Friday, December 27, 2013

If wishes are stars my gift would be a galaxy!

God cannot be every where and hence he created mothers they say.
A mother's job is tougher than a God's as a child needs her every minute of every day.
We seek God to fulfill our wishes and join our hands to pray.
A child searches for a parent when ever he has wishes and even when he has to play!

In future when I become a parent I want to gift my kid a life with happiness to the brim.
He would be a toddler when I would love to sew a colorful sweater for him.
I would love to gift him books at an early age and educate him the good and bad.
I would teach him the values which may not be in books and always cheer him up when he is sad!

I would not want him to study for exams and score marks , ranks or get a medal.
Instead I would love to gift him the best education which makes it easy to solve the life's riddle.
I would want my kid to be the one who takes a stand and decide the best for him/herself.
While doing it I will give him freedom but will not mind being a secret elf !
Gift of love. Gifts for eternity. Image source : here

He might demand for a bike or she might demand for a piano or a guitar.
She might want to plan future investments or he might want a fancy car.
I would love to gift them the courage to dream big and to strive to make it true.
I would love to see them crossing big milestones of life in joy and hue!

I would love to gift them kindness and generosity by which they can succeed.
At the same time I would teach them to say "No" when ever there is a need.
I want them to be strong and also soft at heart and deal with mind-heart conflicts.
I want them to remember the lessons learnt in life and be equipped to face the tricks!

I want to gift them great health, important than wealth and see that they always remain fit and fine.
I want them to wear a smile, release the stress and learn that a stitch in time saves  nine. :)
If wishes are stars I want to gift them a galaxy where they will always be intent.
On one fine day I want to look back at my life, smile broad and become content!

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  1. Thats v creative and sweet. All the best!

  2. That's what I call love mum's love wrapped in creativity. I loved the post.

  3. extremely sweet. I miss my Mom nw.

  4. Very creative post.. loved it. All the best for the contest.

  5. What a beautiful poem Afshan!! Good luck! I have tagged you here for P.A.U.S. Hope you will accept :)

    1. Thanks SomeoneisSpecial :)
      My PAUS posts are over . Thanks though.

  6. Nicely written and great gifts to wish upon your children! Good luck, Afshan!

  7. May all your wishes come true. Happy New Year.

  8. Nice collection of gifts you've made Afshan. The courage to dream big is truly an awesome gift. Very nice.

    1. Yep. A gift which can give rise to many gifts :)
      Thanks for reading Suzy


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