Sunday, December 23, 2012

"V" spotted the best Hangout in Gurgaon!

So we finally spent the much awaited evening at "[V]spot Cafe bar at Gurgaon" as part of BlogAdda's Sponsored review  program.Thank You Blogadda for directing me to a best Hog-adda in Gurgaon :) I absolutely loved the place. The icing on the cake is that its Christmas eve and every one was in high spirits. I got 2000 Rs worth coupons from blogadda guys who asked me to go and enjoy myself leisurely at the cafe and in return I just have to write a review. I was overwhelmed being a foodie.

I finally attacked the cafe along with my husband on this Saturday and as and when I entered I loved the ambiance and the X-mas confetti and lights. As  we dont smoke or booze we sat outside the smoking zone and immediately loved the spot and the creative ideas. The below are few glimpses

Look at the interesting way to indulge u in some thing else while you wait for the order.
"V" know it all :)

I was impressed by their funny paper napkins and flowcharts of breaking up with boy friend . Our order came in no time  and we enjoyed the music and clicked the surrounding festive mood.  The night was  freezing but it was warm in there in the 3rd floor of Crosspoint mall opposite to Galleria Market. I just leaned back and relaxed on the comfortable cushioned chair which yet again had impressive cartoons and captions.

My fav snap!

Have a look at the place !!

Imran relaxed
I absolutely loved the ambiance!

This is my seat. Isnt it cool ? ;)

After thoroughly browsing the menu which had funky cocktails and mojitos with names like Ram balram and son of a peach :) and huge array of starters , desserts and main courses we finally decided what we want. I ordered Assorted Bruchetta platter- with tomatoes, cheese mushrooms and many tasty veggies . Have a look at it below. We ordered Mamma Mia which was better than the KFC chicken bucket. It was mouth watering and we were too busy gobbling that we did not give feedback when we were asked how the food was ! Along with the starters we ordered Shaitani coffee and Naughty nutty with hazelnuts , walnuts and whipped cream , Vanilla and what not. It was so relieving to sip and retire for the day!
Our yummylicious bruchetta platter, naughty nutty and shaitani coffee- AAJ kuch shaitani karte hai ;) ?

Mamma Mia!!

3/4th of our tummies were full, hence there was no place for main course . We ordered snacks which were worth the price and the quantity was more than enough for 2. The menu for snacks was also quite interesting with Indian cuisines like Vada pav , chalu aalu chat and many more. Being a Maggi freak I ordered Maggi methi murgi which had delicious chicken embedded in Maggi noodles. Got a whiff of hyderabaadi biryani which made it more interesting to me. Imran ordered lebanese rolls which were nothing less than a pleasure to eyes , nose and tastebuds. By the time we finished we were burping. The prices were reasonable and our burps made it evident that we ate a lot:)
Lebanese rolls
The Methi Murgi Maggi adorned by a x mas tree:)
The smoking zone was dazzling with Christmas lights. There were interesting offers too which kicked off on 12-12-12 like if you have the number 12 on your bill  you will get a discount and if you order 12 items a 13th item will be free and so on so forth. The nook and corner of the cafe exuded innovation and creativity. There are even impressive events and activities depending on the occasion and season. Wednesday nights are Karaoke nights. On 24th and 25th they are gonna serve special Christmas cuisine and I was told there is a music event too on 24th. I will be visiting again on 25th to enjoy the new cuisines and my favorite lasagna .Next time we are planning to save room for a dessert and may be a pinacolada ;)

You will find the rest rooms quite funny. I went inside and laughed loud looking at all the write ups and innovative cartoons inside. Who ever designed it deserves an applause. I got lost inside and almost forgot why I entered the rest room ;) As this is a post on food and the cafe I dont want to post the images I clicked inside the rest room. Dont get me wrong ! I meant the pics of the messages and cartoons on the wall. How ever I am sharing two pics I took yesterday evening

Needless to say food is delicious and the ambiance relaxing and the staff very co operative and friendly. The cafe has an interesting feature of Video booth where you can wish your friend or pass on a message which would be telecasted on V channel. So you have fair chances to gain a second's fame. We gave our feed back about the cafe that it rocks and it would be great if they open branches in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Be on V while U want to pee- Isnt it creative?

 I really felt V spot is the coolest hang out I have ever been too. V for V spot and V for Victory . I wish all the very  best to the cafe. I would love to see it more crowded. Being Saturday there were few who seemed to be regular visitors. I wish many come to know about the cafe and undoubtedly they would love to visit again ! 

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.
V spot is the coolest place I just wanna say

These vouchers really are left by blogadda in my Christmas stocking!

V are gonna celebrate Christmas at V spot this time in Saket (Delhi). If you happen to visit let me know your views. Merry X mas and Happy New year to all.
Spot on FB- > "Vspot on FB"
 This review has been written as a part of BlogAdda's Sponsored Reviews.


  1. nice review Afshan....m sure it must hv been great now that Christmas is just round the corner

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. @Ghata : thanks for your comment
    Yep it was a tasty and relaxing experience . It was not crowded like other restaurants and pizza points . Hence we could sit as long as we wished to
    Loved the place

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  6. So Gurgaon girl is back....great review.

  7. @Alka : Thanksfor reading and commenting :)
    GGN Girl baapre khatarnak sound karraha ha ;P

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