Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Love-Net over Internet- My entry for the Get Published contest’

Story Extract:

As always Meena entered the lab on Thursday evening and like a robot which does daily rituals when given commands, she switched on the PC with zero interest to just check her personal mails as every Thursday evening 5 to 6 is the mail checking hour in her monotonous time table.

Dear Meena,

This is Imran. I am a second year MBBS student in GMC(Guntur Medical College). I met one of your school mates in my class and learnt about you. I must say I was very impressed when she told me about your views, ideas and ideologies. You love reading books and I suppose you are aspiring to be a journo. I appreciate it. I have similar interests, hence thought to contact you and know more about you, of course only if you are willing to take it forward.
Awaiting a positive reply

Imran :)
As Meena finished reading the "stranger's" mail she felt irksome. This is not new, as such things keep happening over internet but the mention of GMC and class mate intrigued her. She replied.

Hi Imran,

Thanks for your appreciation. But am really not interested in online friend ship

Thank you

Hi Meena,

I expected this reply but trust me am not malicious. I am just a normal student like you. Anyway, no hassle. Attached are few exclusive SRK images for you. I came to know you are a big time SRK fan and I have listed down few articles and books which might interest you. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. The college boredom can make you do crazy things.

Take care

Meena was tempted that day. She thought there is no harm in exchanging few conversations . It is not life threatening after all. Anyway she would be going to lab once a week. So it’s not like she will be addicted.

As the days passed by Meena was spotted in Comp Sci lab every evening anxiously waiting for a corner system and for the clock to tick evening 5 P.M. as you cannot use your PC's for personal use before 5. Funny right? It is called Personal computer but a good 5 pair of eyes bore in to you if you open yahoo, orkut or any other site for "personal" use. 5 to 6 P.M became the best relaxation slot for Meena.

Image source: Internet. I don't own it.

Image source: Internet. I don't own it

You all must have witnessed this kind of story among your friends, relatives, neighbours so on so forth . Online love stories still are in demand. Liking a person without knowing much about him is thrilling but you have to wait and see to know where this excitement and thrill will ultimately take Meena.

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  2. Hi Afshan,

    Yes, this does look like the present generation's view of love and romance. I see people spend a huge chunk of their day on chat sites and social networking platforms trying to find some one worth talking to. Take Omegle, for example, it is inspiring people to do more of speed-anonymous video chats with just about anyone.

    Looks good, wanting to read more. :)

    My vote goes to you Afshan, wish you luck :):):)

    P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


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  3. Hi Jay

    Thanks for reading it totally and acknowledging and thanks a bunch for the vote. WIll for sure read urs and vote


  4. Another interesting piece... looking forward to see what happens next...Voted!!



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