Monday, December 23, 2013

The T.O.S.S. Tips - Part 4

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As and when they finished eating, Geeta stormed out of the restaurant. She walked straight to the car without speaking a word.

Rahul: "Now what? Why are you so angry with me?"

Geeta's phone rang. It was Nisha again. She was not in a mood to talk but lifted it anyway. She took few steps forward so that Rahul doesn't overhear her conversation.

Nisha: "Hello Geeta. Sorry for disturbing your dinner. I need some help yaar?"

Geeta: "Ya tell me. What is it?”

Nisha: "You know Pavan na. He never shaves dear . He says the stubble makes him look cool and I hate that unclean stubble!"

Geeta: "So?"

Nisha: "Can you make him talk to Rahul once. Is the TOSS thing still on? I badly want him to get shaved ;(. "
Geeta: "Not again Nisha. I am already facing the brunt of the TOSS. Rahul is so obsessed with his clean shaven look now that I don't even feel like talking to him about this. Any way you can find all details on their facebook page. O.K. I have to disconnect now."

Saying so Geeta disconnected. She came and sat in the car.

Rahul: "Why are you so pissed off babe? Who was on the call?"

Geeta: "Nisha called me. She wants to know the tips to participate in TOSS."

Rahul " Oh My God! Did you pass on any tips? Please make sure to not disclose any thing till the last day of the contest."
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Geeta did not speak much after that. They silently drove back home. Meanwhile Pavan cleaned his stubble and was all set for TOSS!

To be continued..

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  1. It is getting more interesting. In Part 3, you said it will end in Part 4. Now Part 4 ends with "to be continued". It is not that I want this to end. Just curious.

    1. Thanks for following the story SG
      In fifth part it is sure gonna end ;)

  2. Interesting :) I had to read previous parts :p

    Here I have tagged you in my post

    Hope you acknowledge my tag in your next post :)


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