Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twist in the T.O.S.S- part-5 - The End

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It is the finale day. The counting of votes started on facebook. Rahul was praying since morning and  kept all the good luck charms near to him.

Geeta was getting hyper due to his feverishness.

Geeta: "Rahul, You want Maggi or bread omelette for breakfast?

There was silence. She turned around and saw a stern faced Rahul staring earnestly at the monitor.

"What's wrong with you Rahul? I am talking to you!"

Rahul: "Nothing. I am just waiting for the results. Today is the last day.”

Geeta: "You are behaving as if it is your Engineering entrance exam result.  You are getting on my nerves now yaar! "

By the end of the day Rahul was walking on his toes waiting for the results.

Finally the moment came and results were declared on the T.O.S.S.'s facebook page.

Rahul screamed, "Nooooooooooo. How is this possible? Your friend Pavan won the contest."

This time even Geeta was taken aback.

Geeta: "What the hell? There must be some mistake. Check properly!"

Rahul stormed out of the room, grabbed the mobile and shouted at the T.O.S.S. folks.

  Rahul: "How can you do this? He joined the challenge late and I have more votes."

T.O.S.S Person: "Sir, but you did not wear the T.O.S.S. badge yesterday and day before. Also we observed that you had light stubble 2 days back."

Geeta opened the website to read the details.

It was written, "Pavan with a clean shaven look grabs the T.O.S.S.'s bumper prize. Heartiest congrats to him. Let us hear what he has to say."

Pavan: "I am thrilled by this win. This prize truly goes to my girlfriend Nisha. My true victory is the fact that my clean shaven look bowled her over. Thank you T.O.S.S. team!"

Geeta avoided Nisha's continuous phone calls.

------ THE END ----------

Word count : 300

PS:  The cartoon is made with the help of toondoo.com

I  want to acknowledge Manjulika's tag in this post. Thanks for this fun opportunity BA team :)
Happy newyear one and all!

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  1. Thanks Afshan...
    Have been reading around your TOSS theme... creative.. Finally Pavan wins...

  2. Cleverly done Afshan - in parts. Enjoyed your story. Sometimes it's the little things that we overlook that are so important.


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