALAIVAA" pointing Rajnikanth.The word was getting echoed every where in the mall. Lungi dance started playing some where. 

Rajni silenced them by just a single wave of his hand. There was pin drop silence when Chitti started his presentation by projecting it on a near by wall. He used his eyes as LCD projector lenses. Every one was awestruck and heard silently to what all Chitti explained.

Chitti patiently explained that his motto is to improvise an awesome device like Lenovo tablet and make it the best in the market.

He explained what all modifications he can do to the tablet. He said that he will increase the resolution of the camera and see that the display becomes eye soothing. He said increasing the speaker volume can be an add-on to the tablet. He listed the changes which can be done to the tablet but did not reveal how he is planning to do those changes!

Chitti said , "As to how I am going to make all these changes will remain a trade secret between me and the Lenovo personnel. Of course Master knows it all."

Every one in the crowd applauded. The sounds and the cheers was deafening. 

Chitti silenced them this time. He took a green chip from his coat pocket and gave it to the manager of the store.

"This chip has the renovation details. I have one copy and we will start working as and when we get approval from the concerned authorities." Chitti announced as if it is already decided.

The Bangalore store owner got an offer which he can't refuse. Soon meetings were held and after many brain storming discussions at Lenovo's Head Quarters at Beijing-China , Chitti and Rajni started working with them. 

After tweaking few features of the Yoga tablet it was finally re-released in no time in Beijing and then in U.S.A., U.K. and India and all over the world. The new improvised version has an excellent display screen ,best sound quality system and a HD camera with high resolution. It was light as a feather .They were made of light weight metals (the exact metal used in its build was kept a secret) and came in various sizes and shapes. One can fold it and put easily in the pocket. The water proof and fire proof covers are complimentary on purchase .The sales zoomed up all over the world.  It was all in the headlines of various news papers that Ashton Kutcher sure was a good brand ambassador but Rajni's intervention spiced it upThe extra good features of Lenovo Yoga tablet were just too tempting to ignore. Rajni became the permanent brand ambassador for Lenovo!

Every one's life was double happening after the Rajninvention :)

"Lenovo is a great brand. It has some super cool features. The strength and resilience are worth mentioning. Of all the tablets we chose to work with Lenovo as we believe in it. We love their caption which says lenovo- For those who do and we did it."  said Rajni and Chitti in unision to the TOI reporter on dec 17th evening at the success party thrown in their honor at Beijing by Lenovo's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Yang Yuanqing

"Our next project is still in a bud stage. We are actually planning to renovate the tablet so that it supports holography and who knows we may adapt it for time travelling as well in the forth coming years." said Chitti to an unknown resource!

Rajni and Chitti also suggested a tag line for Lenovo!

lenovo - For those who know "wow"!

We have to wait and see the wonders a Lenovo tablet can do!

This post is submitted for the #BetterWay  contest by Indiblogger . Check more entries at "YOGA TABLET- A #BetterWay is here" . Do visit-- Lenovo's face book page

On the eve of his 63rd bday on Dec 12-2013 I also dedicate this post to Rajnikanth for his energy and unique style :) Thanks for reading!

PS: All the images of Rajnikanth are googled and modified by me. The first cartoon is made by me with the help of


  1. Loved the toondoo inclusion... and all the seriously filmi stuff that you're so fond of. :)

    Arvind Passey

  2. Ha ha..unique take on the topic! Rajnivention..loved it. All the best for the contest Afshan. :)

    1. I am glad U loved it :)
      thanks for the wishes ! glad it could make u laugh :D

  3. Interesting and hilarious. Loved it and so read 3 times. Just curious. You speak Tamil?

    1. Hi SG!
      You really read it thrice ?! This compliment made my day.
      No I am frm A.P. I speak telugu. Watch all movies when dubbed to Telugu and Ya I like Rajni :)

  4. Interesting poetic cum futuristic take Afshan. Good luck. Hope you win.

    1. Winning is tough as I see many more posts which hav that winning streak ;) :P
      But thanks a bunch for the wishes . Glad u liked it

  5. OMG! This is hilarious, loved the Rajnikant sir reference. Such a perfect post!
    Best wishes for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Bhavya !
      Glad that it could make U laugh :)
      thanks for wishes

  6. Whoa! what a twist in tale... start from toons and lead to Chitti..... :) All the best for the contest...

    1. :) :) Thanks Prasad for enjoying the post and thanks for wishes

  7. Nicely written :) All the best ..

  8. Poetry and Rajini Sir (Chitti Robot) story both are super!
    Liked it Afshan and all the best :)

  9. hahaha, that's a great take, one of the most enjoyable I read so far..
    of course rajni sir rocks!

  10. Creative and entertaining ! all the best !

  11. Very unique and creative post there Afshan. Loved the Rajnikant touch! He will sure make your post superhit.

  12. Ha ha, 'Ranjninvention' - hilarious!!! Loved the cute little 'toons!!


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