Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"H" for "Happ"Y"ness"

I am in a preachy and self instructive mood today hence "H" for "Happiness" . You must have heard so many happy quotes and stories with a good moral in the end which always lead to "HAPPINESS". The pursuit of Happ"y"ness never ends. Happ"Y"ness with a "Y" in my title is to just show the importance of "WHY should you always try to be happy?" Every day we have to put our best efforts to make it a happening and a happy day. Lately I am getting too many doubts on the challenging subject- "how to be happy?" . We always tie our happiness with some one else or some things . Material things may cease existing one day and some body else is always prone to any kind of transformation. For a sensitive creature like me and many more on this globe a slight disturbance in their pattern of life leads to unhappiness !

For suppose you move to a new place. You are attached to your city where you were living for the last  ten years but due to few unavoidable reasons you had to move to a new place. There are challenges, valleys of frustration, new people , new languages , every thing new. Even if there is excitement while setting up a new home at times the challenges overflow and you are no more happy. You long to be back to the good old days. In this longing your brain definitely stops working and finding ways to make the place better. There are fair chances to make new friends, to develop a new hobby, to purchase some nice stuff, to find out the best hangouts and to start making it a comfortable place in your own way. To do this one needs patience , adaptability , the will to embrace a new thing. For a person like me getting accustomed to any thing or a person new is challenging but I guess I am slowly changing. I have found out ways to make my self happy. I go shopping by myself some times. Retail therapy is the best outlet for anger, frustration and monotony. Dressing and getting dolled-up just for your sake gives immense pleasure at times and shopping alone is lot better as you don't bug others for opinions and you go to buy in your "own" time slot. I do it and feel good about myself. I don't have to woo or attract any one. If they are attracted that's a bonus too :)
Do You Know Brainy Quote? If you don't know google it.
You won't regret :)
Often we link our happiness to "PEOPLE" . People every where who are a part of your story, who change your story for good some times and bring unexpected twists many a times. People around , people above, people below . Phew! There's a sea of people every where . You get too attached to them or is it correct to say "you are used to them". Once you are used to its a human tendency that getting un-used to them becomes a hectic task. We are emotional creatures. We shed tears. We are aghast when a person doesn't behave in a way we want to. A snake eats many of its eggs soon after laying them as it is hungry ! It has no emotional attachment and hence doesn't hesitate satisfying its starvation after the hectic task of laying eggs and on a different note if it doesn't eat, it seems half of the earth will be filled with snakes. EEKS ! The image is terrifying.

 Similarly the same snake doesn't even eat a live frog in reach when its tummy is full.

True ! I have seen that in an exhibition once where a snake and a frog were kept in the same glass case. Frog with its heart racing lurked in a corner fearing the snake's attack but the snake was too happy and sleepy to even notice the frog's existence. I stared at that glass case for quite long that day. Too many thoughts wavered in mind at the age of 8 which I am finally putting down on my blog today :) Unlike snake or other animals, human being's desires never end. Have you seen any animal which has a three course meal and also junk foods and fast foods at any time of the day ? Obviously the answer is NO . No animal prefers plenty of food and variety of food even after it is satisfied. Man using his brain invented many techniques and technologies to stay happy but the same man finds its very tough to be content with his life! His brain , heart and mind always conflict with each other and never stop thinking and lead to a dissatisfied self. They cease working only when he dies! Till death a human struggles to find peace and happiness.

There is only one key to stay happy for most part of your life. DO NOT GET VERY ATTACHED TO THINGS or PEOPLE . A human gets too attached that some times he forgets self-love. He forgets what he actually loves to do. In the efforts he puts to please every one else he forgets that to mend him self and to do stuff he likes only half of that effort is needed. I learnt it the hard way

There are many gurus, babas , psychologists teaching you the importance of happiness. They pass on the tips to be happy to hear which you have to burn your pockets. The tips you pay for each session will for sure make you unhappy. No offence meant to people who actually explored the meaning of happiness. They for sure put effort to gain money and be happy. They feed on your unhappy souls. I told you about happiness and I am about to give you few tips for FREE FREE FREE !!! Only price you can pay to me is pass on a smile and fill the comments section. Feel free to give tips to me too for free :)

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. Oscar Wilde 

  •  The above statement is so true. Always have happy vibes and prefer the company of happy and smiling people. The grouches pull you down and they can be highly contagious.
  • Never give priority to a person whose priorities change. NO MATTER what ever may be the past, whatever may be the happy times you have spent with him / her do not give utmost priority. People change so you too should be open to a change.
  • You only know what to do and how to make your life better! No one else can help you better than YOURSELF!
  •  Love makes life and even the person beautiful. Try liking a person who likes you but don’t expect things to happen your way. Things don't happen as you want them to. Things don't stop from happening as you don't want them to. It's not always "YOU" and "YOUR" plans when some one else is involved.
  • Love your parents and siblings a lot. I am sure they will never give up on you.
  • Don't rub your hobbies , passions and interests on others. They might simply be not interested.
  • Solitude is serene and a happy phase when you think about it. Don't get sad thinking you are alone. Think about the pending tasks. That unfinished book , the recipe you wanted to learn, that aquarium you always wanted to get from a shop near by . Make a list and tick off each finished task. The happiness you get by these simple accomplishments is unbelievable. 

  • Last but not the least remember to laugh off even in tough situations . Frank clark says - "The next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it!" 
  • Do watch the below video which always makes me "content" . My favoriite song by Baz Luhrman

The lyrics of the song if you have time are at--> "BazLurhman's Song"

Hope I didn't sound too preachy today. Be happy and spread the smiles friends. Guru Afshan wants to take leave now !
"Have a "H"appy day!"
This is my 8th post for  "A to Z blogging Challenge 2013" !


  1. we are not for ntohing a bundle of desires... insatiable... the snake will only kill if its hungry... !

    For me cricket watching or travelling or photography would mean happiness ! :P so I am kinda always happy as these things some way or the other fill up my life...

    these days Animal Planet shows 1 hour of tiger show from 9 to 10 and its so so wonderful happiness spreading on their part... atleast for me...

    yes happiness is everywhere if we want it :D even if we do not pursue it, it somehow finds us... I kidna firmly believe in that !

    1. nd60 : Glad to see ur comment :)
      Good that u do things U like always to make ur self happy !!

      Ur photographs defntly bring instant smiles
      good luck

  2. Baby, why did the reptile group have to show up in an otherwise happy post? Or is it your 'pattern' for a-Z to debut one such creature in every post?? To give me the creeps or what?? LOL -
    On a serious note, the post put me in a reflective mode - I so needed to read this to take a second look at my own state of mind. Thank you :-) CHeers, Laxmi.

    1. LOL :D I'd like to know this too... why do the snakes, frogs, lizards feature in all your posts, Afshan!?!
      Some lovely thoughts here. Finding humor in everything is the best way to live! :)

    2. @doodling words , Shilpa : Firstly thanks for a comment and reading the post fully :) @doodling words : glad u could get in a reflective mode
      Am a hard core bio lover and one or the other bio memory hits me while writing. I remembered the snake I saw in that fair and also a documentary which I saw and felt fantastic. This time IT HAD TO BE MENTIONED here as IT needed to be highlighted. It for sure is not a yucky memory !
      Frogs and lizards well those thigns happen to many so some place to express them. Where else better than a blog ;)
      Good day

  3. What a lovely message to spread. Happiness is within. Alas, we look everywhere else to find it!

  4. Nice one, Afshan! You really could have charged for such awesome tips, you know! :P

  5. So true, the best place to find happiness is within - and retail therapy is the best therapy of all - highly recommended :D

  6. Call it co-incidence, we both wrote on the same topic. And just as I was reading your post, got notification you commented on mine. Double Whammy!

    Yours is a much more sensible post. I thrive on non-sense, lol. Great pointers and no, not too preachy. When you have looks like that, followers don't mind :P Don't worry, be happy!

    1. ya coincidences and accidents feel good some times :)
      Felt good reading urs. What else is better than a happy take on beign happy !
      Genuinely liked URs vinita.

      Hehe My MEAGER followers rarely drop hence thought its better to mention that I didnt want to be too preachy
      Thanks for ur comment

  7. Lovely post ! We should try to find happiness in every small and big thing.Great tips !

  8. I want to be happy for only one reason, I dont want to grumble :)

  9. @Rachna : Thanks for dropping by. Ya Happiness should come from with in for sure

    @Ruchira : Thanks for dropping by and liking the post

    @Pallavi : Great :) Thanks for dropping by

    @Roshni : Thats too sweet of u to say ;) Next time I will think of charging

    @Suzy: I agree :) Thanks for dropping by !

  10. This post is something that I badly needed right now. So true you are. I was nodding my head in approval to each and every thing you said. And the pointers in the end sumps it all up so very beautifully. And yes I found the snake and the frog example so very apt. A true Bio lover you are. Haina Afshan?

    1. @Preetilata : I am glad that you felt good after reading my post. :) Ya the pointers , I had to drill my brain to write each one carefully :)
      Animals can be easily satisfied na ??
      Yep Bio is my first love :)

  11. Yes so true Guru Afshan :) Its easy being unhappy ...but for happiness you have to work hard ...real hard !! Thank you for your bit of happiness :)

  12. Happy Post :) :)

    Great to meet you.

    Bhavya from the AtoZ Challenge blogging at Just Another Blog

  13. I love the Oscar Wilde quote.
    Happiness lies within. I am someone who enjoys solitude immensely.

  14. @Sridevi :Very true. To be happy you have to put your bestest efforts :) Thanks for the comment

    @bhavz :THanks . Equally glad to meet u too

    @Shail : Yep I too loved that quote. Ya Solitude gives us GREAT Ideas as there is no one to do the foul play :)

    Thank U All for the comments

  15. Afshan, your posts are so endearing. The greatest souls say letting go is the key to happiness. Or happyness. Just that getting there is sometimes tough, sometimes easy! Hugs!

  16. Happiness is contagious. Spread it around. Good Post.

  17. I warned you yesterday, didn't I? :P Now I know what makes you happy!

  18. The video is awesome...have watched it before. And, this is a wonderful post. We humans pride ourselves to be evolved...but, we need closer introspection.

  19. @Vidya Sury : Thats a huge compliment Vidya . Many Thanks and double thanks for featuring mee on ur blog :) Getting there many times is tough !

    @Cathrina : Thanks for dropping by Cathrina. Thanks for comment

    @Corinne: hehheehe. Snakes r not that bad U see. Thats what I tried to show. :) U r sweet

    @JANU : Thanks Janaki. Ya I love that song. I listen to it so many times jst to stand firm on my feet. Yep We need self-introspection too many a times!

  20. Wow !! lovely message Afshan. I wrote on the same topic. so same pinch :)

  21. This is so true. You can be happy when you are rich or poor, as long as you love yourself first, which allows you to love your situation and the people around you. :)

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com

  22. Great message,Afshan, and thank you for pointing me to the Wear Sunscreen video, one of my all time favourites.

  23. @Diana : Thank U

    @Kristen :Thanks for dropping by and following me :) Ya what ever u said summarises my post !

    @Hunter : Thanks . Ya its my most fav video too. Glad u liked it


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