Friday, April 26, 2013

"W" for "Wishlist" and "Wonderla"

As the challenge is about to end my brain is getting roasted so much so that cannibals can have it as their favorite dish. Anyway today I am keeping it simple and silly by bragging a bit about me . I want to list down my wish list here with my top 10 wishes which are like below. I want to fulfill few immediately and few can wait!

1.) I wish to read more and more books. I face few changes , challenges and too many obstacles at times and I get carried away and the book I am reading hibernates forever. I am reading "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott  from the past 4 months . God knows when I will be finishing it. I am planning to schedule and read at least 2-3 books for month. I am a slow reader and hence cannot challenge my self a 100 books a year !

2.) I want to travel around the world. The places I want to cover for sure are India, Europe , China , and Australia. Europe for alps , grasslands and for the romance they can offer. I particularly want to visit Switzerland and Italy. Italy for its culture and food. China for its traditions. Egypt for history and to watch pyramids. Australia to feel romantic again :)

Australia- Sydney
london eye
Before travelling around the world I want to cover all the dreamy places in India - Kashmir (Leh-Ladakh) , Kerala , many North East places, Goa , Pondicherry and many more.
Kerala House boat

3.)  I wish to get my poems published . Its not just a wish. I want my poems to be published by mid 2014 atleast. Trying for the same.

4.) I wish to get a job. Actually I desire to shift gears to writing but have to see how it turns out for me and ya I wish to get rid of my laziness!

5.) I wish to buy a small resort hill side or sea side and spend my old age there. If not hills and mountains I would love to stay in a house with a beach view or a river view, calm and peaceful away from the buzz of the city! My dream resort should be something like Vythri resorts in Wayanad Kerala .It is a honeymoon resort . The image gallery always steals my heart. Below is a glimpse of the resort.

I know buying a resort needs butt load of money but fingers crossed to atleast save and buy a teensy weensy resort :)

6.)I wish to get rid of few of my fears. I did rafting in Manali and felt good about it. I am highly scared of heights and couldnot attempt paragliding.  I have paragliding , snorkelling  and trekking in my list. There are few more like trying few adventure rides in an amusement park :-/ and also singing infront of a huge crowd. I tried once in college and due to fear was not able to give my best.

7.) I wish I get a chance to shake hands with SRK ;) and spend some time with him. A coffee , 5minute chat or anything is fine to me and I hope I don't need an ambulance when I look in to the sparkling brown eyes when I am inch away from him. Oooooh. My heart is already skipping a beat ;) . I also want to ask many questions one of which would be- how he resists all the brick bats? Needless to say I will get all witty answers and I would make sure to get 1000s of pics clicked with him.

8.) I wish to open a restaraunt or a take-away along with my husband who is a great cook. We even decided the name : "Khan's kitchen". Not sure if its already taken. The specialities of Khan's Kitchen are Haleem , Hyderabadi Biryani and grilled chicken. He makes the bestest grilled chicken I ever tasted.  His veg dishes taste equally good.

9.) I want to sign my own book and give the first copy to mom and share the limelight with few who are near and dear!!

10.) Last but not the least I always want to be in touch with my bestest girl friends. I need them to stay sane. 

PS: All pics above are googled.  I dont own them.

Wonderla and "Water" rides:

Wonder la is an amusement and theme park in Bangalore which we recently visited and became kids again. There are water rides and land rides in wonderla. As we went late we could only do water rides. We were totally drenched and had loads of fun. There was a wave pool , slider , rain dance and many more rides. It was all rain , splashes , waves and unlimited fun. Reverse osmosis treated water is used and it is clean and safe. Few snap shots from wonderla are below
An apt pic to show the fun around

Water slide. I was too scared to try

Wave pool as good as the sea!
If you are in Bangalore wonder la is the best place to visit in summer. It surely is a wonder land!

This is my 23rd post for "A to Z blogging Challenge 2013" ! 


  1. Lovely wishes and I do hope all of them come true, Afshan. May I offer my humble Khubhani ka meeta to add to your menu? ;)

    1. Thanks Corinne !! Sure do give many more ideas. I didnt detail the menu here :)
      It will have desserts and ice creams too.
      Specialities - Khubani
      Kaddu ka kheer
      Double ka meetha
      Pan sweet and Rasmalai

      YUMM i want to have one nw

  2. Nice list of wishes! I'm sure they will all come true!

  3. Dont we all... :) Wonderla is one of y fab place (yeah even now) but my wife's hates it. I go bonkers on the rides and forget she is there


    1. Oh ! have u been to wonderla ? Thats cool. Ur wife hates it.Thats sad :(
      I too go bonkers. I Want to visit the place again

  4. Very achievable wishes! May they ALL come true for you soon!
    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks buddy !!!
      I hope they r all achievable specially the SRK one ;) WINKS ;)

  5. Hazaron khwaishein aisi .. Ki har khwaish pe dam nikale !
    I think we share a lot in common -- I would love to have a library of my own and I would also love to travel the world ! I hope Khan's kitchen becomes a reality and I get to eat in it !

    1. Insha allah ;) If we open I will for sure invite you and I have a mini library at my parents place . I would love to get one more at my new home :)
      LOVELY SONG ruchira
      Thanks for the comment

  6. Nice list of wishes Afshan - I wish that all your wishes come true. Keep us posted!

  7. The list is interesting. But I am not sure the 7th ones is all that interesting! *bhaagoo*

    1. Lol
      Will let you know when wishes get fulfilled Specially the seventh one ;)

  8. happy for you friend, wishing you the very best, and may every one of them come true in your life! thanks for sharing !

  9. Wow !! Afshan...loved your wish list. Most of your wishes match mine as well like writing a book, travelling the world. Good luck with 'Khan's Kitchen'. I'm sure all your wishes will come true :)

  10. This is such a lovely list and it resonates so much with me :) I too have a book ticking within me and one day I want to travel the length and breadth of the country especially the far flung villages and hamlets ...and as for the "Khan's Kitchen" , one day we'll sit there talking about our blogging times :)

  11. Hope all your wishes come true...God bless ya!

  12. Lovely wishlist, esp the date with SRK.... my heart too skipped a beat reading that... but opp SRK it was ME and not You :D

    And may all your wishes come true :)

  13. No way
    You can accompany me and we can sit on either side :)

  14. I love your 'sweet' menu. Wish all your wishes come true.

  15. You have a great wish list. And the amusement park looks like a ton of fun!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  16. I was in a waterpark just yesterday !!! :D

    How I loved this post... I and a few friends too call me a bundle of desires... I wish for so many things all the time.. at times I feel I am so greedy... !

    Ladakh on my list.. Kerala on my list.. north east on my list !!! That retirement house in the hills sigh...

    what a wonderful post for W :D

    1. ya settling down at such a serene place is my biggest dream
      Thanks fr dropping by :)

  17. AMEN to your lovely wish list Afshan. My best friend has proimsed me a trip to Wonderla when I am there... looking forward to it..

  18. You better have a veg version of the Khan biriyani too babe! And listen, keep writing. The only way to get better at any craft is to keep doing that. Try writing to independent and big publishers with samples. Never stop trying.

    All the best!
    ps: Pondy is a hop skip and jump away. What better time to visit than this weekend!

    1. Thanks Meera for coming back to my blog like U promised ;) !!
      Ya thanks for the wishes. I Will do my level best and for sure wont stop even on the day I turn 80!

      Ya PONDY shud plan SOOON :)


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