Thursday, December 20, 2012

If you are draped you wont be raped eh !?

After reading this article on "Hindu" felt like writing some thing myself.
  •  A girl goes out to a party. Her mom is  scared till she gets back home. She calls 100 times to stay assured that her daughter is safe. She some times refuses to send her out. She knows better as she herself landed in many embarrassing situations irrespective of her marital status. With many wild boars on lose she is scared to death.
  • A girl wants to buy a tank top or denim shorts but she is scared to wear it out as she has to meet many greedy , bloody eyes. 
  • A girl wants to go to school safely . Hence she prefers school bus rather than RTC but she is not sure if the driver is helping her or trying to touch or molest her.
  • A girl wants to participate in the dance but after the program if it gets late she is not sure if she will be able to reach home safely. The driver , co passenger , an onlooker , at times a sibling she is scared of any one and every one.
  • Briefly A girl wants to live a normal carefree life like the fellow men but she cant with many Jackals prowling

Who or what are the real causes for such behavior by the men who behave wild and do crimes beyond our worst night mares still beats me! What motivates them to just stomp on a girl like that? Is it the way they are nurtured , their wrong kin ship or friend ship or the Indian cinema which is biggest motivation inspired by which few behave like heroes and few want to be villains if there are no chances to be a hero and some how fulfill their lecherous desires in such an appalling way that it leaves all of us speechless.  A wild animal like a tiger , or the most poisonous snake like Russel's viper get scared on seeing a armed human . Just a wave of a  stick or a weapon drive them  in to the bushes . They fear the pain , torture and the killing which follows if they attacked .An unarmed person or a weak animal is an easy prey to them. The imagination of a pride of lions attacking a deer is less frightening than the mere thought of 7 men attacking a 23 year old girl who boards a wrong bus as there was no proper commute from the theater along with a man thinking she is safe. BUT HELL NO!! The iron rod and the animals laugh at her sheepishly and feel proud smirking at each other that they got hold of their prey to night so easily. She shows vehemence and I cant write on my blog what happened next to her.

I wish I could do the same to the herd of wild boars . I wish I could chop off their penises or throw acid on their faces or hang them in open on a busy road of dhaula kaun or Vasant vihar or R.K.Puram or even better at the India Gate. Am seething with so much of anger that I make up these scenes in mind and feel little glad that I have destroyed them. I secretly keep wishing and praying that they meet a horrible end, but strange are the ways of the GOD that they continue living and even dare to attempt a similar crime again.

A friend of mine told she stopped cycling along with 3 of her friends early in the morning as 3 bystanders started ogling at them and even attempted to molest. The magical number 100 which we see painted red on hoardings and every where was not reachable and thankfully the oglers left the place . Is praying or fighting back solely the only way to get out of such situations ??
Cant the public get united and beat them right there on the spot ?

The thought that the act of passing lewd remarks by a lecherous leech / even a police officer  on a lady who is minding her business is always ignored by several surrounding people stumps me. Where is our society leading to ??

A human , talented of all animals can tame any wild animal. Its shown in movies that if you are little careful you can even tame a dinosaur but how can you tame or scare the bastards . OOPS!Actually I cant even use a cuss word like bastard which points  their parents or may be only the MOTHER. Yes in a country like India where a illegitimate child's mother is only accused since ages can we expect any respect towards woman! ??

After Assam's molestation case many were outrageous .They shared statuses on FB, wrote blogs and signed petitions. Few were punished including the reporter who happily shot every thing. But what good did this do to their fellas and the feral youth ?? It looks like this became a great source of inspiration for the rapists. Day by day in NCR or to that matter in the whole India more and more of the same species sprout leading to disgrace and shame I DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT CAN BE DONE TO STOP THIS?
Like they show in some other Kamal Hasan's movie is just uprooting the sprout or plucking it off in bud stage the only solution ? I think YES.

If  at all a badnaam munni or sheila ki jawaani or some other item number can inspire the rapists to pounce on any one and every one they wish, there are some other inspiring movies too where a hero has the role of a police man or a politician or a super hero and saves the common man! Does any one get inspired by these acts??  Am saying this only because CINEMA is the second religion in India like Anurag Kashyap told. If  some one can be motivated by the skimpy clothes and are turned on by item numbers why not even a single person gets turned on by the other good heroic efforts .I know defending and fighting may harm you and can even lead to your death but one can at least raise the voice or inform the police or form a crowd which can protest  and create ruckus at the scene of crime. I was shocked when I saw that many were enjoying the video shooting of Assam molestation.

The country has gone to mad dogs and hounds . There's no doubt in it . The only thing which troubles me now is how to be safe ? whom to trust ? will this rape also become one of  the statistics?
Its good to see many people protesting and shouting all over DELHI and all over INDIA! I wish and pray that it does not die down like many other protests!

If you are draped you wont be raped- Will this really help ?? I don't think any of the victims wore revealing clothes. I have seen them fully covered and as it is rightly said WHY CANT THE HOT BLOODED male population be taught about not raping even before teaching women not to go out or to wear from top to toe. GANDHIJI SAID INDIA IS FREE only when a girl can roam on roads fearlessly even in the mid  of the night. When a girl is scared to death to go out of her home just after 6 in evening or may be any hour of the day with or with out a male company can we proudly say we have progressed ?? IT has progressed. School fees has shot up. Every thing is high priced and every one can afford a movie in the mall or a hy-fi party in a posh restaurant but our minds are trapped some where in the ancient thoughts and beliefs where WOMEN WERE DOWN TRODDEN and were scared to even talk loud in front of a MAN!

Ya Ya Women have started going out . They are in every field, working and  at times earning more than a man . This was, is and will be giving shooting pain in the asses of few sickos and weirdos who are hell bent on letting out their frustration in any possible way. EVERY woman in INDIA would have faced  this in one or the other phase of her life!A woman cant go out for a walk , cant go to shop in a mall, cant live like a fellow man. THIS WILL LEAD TO THE VICTORY OF MANY MEN!

We have many women ministers , MLAs and MPS. Few days back we had a president Pratibha Patil and as of now Delhi's CM is a woman Sheila dixit (Women Bam-powerment ??)who cant even say confidently that they will take measures to increase patrolling or other modes of security and can we blindly depend on the police force  among whom many  have the similar thoughts and seeds planted in their polluted minds ??

Am scared . I feel sick . I don't know the solution but the only thing I know is to raise voice to change the LAW, to hang the criminals till death. A MIND WHICH CANNOT BE REPAIRED HAS TO BE DAMAGED FOREVER!

Please don't stop your protest. If alcohol can be the rape drug cant the BOILING BLOOD be  a  weapon to protest. Voice it in any possible way. I salute the brave girl. Please pray that this time the protest will end only with a brutal punishment to the criminals

 The accused must and should get hanged. They should not escape with an alibi of being a juvenile. Not education or even looking well groomed are enough to show that a person is harmless. Grooming of minds is needed to bring a change.

 I don't even want to discuss if hanging them will or will not change the situation. I just want to say saving them will not make situation any better !!
Am not sure if signing these petitions will helps but do sign these" petitions"
 and  here "Delhi gang rape petition"


  1. Completely agree with you Afshan. Nobody knows if hanging is an easy sentence, and if not, then what?

    Ideally, our "leaders" should lead, that's what they are there for. Let's see what happens. We can just write about it and protest.

  2. They should be tortured to death. Even then it wouldn't come near to the pain what the girl suffered!

  3. You have said a lot and there is hardly any place where I don't agree with you. If women are a doomed lot today in India, they will get raped even if they were to don burqas, our society's days are numbered.

  4. Instead of calling daughters to find if they are ok moms should be calling there sons if they are teasing some body?. This whole concept that she wore revealing clothes so was raped is sick. Every mother should daily ask there sons if they misbehaved with a girl today. The problem is anything done by boy is considered ok while the girl is blamed..I am sick of such people.

  5. can very well feel the fire there....i just wish that this fire continues among us this time, unless the victim gets justice....unlike earlier when ppl used to forget everything after couple of days n weeks.....

    lets hope against all odds...

  6. @UmaShankar : yep True . Its not the matter of getting draped. Its bull tht if U r well dressed U R SPARED
    None is spared by the monsters....

    Its just high time
    SOME THING SHOULD happen nw.. some severe response rather than a 2-6 month jail which is a joke

  7. @Ghata : I am not sure if Pen is mightier than sword but if penning down all this can lead to the death of criminals I will celebrate that day

  8. @Vishnu S: Yep If every one raise their voice for this to happen. May be just may be they will die!!
    *Fingers crossed*

  9. @Desi Traveller : Yep totally agree. THis all comes with the wrong brought up kinship and friendship where friends discuss kya item hai, kya maal hai uske paas , wo meri ye Teri.
    For once can atleast few men teach the rest to stop objectifying GIRLS!!!!

    TO hell with this mentality where men can get away doing any thing.... Sad and fed up

  10. @Irfanuddin : Yep . I am ready to voice this in every possible way , every where and do what I can atleast this time!

  11. How unfortunate Afshan. You have said it all, I have nothing more to add.


  12. its the time we stop being just mere spectators of crime,its the time to be the change...very well written post..

  13. @jazz: ya only such happenings make me sad as world is not ending !

  14. @animesh shah : Thanks for acknowledging the post.
    HOPE EVERY ONE raise their voice

  15. It is not just one thing. we have to change a whole lot of things to change the situation. Unfortunately, it will take time and meanwhile more of such cases will come to light. I hope people wake up and realize that this can happen to them.

  16. You absolutely match from my thinking... Really good one!!


  17. After reading Ghata's blog and arjun dsp's blog...I land here on your site...Can't agree more...

    Peoples mentality has to be changed. All we can do as educated people is ensure our friens n relatives are safe.

  18. Hi Afshan.... just to let you know some people do get inspired by filmi dialogues...

    Tc girl, with more women like you am sure there world if it even ends will end as a better place, best wishes.

  19. @priya : Thats quite a commpliment.
    Let me read the post and am sure world would be a better place with ppl who try to bring a change and who voice it atleast like u me and many more
    Thanks Priya for visitng my blog Keep reading

  20. @Noopur : Thanks for visiting and acknowledging the post . Yep every womans thoughts r reflected on each blog post lately
    I wish all stay united atleast

  21. @amit : Only thing we can do is to pray that not a surge of crimes occur mean while

    @Ninad : THanks for readding and acknowledging. We can educate but few r too thick to be educated and hence they resort to pouncing on u. Its better not to educate them

    Any way thank u

  22. The saddest part is that even after all this protests, we've had many a incident of women being mistreated. I'm not sure about how much all of this is going to make a difference. We would only be able to make a impact, when we are ready to acknowledge the fact that the girl child/woman has the same potential as that of a boy/man and should be cherished and respected. With the terribly reversing sex ratio in almost the whole of the country, I wonder how much a girl child is valued in our country. Until that happens, incidents such as these would continue.

  23. A thought provoking write. Amongst all reasons there's one major factor as to why humans do what they do and that is: what gives them pleasure and what gives them pain. A small child wouldn't go to school if he/she knows that the teacher will punish for not doing the homework. So, the fear andd pain holds back the kid from going to school. Similarly, if it is known that death is the punishment for such crimes without delay, perhaps any person will think a thousand times before committing a crime. Now more than a month has passed and years too will pass and I'm not sure if those criminals will get punished.


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