Monday, April 8, 2013

"G" for "Goosebumps"

We often hear these statements by many and its kind of stylish to use it - "Oh ! I got goosies when I saw that." " Those lyrics give me goose bumps always!" but how many times people actually get them is an open question. Both good and bad things give goosies.

Wiki says : "Goose bumps, also called goose fleshgoose pimples, the medical term cutis anserina, are the bumps on a person's skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fearnostalgiapleasureeuphoriaawe, admiration and sexual arousal."

Makes sense eh !? In my life I got goose bumps mostly due to fear and nausea more than awe and nostalgia. You all know about the chain of forward mails people send in offices. Few are fun . Few are serious. Few revolutionary but few are horrifying and don't fall in the category of things to be shared . I once got a mail in which Japanese people cook and eat human embryos :( As much as I wanted to delete the mail, my curiosity got better of me and I scrolled the mail till the end . I had crystal clear goose bumps which didn't need any magnifying lens for a better view. If cannibalism is one thing  , "the child cannibalism" and fetus eating haunted me. If you have guts do check this link - "Japanese eating dead babies"

There are different kind of diseases and ailments and the details are always disturbing. I once got a mail on parasites which live in breasts if you are unhygienic and if the bras are unwashed. The images were so grotesque that this time I did not scroll down. The first line and image were disturbing enough. Do not google and check them because I not only got goosies but also got rashes around my neck and face! It took me quite some time to delete that image from my brain! The only thing I can say is please maintain hygiene and be aware of such diseases too. After reading that mail I replied back to the horrendous sender requesting to delete the images before she sends those emails. That mail really impacted me and I couldn't have my evening tea ! It was nausea-tic. I was scratching my neck and ear for a good 2-3 hours.

There are many such visionaries and live images which always give me goosebumps. I am extremely sensitive when it comes to reacting to such gory facts! I know the details but I don't dive in to them . If by mistake I check every thing about it its a sure thing that I get rashes by the end of the day. Needless to say I got goosebumps when I dissected a frog (if you read my "D" post you might also get them). I turned red and got goosies when I saw that the tail of the lizard was still beating full of life even after its death. When a lizard fell on my book along with getting them I gave goosies to many around due to my shriek filled with anxiety.
The bumpy ride which I can frequently offer :)

There are few good and normal reasons in my life too when I got goosies and rashes. One such incident was during my 7th standard board exams. I was extremely tensed as I went 10 minutes late to the examination hall. Added to that there were many diagrams to be made as part of the Biology paper. On top of it my examiner stole my paper . He asked my permission before taking it from me of course. I couldn't fight back due to lack of time and also due to fear that he might make me suffer If I shout at him. The reason he took my answer sheet is to help a daughter of a VIP in the town. I was shell shocked when she (my classmate) happily copied every thing from my paper. She managed clearing the exams but I was angry on her from that second. I some how managed to finish the exam completely and came out but I didn't realize I already had my trademark goosebumps glaring at me from both the hands and my ears were a deep shade of pink due to tension , exhaustion and fury !

I usually get goosebumps when I exercise a lot , when I hold newly born babies (day 1 babies) . They are so delicate and tiny.Gosh ! Holding one of my cousin's son was the best goose bump memory I have. I also get them when there is sudden surge of a good memory or when I am at the receiving end of a very good appraisal and ahem there are many moments where my hand hosts all the goose-bumps.

The intense rashes which attacked me badly once or twice made me take an avil-25 (an anti histamine) . Now you know I am allergic to many things other than brainless people. 

I am not kidding if I say that I got tiny goosies and slight rashes on my right fore arm now :( Guys I need to go and shift my mind from these goosy- bumpy memories to some music or a hot cup of tea. 

I didn't know that there are a series of children's horror fiction novels - "Goosebumps" !

Do you have any goose bump memories ? If yes do share.

This is my 7th post for  "A to Z blogging Challenge 2013" !


  1. If you keep up with the lizard and frog tales, I'm not coming here anymore! ;)

    1. my word ladies - Woman to WOMEN word- No scary posts from tomaro ;)

  2. ah... I just came from one goose bumps post to another... and how very different this one is.. !

    Whats life without goosebumps I say !? huh ?

  3. oops did blogger eat my comment ?

    1. @Corinne : PROMISE from tomaro mostly feel good posts :P Please do come. Tussi na jaao ;(

      @Hitchwriter : I had comment moderation on . May be thats Y. I removed it now fr the sake of challenge. Ya life without goosebumps is boring but I get tooo many to be asking fr them :(

  4. ugh! who are these friends of your who send you such nauseating emails!?!

  5. I too! Afshan, have mercy ya.....we all are not that bad :P Now what do I to those mental images you created?

  6. Gosh! I remember reading about that Japanese cannibalism... It is so gross! I like good goosebumps... like when I am listening to some songs and our national anthem never fails to stir me!

  7. good god; prefer the goody goosebumps rather :D

  8. Goosebumps, I often get them while using wax. Otherwise, cold chilly environment brings the same effects on you.

  9. reading this, i am so tempted to think of an instance when I had goosebumps. but dont remember any :(

    your examiner took your paper so that some one could copy from it? wow, i have never heard of something like that!

  10. I am completely lost for words for the ugh goosebumps. When it's cold I get them and luckily haven't had any ugh ones!

  11. Your descriptions of the Japanese eating habits and the breast parasites gave me the goosebumps.

  12. I get goosebumps when I listen to a melodious song. But the content of this post did give me goosebumps.

  13. I get goosebumps when I am listening to very emotional story or a horror story :P

  14. @Roshni : The koi :P Colleagues Actually

    @Blogwati Gee : Wash them off with the image of a HANDSOME Hunk which will lead to good goosies :P

    @Shilpa : That was the most horrifying goose bumps I had Shilpa. Ya good things always feel good :D

  15. @Priya Sreeram : I echo :D Thanks for dropping by

    @Numerounity : Wax gives goosies to all I guess They r itchy and painful :( anyway

    @Anil Saawn: Ya he took the paper . That was something which was hard to believe even when it was happening :) Think think ek to goosebump instnace hoga :P
    Thanks for reading

  16. @suzy : Lucky then. Thanks for dropping by :)

    @Cynthia : Even while writing I Got them cynthia :(
    High time I CLOSE THIS POST
    brrr :(

    @dianamusings : Sorry yar but had to write them down !! good bad mix of memories they are :)

    @Ruchira :toooo much of emotions give to me too !! HORROR stories -- detto detto . forgot mentioning them... well practically I get goosies for so many thngs . SIGH

  17. ewwwwwwwwwww........... pls spare me the horror girl. I got goosebumps too reading about the 1st too instances.

    How sweet must have been the moment to hold the 1day old nephew of yours in your arms.

    Can't believe your paper was snatched and handed over to a VIP's daughter to that she can happily copy. Such a shameless female she was. :l

  18. What? He took your answer sheet and gave it to someone else to copy?Gosh Iam so furious hearing that. And the shameless girl copied it too. Grrr....
    You have a very sensitive system, breaking into goosebumps! But you are better. I'd probably throw up if I see such mails.

  19. #Preetilata : hhahaha
    Mission accomplished. All r getting goosies :P ya that was the cooolest goosebump. AM waiting for another . The cousin is about to give birth to another baby :)''Ya paper was snatched. still remember the scene clearly !

    @Shail : Haha ya I was also almost puking but resisted . I go cold at the neck and feel very unccomfy

  20. Those are some scary stories which I don't even want to check. I get goosebumps due to the in weather and water..fear too...but, you know what else give me goose bumps.

  21. Babies and goosebumps? Surprising! But you know what gives me the goosebumps, just a chill AC! :)

    1. @Cuckoo : Ya AC also gives that. SO Many things gimme goosies

      @Janu : hehehe ya I very well know what else gives "us" goosies Janaki !

  22. Arre, Darling, you have to promise me that you'll not talk about Lizards, frogs, snakes etcetera here after :-) What goosebumps? They give me creeps and chills ;-) Loved your description nonetheless :-)

  23. @AArti's mom : Why does ur name keep changin :-o Anyway No more goose bumpy posts
    Promise !

  24. Aiyo...lizards & those horrific mails makes me puke!!!...I get goosebumps in AC or chilling temperature or when some kind of patriotic scenes comes across to me :)

    But you must be very sensitive to get goosies while holding babies...i never got any even holding mine for first time :P

  25. may be I did gym before holding him ;) !
    but I did get slight goosies..
    M very sensitive yes.
    Thanks Nibedita for dropping by


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