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My lady looks more elegant now- Go dive in to the shopping spree

Festivals are always an excuse to get ready and look fab and enter in to a full on celebration mood!We are all lucky to be born in a country like India where we have numerous festivals and celebrations which give us an opportunity to get dressed in the bestest possible way which exudes style , fashion , grandeur and elegance. The selection of dresses, accessories , the matching clutches , watches, suitable make up  is a challenging task. If a man can get dressed in 10 minutes after a one day shopping it takes nearly 10 days for women to purchase all her choicest accessories which go with dresses and it will take a total one day for them to get ready for an event or a festival if you keep aside the parlors , facials and hair-dressing so on so forth :) 

Thanks to Online shopping which atleast helped in saving the time. In our today's fast paced life it is very tough to spend more than one week on shopping but its definitely feasible to comfortably sit with lap top and select the most desirable products in the wide spread of collections, on line stores have. Many online stores may even lure you with their false offers and vouchers which cant be vouched. But when I entered shoppers stop I really felt the discounts are reasonable and products are tempting!

Ensembling the products and bringing the best out come using shoppers stop has been very challenging but enduring and worth the time spent! I am extremely pleased by myself once I was done with the ensemble. Before I dive in to the description of products let me tell you that here I have stuck to my favorite colors and choices . I hope you also get as pleased as I was once I finished my window shopping  and I actually added many products to my cart and planning to buy most of them now !Thanks to shoppers stop for this contest in association with Indiblogger.
Red alert : Am no fashionista . What I wrote here is purely my choice which I feel is stylish and gorgeous enough :)

The first ensemble I did is for festivals or any family functions or parties. 
I chose a black colored Biba chudidar / Kurta dupatta set . Black is my most favorite and royal color  . Every one know that people look slim in black. More than looking slim I feel it gives the elegance no other color gives . Hence my pick is the royal black which you can wear on your birthday, any party in office or family function or to that matter any festival ranging from Diwali to Christmas to Ramzan. The bluish green embroidery on the black kurta is a tempting and a drool worthy combination .It eased my choice of jewellery and other accessories.
BIBA Churidar-Kurta-Dupatta Set - 6500/-
The bracelet I chose for the black chudidar is  a Infinity Bracelet Collection 450059R  worth 1880/-   Its so simple and beautiful and silver always goes well with black. As and when I saw the below bracelet I didnt feel like checking many other bracelets, though there is a wide collection. I felt this one will suit the chudidar better than any other

The ear rings I chose are the below rhodium plated ones with montana crystal, Infinity Earring Collection 091906RM  worth 1592/-  after the discount. As I chose them  I immediately found the similar rhodium plated necklace which goes with the ear rings! Am not much in to gold ornaments and I always have my eyes ears and oohs and aahs only for these kind of crystals and any other fashion/ artificial  jewellery. I would spend my whole life on them rather than buying gold as property :)

I couldn't take my eyes off from montana crystal and the rhodium plated neck lace above. The crystal and CZ quality seemed good and this would also look appealing as the dress has a "V" shaped neck . So my choice is the above Infinity Necklace - N59984RM  worth 2750/-
If you don't want the crystals and want to go with a plain silver colored  set it would also look extremely good if you are not particular about having V shaped necklace for the V shape neck ! The one above is a rhodium/ silver plated Zaveri Pearls Fish Design Set - 2970/- which you may buy instead of the crystal necklace and ear rings above . It may save your money too. My personal choice would be the crystal ornaments though! Actually am tempted to buy both :)

Its always good to check time when you are in a late night party or a function . Hence a trendy  , cool watch from my favorite brand FAST TRACK. A Fastrack Ladies Watch  worth 2295/-

A lady may look beautiful but not royal enough if she doesn't hold a clutch. I loved the below clutch and am going to order it as soon as I finish this post . Haute Curry Clutch - ICORCL3  worth  899/- Along with it the pair of sandals to go with the dress are LEMON - Sandals worth 1299/- Beautiful , smooth and to me they seem like almost shouting " My highness !Please wear me :) " 

So this is my "Royal Black" ensemble , the total of which comes like below 6500 + 1880 +1592 + 2750 + 2295+ 899 + 1299 = 17215 . Ain't all the great stuff coming at a reasonable price ? Also if you want to buy the Zaveris fish pearl set worth 2970 instead of the crystal set your total would come to around 15,843. You may opt this if you want to save .I personally would buy both as the fish pearl set would go with many dresses I have.

The below ensemble is for any Wedding / Haldi / Reception ceremonies of Indian wedding. This ethnic wear can also be worn at any cultural festival or a big gala party.

The first and foremost in the ensemble is my most favorite Kashish Chiffon Embroidered Saree. Its attached Brocade Border and embroidery just seduced me . I couldn't chose any other saree though I added many to cart. After a lot of thinking this looked best to me. Am not much in to too many sequins , crystals or dazzle on a saree. This just suits me. Vibrant , dashing with a classy blouse !
Kashish Chiffon Embroidered Saree - 2999 /-
Haute Curry Clutch - ICORCL2 - 799/-

Along with the saree the clutch I chose is a golden color Haute  Curry clutch. You cant disagree with my belief that this is the best pick!

I chose the below Zaveri pearls set which is long gold plated with American diamond pendant. I mean, c'mon look at her. Wont she attract many envious eyes ? Watch down for one more set which will definitely draw 100s of jealous ladies' eyes and 1000s' of men's desirous eyes :) The pendant will come dangling in the slit of the blouse if you get it stitched like in the image!

Zaveri Pearls Set- 1990/-  
My Lady will look no less than a princess when she wears the below  golden heels along with the saree. The Upper made of Diamonds and Beeds makes it look royal !

Inc.5 - Ladies Footwear - 1995/-
This is the set I was talking about. If you don't want the Pearls set you can go for the below set of ear rings and necklace and it goes well with the color and design of the blouse. The pendant will just show up dangling in the slit the blouse has and hence it will make the blouse look more gorgeous and mysterious. It may seem as if the pendant is stitched in the blouse :) They are 18 K Gold plated paisley earring and necklace with topaz crystal.
Infinity Paisley Earring -624706GTOP - 3960/-
      Infinity Paisley Necklace -652815GTOP - 3960/-

The watch and bracelet I chose are gold straped  Titan raga collection- Ladies watch with champagne colored dial and analog display. I love analog watches  and this one is an exact match to the blouse , heels , clutch and almost every thing . The below infinity bangle I chose is a 18 carat gold plated with clear crystal. I simply loved it.

Titan - RAGA Collection - Ladies Watch - 3100/-
Infinity Bangle 44407G- 2880/-

Your total comes to 2999 +799+1990+1995+2880+3100 = 13763. If you want to buy  Infinity Paisley  necklace and ear rings as well it will come around  13763 + 3960 + 3960 = 21683.

Lastly the below Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipstick Glazed Red Apple worth 275/- is just the essential in your make up kit which goes with your yellow saree as well as black chudidar. Am sure all the eyes will gaze at you with this final touch!

For a wedding its ok to spend some 21k +  :) This  yellow saree ensemble to me is simple, gorgeous, money saving yet grand and elegant . Do you agree?
Want to have a quick look at both the ensembles? check them out 

If you like my ensembling do share your opinions and give me better ideas if you want to make my cart more beautiful :) My post is at  "My lady looks more elegant now" 

PS: click on the images for better view

Thanks to "Indiblogger" and "Shoppers stop" for this great opportunity which made me think and improve my selection . Love you guys . Am on a shopping spree now ;)


  1. Loved the ensemble.....But they r sooo expensive...I mean biba suit woth 6.5k?????

  2. ya i too felt its bit costly. Could have been 5k but in the random search I was doing I felt this cheaper and better :)

  3. Lovely lovely ensembles. Especially the saree ones. SO beautiful. And great descriptions to go with them. Eye-pleasing post Afshan :)

  4. Loved the ensemble for the saree... Very pretty...

  5. The second ensemble looks wonderful! Good choice of colour, glittering beads and all... Good luck!

  6. @Nandana : Thanks a lot yar. I believe U read the whole post patiently ;) so double thanks !

  7. @Cynthia : Thanks a lot :)

    @Ranjith : han not sure about winning vouchers;) tempting prizes though ! Thanks a lot for the comment and also vote !

  8. Trendy Girly post :)
    Good luck for contest :)

  9. Hey loved the ensembles . Great selection :)

  10. You do have a great sense of style. Biba has been a personal favorite. All the best :)

  11. Awesome .. Loved every item and the descriptions as well !!

  12. @Nabanita : Thanks yar!
    Thanks for dropping by

  13. @Nabanita : Thanks yar!
    Thanks for dropping by

  14. good stuff!

  15. wow nice good dresses ... share the good post..

  16. @fahad :Thanks for visiting my blog.


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