Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Stubble Trouble! "If you shave you are not a slave " :)

“I enjoy scratching itches on my body with my beard stubble. The worst though is when my lower back itches.
”  says Jarod Kintz 

     The beard or a stubble make people pass on a judgement damn easily. For instance, many assume that a bearded man could be a painter , thinker/ philosopher who has no time to shave , a singer, musician , stylist, an actor , a writer , an artist or a journo  so on so forth. In ancient times kings used to grow huge mustaches and beards . It was believed it was an add on to their royal look. I believe kings like Alexander the Great looked equally royal with out a beard or mustache. Few grow beard for religious purposes . Few others keep styling their beard  just to try some thing new like french beard , a goatee, a chin curtain, the Zappa etc. Sadly beard or a stubble do not serve as style statements for all.

Some feel it gives an unhygienic look.Worse of all, few feel that a beard makes one look like a  terrorist. Many feel a beard is a potential requirement to be a terrorist, but all these are not the reasons why I want a man to shave :)

A salt and pepper beard or a stubble even if it is grey makes a man look hot and sexy only if it suits him and is well groomed. It doesn't look good on any one and every one. Few men who look more hot and handsome with a stubble are below!
SRK looks wilder and hotter with a mustache and stubble- DON
Age is just a number. As it increases it increases Richard Gere's sex appeal :)

These men from B- Town and Tinsel town may look good as they maintain a neat stubble with their hair stylists, make up artists running behind them round the clock and needless to say their photo shoots make them look extra handsome with or with out a stubble.

The Real Life heroes also want to be in line with their reel life models and try growing a stubble but some times it may not look impressive. Read Maansi's story to know more.

Maansi has an urgent project to deliver .Hence she gets late and she doesn't know that a surprise is waiting for her at home. She tries to wind off her work by 8 PM but by the time she logs off,the laptop shows the time changing from 10:28 to 10:29. She almost faints when she suddenly remembers that when Rishi was dropping her at the office in the morning they both decided to make the evening special as it's the day they first met 2 years back. She rushes out of the office and thanking her stars catches the last cab. 

Shivering in the winter night and hoping that Rishi is not as angry as she is imagining him to be and making few random plans to dilute his anger she dials his number. Rishi doesn't pick up. She tries some 20times but there is no answer. She starts getting worried.

What if he slept off , totally forgetting about the evening ?? What if some thing bad happened to him ? What if he is also stuck in some urgent office work ? With so many doubts and guesses she half mindedly is listening to FM rain bow plugged in to her ears which played her favorite song , "Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi , Yu hi nahi dil lubhaata koi- Jaane tu ya jaane naa " which means You and me must be related some how from the beginning of the time because no one can fill so much joy in my heart just like that. 

She got lost in the song and remembered their wedding anniversary event dated 8months back. Rishi bought a nice bouquet and a watch for her. She gave him a Kit full of surprises. Rishi was overwhelmed on seeing a big package. He opened the gifts one by one.

First came out a funky , funnyT shirt , Rayban sunglasses , parker pen set as Rishi likes to write poems on a notepad, Adidas shoes and a Gillete shaving kit on which there was a gift card with lines , "If you shave you wont be a slave. You will look much more brave which is better than looking grave ;-) "! The last gift made Rishi frown and a tinge of anger could be sensed as his ears became little red. Maansi always had a problem with Rishi's stubble. She was not comfortable when he kissed her. It irritated her and her mood immediately used to go off.  By giving this gift she wanted to tell him with out speaking , what all will make him look debonair.

She tried many times to convey the same by directly asking him to shave or go to a men's parlor and get his irregular stubble trimmed at least but Rishi paid a deaf ear. This time she decided she will make him look much better and she kept dreaming that the kiss would be smoother and better minus Rishi's bothering stubble. She knew Rishi was a big fan of Johnny Depp and Richard gere but if their's is a turn on stubble, Rishi's was a fuse off one. Maansi thought a lot and decided to gift him the Gillete shaving kit which will be the easiest way to convey the message with out hurting his feelings but her trial failed as Rishi got angry and tried to subside it with a silly smile. They finished the dinner in silence. The only sound was made by knives and forks and the soft music playing in their favorite Italian restaurant "La Piazza".  The evening was a flop as there was no romance and no exchange of some nice conversation. Since then Maansi never bought the Stubble in to their conversation and Rishi carefully avoided the stubble trouble intervening their romance.

Ultimately there was no spark in the romance or a kiss which both can enjoy !! Its like their romance was dimmed and their night outs got boring. No body wanted to hurt any body's feelings, therefore they kept the feelings to themselves. 

Like a serial's episode ends and immediately the next one starts Maansi's cab halted and so were her thoughts. She immediately got out of the cab and ran in to her apartment. With a surge of thoughts she rang the calling bell but there was no answer. She turned the door knob and it was open. Her eyes enlarged as the hall was filled with balloons and scented candles. Glitter and confetti adorned the walls with letters , "To my love" . She almost ran in to the dining area with a over joyed throbbing heart where she saw all her favorite dishes arranged neatly with a Rose flower and champagne in glasses. 

Rishi was leaning on the books rack eagerly watching her reaction . She immediately hugged and kissed him and was surprised to see that Rishi was  clean shaved and smelled great . She gazed around and found that the Gillete shaving kit was opened and he used it full-fledged. A Woman's senses indeed get sharper , stronger and keener when it comes to her man!

Maansi was over whelmed as Rishi obliged to her wish . She kissed him on both cheeks and they both had a great dinner and this time the romantic evening was full of sparks and joyful .

Moral of the story : Its OK to change your looks for your loved ones once in a while. Looking great, maintaining hygiene and neatness will only double the romance. Similarly a man can also invite a trouble of changing his woman's looks but he has to try it in a loving and patient manner .
--* THE END*--
PS: All the images are googled. I dont own them

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  2. good one!! Especially the rhyming verse ... all the best!

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