Monday, December 16, 2013

My "Bucket-List"

If any of you watched the sweet movie Dasvidaniya you will instantly remember a boring Vinay Pathak who loves making to-do lists . He finally starts living life only when he knows that death is waiting for him just around the corner . Whether death is waiting or not every person should have a bucket list  the way Morgan Free man has and finally goes on a road trip to live his life irrespective of his terminal illness!

Anyway today I too want to give my top ten wishes in my Bucket list. Why ten ? coz round figures are good and listing all the wishes I have is impossible!

1.)  To own a house. Not a duplex (Yes I am scared of big houses.). A decent 3-4 bed room house with a huge balcony surrounded by all kind of trees and a fountain outside the house or atleast a pool where I can sit and read for hours together. A fancy book rack with a sitting area like in the pic below would be better. I will design the house of course with the help of others but I would love to give all my attention to it and ya I want a fancy sound of music hanging in the hall and each room would be decorated depending on the taste of the one who owns it!
My Dream sitting area and book rack
 2.) To save a huge amount of money(if possible) which I can use on a world tour. If not a world tour atleast a tour to all the exotic places. Italy , Japan , Canada (Niagara Falls), Australia (Sydney/ Melbourne) and many places in India are in my hit list. Have road trips, do trekking, pitch in a tent in a mountain area and there are many more things linked to traveling which I want to do.

3.) Plan a get together where I invite every one, all near and dear , close friends , foes , cribbing relatives and every person who means some thing to me and give a speech totally dedicated to the selfish morons and heartless asses. I want to dedicate the speech to them in front of the crowd. I believe that open rebuke is better than secret hatred and I have my speech ready too. If only I get such a chance I know I will rock it!

4.) To learn some form of dance and learn to sing in a way that people ask me to sing again .

5.) To die slim is a priority wish. To watch my weight and keep a check on my health and not die in such a way that it would be tough for those who carry my body to cemetery! Also want to have a natural death , a painless one. It would be better if it is in sleep. Cannot bear a painful traumatic death!

6.) To be interviewed once I become an author or some one important. No . I don't want to be on a TV show as such (I won't mind if I come on TV :-)) but in a news-paper or at least on an e-paper I want to see my interview covering a good 2-pages. I have imaginary Q and A ready in my head.

7.) To meet and hug Shahrukh Khan, Tom Hanks, J.K.Rowling, Khaled Hosseini ,George Clooney and Will Smith (If not all then atleast the first one :P ) !

8.) To visit London and get clicked on the sets of Harry potter and at platform 9 3/4 wearing the robe and the Gryffindor scarf
Diagon Alley. Image Source: GOogle

9.) To cook better than my husband and excel in Chicken Biryani :-/

10.) To write a book which people will "remember."

What are yours ?


  1. Nice 10 wish list. May all your 10 wishes come true. I take exception to your list number 2. How can you not include San Francisco, the number one tourist spot in USA. Hope you have heard Tony Bennett's famous song "I left my heart in San Francisco". Please do visit and we will be happy to be your host.

    1. Amen to your wish SG :) haha If I have many I will cover SandFrancisco, California, Egypt, Paris and manyyyy more places :) Ok I will add that to list too :) I came across that song long ago. Don't hear to English songs much !
      Thanks again for ur time on my blog

      Ya If I vist San Francisco will surely let u know ;)

  2. Aha! A fun list, Afshan! Hope you fulfill them all and more.

    1. @Rachna : Thanks a ton for ur wish
      Thanks for the comment

  3. Hi there, came across your blog through the FB page "Real Fiction". Lovely list, wish all of them come true for you :)

    1. Thanks Seeta and welcome to my blog :)
      thanks for caring to comment !

  4. The husband makes such a wonderful biryani, kya?

    1. He rocks the biryani !
      Even my mom was mesmerized and he makes it very quickly !

  5. other than shahrukh, rests cool.;) wish you get them all. im getting too close to the bucket to have long your check out mine

  6. Hahaha, actually I too want to do a couple of things on your bucket list. Good compilation. Love that book rack thingie, awesome. Though I think number 9 is going to be very tough :P
    Hope you get to check them all off :-)


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