Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"O" for "Oh!", "Oh Shit!" and "Oops!"

Today I am totally lost. I have only sweat dripping from tip to toe . There are no creative juices flowing but I got to drag myself and write something. A word of caution: I might totally bore you all today !

How many times do you say "Oh!"? I say that every now and then. My attention span is minimal when it comes to topics which don't interest me at all . Thats the reason I can't drag my self to each and every blog and pour comments. Some times people are courteous enough to read mine and I think , "Oh ! I have to comment back right ? " and go to their blog all geared up but many times I feel lost. I don't know what to say. Either the topics discussed are too intellectual for my level or some times too naive to say any thing in the comment box. Some times there are too many confessions and I don't feel like the father in the church who should do the righteous duty!

Sorry If I am rude but that's how I feel when I have nothing much to say . I just cant do the
"You scratch and I will scratch your back" ritual but still end up doing it for some readership and many times I say to myself "Oops I did it again !" Some people don't even read the entire post before commenting and I don't feel like spending time on their blogs. I am very grateful to this challenge as I came across many people who think like me or think differently but they all care to read which makes me happy and there was no"oh ! I gotta read!" kind of feeling. Till now I didn't feel it like a duty or burden and I am hoping that the feeling is mutual  :)

I love the close association of "Oh!" and "Oops!" While "Oh" is used to express emotions like anger , joy , surprise so on so forth , "oops" is used to express an apology or just an expression to show that you did some mistake. "Oh shit . This is the same mistake I made in my previous examination." 
" Oops ! I did it again yaar :-( " 

Don't you love the usage? I love to use oops! I use it quite often. I even used it in inappropriate situations . I used to beat my brother hard and say, "Oops! I didn't realize it would come with such force !" as if the hand didn't belong to me and had its own brain. The spark in my eyes would always be intact which made it clear that I was faking. I can beat real hard. I use tips of my fingers and the receiver gets red imprints of my fingers.  The scene used to be no less than a cock fight. There used to be many  " oh god" moments after that as my red hot mom after failing to patch us up used to give us a silent treatment. Life becomes hell when moms stay silent due to anger.

There were many "oh shit!" moments in my life followed by "oops!" or viceversa. My beloved brother once solved his theorems on a freshly gifted SRK(shahrukh khan) poster and his reaction was a fake "oh shit!" I almost cried and wanted to tear it apart but the glowing faces of Kajol and Shahrukh stopped me from doing so. I spoiled his favorite note book by chicken scratching all over it. I don't remember when we spoke again but with time our fights finally reduced and now as I am a grown up lady or that's what my mom thinks I resist my urge to slap or pinch!

I have many more such oh shit and oops moments in my life. I don't know if Oh and Oops love me. I only know that if I forget using them for quite some time they miss me and enter my mind to explode out of my mouth.

I teared my first ever diary due to the same beloved brother again. He read few pages for fun in which I incidentally wrote how bad and insensitive he is . I wrote "I WANT TO BE ALONE" in big bold letters in few pages. I suddenly was getting extra special treatment at home. I didn't figure out the reason for all the extra pamper. Obviously my brother revealed what I wrote in diary to mom and dad who were scared thinking some thing real bad happened to me and I was not sharing with them. Reasons were silliest like fight with a girl in the class or having ribbed gourd in dinner which I hate most. My mom-dad didn't know then that I was a nut case!

Suddenly on one fine night just before going to sleep the answer instantly hit me solving all the puzzles and I ripped off the pages in filmy style. We didn't have a fire place to add the extra effect so it had to go to dumps along with the daily garbage. My mom was so sad as I spoiled my first ever diary. I was happy but the instant bliss died down and I used to repeat to my self. "Oops! How foolish the act was!" May be my impulsive nature made sure oh and oops always stayed near to me. There are many more such moments but I am not going in to details.
Oh Shit !! Next time when you pose stay alert :)
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Few "Oh shit" moments of my life :

Image source : Google. I don't own it

  • Once I saw a painter falling down from 1st floor as the support was not strong enough. I shouted ,"oh shit" so loud that my H.O.D. (Head of the Department) ran out of the class. Thankfully other than few bruises, nothing serious happened to him. Like I said I have a meager attention span. If I don't like some thing every other thing has my undivided attention.
  • In leisure hours I used to draw on the black board and once I was drawing the cartoon of my Maths Sir. I was trying to put horns and tail when he entered the class. The outcome was good as he started being a bit jovial after that. My friend had a deep crush on him and he was a btech pass out and pretty good at flirting :p
  • Once my cousin sister's 8 month old boy was about to shit on the sofa. He was diaper-less and my sister came to rescue the new sofa. I was screaming on top of my voice as I was too scared to hold him. She ran in jet speed and took him to bathroom. I shouted ," Oh God!" and I was about to say "Oh sh.."  loudly when my sister came with the speed of a supersonic plane and took him away .I finally swallowed it , the word not the shit . 
  • We were discussing about a cute guy in the class. We named him cadbury boy which he over heard and started sitting on a tree perch since then. sigh :-/
  • There was one distant cousin in a wedding who irritated us beyond limits . She can be a brand ambassador to "FEVICOL" - ye fevicol ka jod jai toote ga nahi ( English translation : This adhesive is fevicol. it stays strong and intact.). We went to lunch. She came with us. We sit in our group and she sits in between me and my close sister. We went to loo. She accompanied us. I was pissed off and dragged my sister to a corner and shouted at her. Please do some thing and get rid of her. To my utter horror the distant cousin was standing just behind me. My sister tried smiling at her but she left hurriedly . Needless to say I was extremely embarrassed after that. That was a face-palm moment when I thought  it was the biggest "Oooooops!"
  • When we were waiting for bus at the college bus stop a coconut ( small one) fell on the head of my class mate. I shouted, "Oh shit !" even before it fell. Its like I always have those visions like in "Final Destination" movie. I see every thing before some one sees and try to inform them. Before I warned him it was already at his feet . The poor guy got a head sore and nothing horrible happened. That moment I realized coconuts fall on heads not only in reel life but in real life too.

There are many more "Oops" moments but I don't want to bore you all by narrating my sagas!
  The biggest "OOPS" moment was when I scored 67/70 in a subject called OOPS( Object Oriented Programming Concepts) despite my zero preparation. I was actually scared that I would fail but OOPS has a strange kinship with me. It loves me :P

Do you have any Oops or Oh shit moments ? Do share.

"Oh shit!" I can't believe I wrote all this crap and oops you read it all !
Thanks from the bottom of my heart ;) Below song is for you all ! One of my favorite Britney Spear songs.

This is my 15th post for  "A to Z blogging Challenge 2013" !


  1. it to the last shit and beyond...;) You and boring don't fit in one sentence - I was splitting my sides laughing, little miss Sunshine.

    1. M quite humbled by the way u r addressing me. but am not a 24 * 7 sunshine for sure
      GLAD U cud laugh :D

  2. I'm so clumsy, my life is made of such Oh and Ooops moments ;)

    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
    AZ blogs on Social Media

  3. Oh My God!! You sure have had a lot of Ooops! and Oh Shit!! moments :D
    In my life Ooops! moments are pretty high, much to my embarrassment! :D

    1. AM sure many have such Oops moments !

      Thank u for dropping by

  4. OOOps..... First thing first..even I was dead scared of this OOPS subject and was damn sure about flunking the exam :)
    Ohh...what was your cousin's reaction after she heard about her???I had similar exp but with one of our colleague who was inside the loo and we were bitching about her in washroom!!
    I blogged about my oops moment previously, read it, i am sure you would enjoy it :D

    1. Will surely go thru it !
      What u too had a similar exp. We sure hav some connection Nibedita :D
      washroom is always confusing but its only private place to talk or whine :d
      will read urs

  5. Darling of venus I love your haphazard thoughts and ramblings - and I really enjoyed reading it. Even though I got halfway through and scrolled down and thought there's a long way to go, but I have to read it all, not just because you mentioned that so many people never do, but because I thought it fascinating and fabulous. You definitely have a good plot in your flirty friend and the crush on her teacher :)

    1. @Ida : thanks for dropping by !! Thanks for reading them all. Thats jst a sister blog. Nothing much written there :D Flirty was the teacher on whom a friend had crush
      any way thnk u

  6. One Ooops moment I remember so well, though it did not happen to me, was where two of my girlfriends went to get ice cream (family pack) for the rest of us (in 1975). They told the boy at the restaurant what they wanted, in English. He stared. They tried Hindi, he stared. Then they tried telling him in broken Kannada. Again he stared uncomprehendingly. Then one friedn said to the other in Malayalam, "OMG which language does this monkey understand?"
    He replied, "I know Malayalam."

    1. Thats super hilarious Shail !!
      LOL !!
      can imagine the monkey's face :p

  7. This was funny :) I have so many Oops and Oh Shit moments but never counted them. Have them on a regular basis :D Left my blog link as an A-Zer, you don't have to visit back if you so wish :)

    Four Leaf Clover

    1. Have just gone thru ur blog Sumita. Liked the Kanakambaram post. Please fill the M and N too. Would love to read
      good day

  8. He he... Was funny like hell. What I loved was that you scored high on a subject called OOPS!!! LOL!

  9. oooo...oops...shit...what a shitful article...amazing...lolz....full of shit like shitell..keep up the funny work on ;). congrats.

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    Tamashaezindagi FB Page

  10. @ME : :)
    @Bhavz : Ya that was quite a surprise . it projects the love oops has towards me

    @Tushar : Thanks for dropping by. Will sure read when time permits
    good day

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed all your oh! ohm shit! and oops! moments...thanks for sharing your memories.

  12. Well I could write a book on these moments but the "oh Shit" might surpass the letters that make up the story :D


  13. I loved the sibling fights, I can imagine how you must have felt when he used your SRK poster. Sniff ! Sob ! :-D

    You seem to have many such moments, I'm still thinking about mine.

  14. Hhaha.. you always manage to make us smile, don't you? I love the story of your Fevicol cousin! ;)

  15. LOL!! I love the parts about your fights with your brother! I have a cousin brother who was the same age as me with whom I used to have similar fights!! Good memories!

  16. For someone who had nothing to say, you got on a roll there - well done!

  17. Oh no! Britney Spears?! I actually like that song too. Oops! I just spelled her name wrong and corrected it. Oh wow! My kitty is so cute. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  18. This certainly was not a boring post at all... infact it was quite funny...
    The impulsive me has tons of ooops and oh shit moments ! :D

    That pic of that guy pointing at the crocodile... that could almost be me ! :P

  19. @Janu : Thanks for dropping by. Glad U enjoyed

    @Pheno Menon : :) haha ya true that word dominates all words

    @Journal of rambles : :) , @Corinne : Glad U cud smile. Yep she was a true Fevicol ambassador

    @Roshni ; ya I always dwell in memories. Sighhh !

    @kristen : Y Oh no :) U dont like her :D yep that kitty pic is cute . Thank u

    @nd60 : hahhaha I can almost imagine U in the place of that person in the boat :)
    Thanks for dropping by. Glad u enjoyed

  20. Oh my God... why says few random words cannot make up a post. I was thinking to write about this too, but the blast at bangalore took away my interest in writing about it.

  21. Oh! God! and you say that this post is going to bore us??? Are you kidding me???

    This is superb! Like seriously! And it is the post where you wrote about the much awaited diary episode. :D

    I loved how you differentiated between Oh! and Ooopppss!! moments. I checked and found that i do lot of mistakes in using them properly. And the funny instances of your life! they were hilarious again. I was actually visualizing them.

    but whatever you wrote in the 1st part is so true too. Thanks to this challenge i am back to my reading and writing mode but that is because the fellow participants are really good bloggers and not the ones whom you have mentioned. I hope my blog doesn't fall into the category of those blogs whom you have mentioned above. *Fingers crossed*

  22. For a moment I thought I was watching "Friends" my fav sitcom :) Loved the washroom moment to bits :) You continue to bring sunshine into our moments :)


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