Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I" is for "I-Phone" What else :P ?

It is truly said that three apples revolutionized life. One is the Adam's apple , the other Newton's and the third is Steve Job's apple!

First apple indeed was pleasurable. The second one which highlighted gravity made me philosophical too as we have to fall down some day at some point even if we reach the skies but this apple which fell from the tree did become tasty when it was bitten by "Steve Jobs" :)

I am not here to review the apple products or describe their technicalities. This post simply shows how much I got addicted to my I-touch and I-phone and the love-hate relation ship I have with them! Till I was gifted an I phone 4S by my husband I had a simple Nokia 7610 which served well for music and for pics. Oopsie ! A phone is used to make calls right but with the intervention of smart phones who remembers calling the other person !? Calling each other looks out of fashion now. Alexander Grahambell's soul would have become rest less up above there when he realized that people stopped talking to each other using his simple device even if it gave rise to new ideas!

Interviews happen on skype or some times on a google hang out. Boss pings on whats app. Friend asks if I have an I-message option or Facetime (video calling) activated. I-message is some thing where you can sms free of cost if you have an I phone and wy fi or 2G internet plan activated provided the other person has an I phone too. I phone has few restrictions and features which can't be customized. Still it remains the sexiest touch phone. Many other brands have tried to recreate the "touch" feel of  apple products and failed.

My affair with I phone started an year back and its still flourishing and blossoming as days go by in spite of few fights and few dissatisfied moments. It is very sensitive and if there is a damage it is irreparable. Hence you gotta handle it with extreme care. Some times due to many apps the phone hangs. You cannot have custom ring tonnes. I dislike the absence of last feature most :(. After IOS 6 up-gradation people were outrageous on FB cursing even the dead Steve as few old apps stopped working and google maps which are directly sent by GOD vanished. Every one anxiously waited for the "jail break". They prayed god to send their beloved maps again!

 I wondered if "G"od and Steve had a strife up there in the clouds on using Samsung galaxy tab to record the deaths or an i-pad. Meanwhile some where between heaven and hell the conversation must have gone some thing like this between God and Steve

God : "You think you could do better than Samsung?"

Steve : " I - bet."

God:  Can you show me a demo ?

Steve : "I-hurt, because apple doesn't need a demo but still for your sake I will give you a demo as you are god and there is no denying you."

God: So how do I use it ?

Steve: "Go to app store and down load I-death app and check out all the cool features. It records your birth date , death date , how you died  and what can you do in your next birth to avoid speedy death."

God: Show me a new job it does Jobs. All these are present in my Samsung Galaxy tab too.

Steve : Just observe how cool it is God.  It has few restrictions. Say you are operating it , it will show you all the features and details. You will be the admin. Angels will not have rights to see every thing in the app. You may give them rights as per your will. Suppose its a natural death you can put up white hospital corridors.You can just swipe and change the back ground depending on how the person died. If he died in a road crash you can change it to a car crash with a "vrrrrrrrroooooom" sound as an add on

God scratched his head and was bit confused as he found it quite magical.

God: "But why do I do that? I like it plain."

Steve : Plain is boring . Plain is not innovative god ! Let us take your creation for example. Are all the creatures plain? Some are handsome , some ugly , some strong , some weak. One needs innovation and   up-gradation . Other wise life oops death also is not interesting God ! Also you need not scroll down and check how he died because the back ground will immediately help you to conclude the reason for death.

God :  Well it looks cool but I would still prefer my Samsung with android software. I am used to it.

Steve : If you are used to it its easy to get un-used to it if you use my phone , I mean I-phone God. Just check the names of my products. I am sure such thoughts never came to your mind :-).
Steve finished the line smugly.

God got a bit offended and replied : " So you think you are greater than me ?"

Steve. "Well I didn't actually say that but down there on earth many worship me. There are 90% geeks in the population and I am their idol. They look at me with respect."

God: "Aah ! So they worship you ? Whats your next plan ? To get a church built for you or to get a sleek I-scribble replace the bible? It already pisses me off when I see people reading their Bible verses using apps. hmmpf !"

God was clearly in red hot fumes.

Steve was little terrified this time.

S : "No No  God. I did not mean that . I was just asking you to try my product. Only then you will understand how much beautiful it is!"

Angel cornered the god and whispered in his ears.

Angel : "God ! This man makes sense . He is surely one of the most iconic personalities on earth. People love him. I-checked the records on the tab and it took a bloody one hour to load them!"

God: "Whatever. He is too confident and so full of himself. This time I am not going to use them. May be later."

Angel: "Err. But god. Think once. The touch is so sexy.. oops I mean its so gooood !"

God with the grave look intact faced Steve again.

God : " I am not interested in your I-death app. I will continue with my tab. We will put it to trial for 6 months and later think on it . Meanwhile lets see how your IOS 6 survives with out my paths and ways , the Google maps."

Steve : "Oh God!  Please don't do that . I agree I was not low in my tone but what can I do ? I am used to being confident , successful and speaking in a tone which should rise the belief of folks around me."

God: " Whatever ! For now your I-phone and I-death are all under trial. Lets meet after 6 months."

Saying so God stylishly swirled his white robe and vanished . "woooooooooooosh"

After few months there was an app for google maps as well in IOS6 and every one on Earth were happy again to be back to google maps and in the heaven God consented angels to use I-pad, I-phone and I-death, I-birth and many more apps. God  was so happy that he even seemed to develop a soft corner towards Eve who had bitten the forbidden apple ;) . Steve was all set to use his master brain there to create more apps and do more up gradations and heaven was never a more happy place. Every one played temple run , angry birds and if they got bored Steve was ready to upgrade it to 2.0 , 3.0 and 4.0 versions. Steve was loved even in the skies :)

I love Steve jobs. I -shattered when I heard of his death . He is my role model and it was pretty sad to know that he died of pancreatic cancer. Big people , big brains and big diseases ;( You all know how Jobs revolutionized the world so I am not going to it as it will be all over the google (the "God" :) ). This is my small/ big tribute to Steve Jobs and his intelligence . There are many Steve--God jokes in the internet. The below one is also my favorite.

The bestest tribute to Steve jobs. I-sad

I even love the jokes of Apple suing Maruthi for copying the slide idea and some jokes shared like below .

Few love Samsung and few love Apple. What ever may be the compliments or brick bats I absolutely love my I phone and I-got hooked like never before. I finished all angry birds levels and versions present till now. I use many games apps,  fun apps, I-tunes, What'sapp and many more. Only disadvantage is getting less time to read  sometimes. I even read using book apps present on my phone. May be there are few more disadvantages but who cares as long as you own an I-phone ;) ?

This was a poem I wrote years back when I got I-pod touch as birth day gift. Read "I-love"

As an end note I-love and I-heart my I-phone.

This is my 9th post for  "A to Z blogging Challenge 2013" !


  1. loved the conversation between God and Steve Jobs . I am a technology challenged person and so am content with my Nokia and now my Smart phone :)

  2. oh lol what a hoot. But I love my iphone too and my ipod and my ipad. My daughter loves her samsung phone and tablet. Each to their own I say.

  3. I love my iPhone since for a techno moron, it is quiet adaptable :-) That was a very imaginative conversation you came up with :-)

  4. And I love my Blackberry! :D Enjoyed reading the conversation with Your God and God!! :D

  5. I am rather gadget unsavvy. I am frequently the last person to know of new phones, apps etc. But your post was nice. Amusing, entertaining and thoughtful in equal measure.

  6. I love ipad more than iphone. Iphone is exorbitantly expensive and no different from many other smart phones.

    Good article though and yes Steve Job RIP.

  7. I enjoyed reading your post, I have do not go for these latest models of phones, as i remain content with what I have, as my usage is just to connect and disconnect, and sometimes use the sms for being in touch ! thanks for sharing !

  8. Haha...I'm no Apple fan but this was fun. Thank God the snake didn't appear! ;)

    1. I Wanted to write about some snake game in the phone but the then the thought of u not visiting me anymore was terrifying . Hence skipped ;) Thanks for reading

  9. ahahha...this was v.interesting going with the a-z!

    1. oh ! Thanks for dropping by and the comment Ghata !

  10. @Cynthia : ya If ur no gadget savvy u may not admire the products. Nevertheless thanks for Admiring this post. ur praises sure boost me

    @Meena :: Glad u enjoyed . Thanks :)

    @numerounity : Yep I phone is costly. I got it from Dubai hence was cheaper and steve jobs ya I love him

    @G.Angela : thanks for dropping by


  11. sridevi datta: Glad U loved it, nokia is always the best phone. Simple easy and can face the rough use ;) All my old phs are nokia

    Suzy: haha THanks suzy. Glad u also love it , Ya to each his own Thanks laxmi. Ya one can easily understand I ph usage:)

    Shilpa Garg : haha thank U !

  12. That was an interesting convo between jobs & God :)...I planned to buy an I-phone but got a boring but sturdy Nokia as my phone also acts as toy or whatever for my toddler as well :)

  13. Nice convo there. Am technology challenged with a few necessities. My hubby had I-phone 4 which he lost. For a year he was using a very old his loyalties are with Android mobile phones.

  14. I don't have an iphone - but I am dying to buy one !

  15. @NBose : Thanks fr visiting my blog. Nokia is real sturdy man. You can even bang it to the wall if frustrated but it still will be loyal to U. You need to pamper the I phone a lot. Nokia sure has many purposes. You can never give I ph to ur boy :P

    @JANU : Gosh he lost i ph 4 :( My husband got his in repair . He dropped it in water :( and it was irreparable. Ya I heard Android gives tough competition to IOS

    @Ruchira : Yep ! But do go for a samsung . Its cheaper and has same features and better----- thats what I heard. But take multiple opinions b4 U buy. As far as am concerned I am happy with my I ph :)

  16. That was quite an iBlog! :) My son gifted me an iPad as well as iPod. So you can say that I am an iMom as of now ;)

    1. @Shail Mohan : Theres a joke i pad , i pod , and dad says i-paid :P
      but in ur case it clearly is not the scene :D Awesome gifts and u surely are I-Mom now . Wow sounds like Iron mom :D
      good night

  17. Ha! I see you have all the Talking Tom apps! :D

    1. I downloaded them for my 2year old nephew. He eats my head . TOM CAT honaaa
      he calls it tom cat and absolutely enjoys them. Its a blissful sight . I hav all his recordings too :P I love the app !!!

      KIDS r equally obsessed with I phone :)

  18. Love that dialogue between God and Mr. Jobs :D
    I neither call nor play with the phone, I only whatsapp, that too at totally inappropriate times :P You know me.

  19. LOL!! I love that conversation! I got my first smartphone late last year, and it was an iPhone. I love it. It has made my life so much easier in so many ways. I'm not even a texter or anything; I just love being able to take down all my ideas as I have them, set reminders, etc. My life has improved.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  20. I was wondering when will some geek come out with I for I-phone post ! :P lol... hey Geek !!! :P I loved your conversation between God and jobs ! :D

    this is a post iLike ! :D

  21. Damn! i don't have any of the i products. Now i feel left out. :(

    Enjoyed your ipost dear Afshan.

  22. @Nandana : Thanks for liking.haha I know you but whats app is like that . sometimes net sends msgs in unearthly hours :P

    @Kristen Dyrr : Yep I too am addicted to my phone. it made life pretty easy Thanks KRisten . Welcome to my blog

    nd60: whoaa this is a comment I-love ;) Am 0 geekish. this is just puree love towards the invention. Thanks yar

    @Preetilata : No need to be left out. All in good time. These days there r many smart phones which r competing with I phone ;) Thanks for liking it

  23. hey afshan....
    long'you ? last evening, after a long time .... was reading your blog. Good to see you writing...writing is a good feeling,isnt it? :) . I miss it (though i used to write my simple stories) !!
    You were talking about the customized ringtones in iphones.... you can do it... lot of apps are there.... i use RMAKER ... download that.. and just in few minutes you can have your fav songs from your library as your ringtone.... there will be a youtube video once you download that app where evrything will be explained ... its cool !! Must try it !!!!

    and yeah i use iphone 4s too :-)


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