Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Life Under Microscope - My views :)

For the Indibloggeshwari's secret elves activity, I got Prasanna Rao's blog to review. She blogs at Life Under Microscope .Indibloggeshwaris is a group I love hanging around ,hence when I got this opportunity I just had to take it as it is the group where I always come across many interesting , creative , intellectual , humorous , emotional and all kinda ladies. It is not an exaggeration if I say "It is the best ladies hang out in the world."

Oops I am drifting away from what I have to do. I am supposed to review Prasanna Rao's blog here. So let me do it with out delay :)

 Firstly I love the blog name as it describes what she does on the blog aptly. We watch life under a microscope and reproduce the image with better resolution on our blogs and hence the title is a good one! I read Prasanna only during some contest where she was one of the runners up on Indiblogger and didn't get a chance to read much after that. Thanks to this activity as I got an opportunity to again read her writeups!The way she has written on various prompts is interesting. I have read most of her december prompt posts. My most favorite post is the one written on the prompt - Music

Her posts with the tag love and under fiction are interesting. You have good imagination Prasanna. Keep them coming :) I loved the platinum story narration. God bless your family with love, happiness , success and prosperity:). I  see so many book reviews on the blog. So book lovers this is the right place for you all where you can get first hand reviews of all the new releases! The way you imagine and write for the contest prompts is also commendable. I liked few posts written for Blogadda's WOW too. Keep them coming and I wish that your creative juices should keep flowing ! The toondoo cartoons and stories are also good. Do make more of them!
Life Under Microscope - Preview
How ever I have few observations to make on the look and feel of the blog.

1.) It would be good if the back ground is little dim so that the font stands out. It will be soothing to read. Fonts should be slightly large.

2.) You may create more pages on top, like you have done for the recognition and contact me. Create a page for your most favorite posts like say for books and stories. That will help the readers to easily browse and read.

3.) The labels can move to the right hand side bar of the blog where one can prominently see them.

 4.) Include all the winning badges in the recognition page or some other awards page , again for easy viewing.

5.) Maintain atleast 2-3 posts per page. Clicking on older to read another post every time will be tough as many don't usually click to read the previous post even if they want to! Its your wish if you don't want to maintain that way but ideally 2-3 posts per page will be good!

6.) A cool back ground and a neat header will beautify the blog !

Try to change the look and feel this newyear and I am sure you will love it!

Lastly I want to say that I am glad to know a blogger whom I didn't read much. Thanks for this opportunity my dear bloggeshwaris. You ladies rock. Hop on to Life Under Microscope  for interesting views, travelogues, stories , book reviews and many other simple anecdotes expressed in a colorful way.

Forgot to add that she clicks great photographs too. Check out the posts with label photography! Keep them coming :)

Lastly I want to wish Prasanna and all the Indibloggeshwaris a merry christmas and a happy and prosperous newyear well in advance. Wish you good luck for all future endeavors.
You all Rock. Merry Christmas to all unique and talented Bloggeshwaris


  1. Great review, I know where to go for book reviews and photographs now ;) Must visit this blog and read the wonderful posts by Prasanna.

  2. Thanks Afshan for reading my blog :) I have been wanting to change my template and spruce it up for a long time but somehow I keep procrastinating it :) I agree with all your observations except one. I have kept most of the winning badges in the Recognition page except the Tressemme one, since it's my only win in Indiblogger ;P Thank you for those points, it will definitely help me in improving the layout of the blog :) Have a merry Christmas and happy, prosperous New Year :)

    1. Glad U liked the review. I gave all the tips from my point of view :) U r free to implement them only if u want to :). Ya I didnt see the no of badges but one or many if all r in one place will look cool. Hence said that
      Happy christmas nd new year to u too prasanna. Lookng fwd to interact more

  3. Afshan you are very thorough in your reviewing. I wish you would review mine too. Give me a few tips on how to improve it. I mean it sincerely.

    I am looking forward to reading Prasanna's blog now. :)


    1. Thanks Dagny :D Haha do u really mean it ;) ? kharch hoga. LOL. I am kidding but surely some day If at all I can pass on a important tip will ping and let u know :)

  4. Now I know where to look for book reviews. Thanks Afshan.

  5. hey Afshan good job...like the pointers and the name 'life-under-microscope' I have always loved it :)

  6. You are the best elf ever!! you not only complimented but also told what is missing. Amazing!

    1. :) U R sweet to say that. Why don't u review my blog @Red Handed : I really need one now and will be uber cool if its from u :D

  7. Very thorough review Afshan. Looks like a very versatile blog. Will be dropping by to read.

  8. Wonderful review....I will surely drop in to Prasanna's blog!

  9. I like her blog. Great suggestions from your side. You truly reviewed it with great dedication.

  10. What an indepth review Afshan, complete with wonderful suggestions. I must compliment you on your effort. Well done, indeed! And after all this, I must hop over to Prassanna's blog. Haven't been there till date. So it is surely on my to do list for 2014.


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