Friday, September 4, 2009

In the memory of A MAN who rocked!


i thought there are two categories of people

1.)People who don’t mind if any one likes them or not. They live a life and pass away
2.)people like them make People Like Us LIKE THEM!!
But then i realised there is one more unique category who WIN people’s hearts immensely amazingly whom some believe is EQUAL to almighty....I felt our late YSR falls IN THIS CATEGORY. I knew he was a mass leader....There is good and bad in Every Politician...POWER spoils many....But when good overweighs bad !! bad can be ignored..YAY in full spirits it can be........A man for poor,..a man of honour...a MAN WITH forever smile stuck to his face...A man who smiles at all the HUGE problems and finds a smooth way to come out of it...heard a lot about this LEGEND ....heard a lot particularly from these 3days...the 3 horrible days for the state of A.P. for their Chief minister met a horrible death . A death worth to be written in RED LETTERS in the history pages .....The chopper in bad condition ..the heavy rains and The security personnel who were less alert ,,,,There are many reasons....which lead to this most sinister death of this century ...which can be the worst nightmare for any leader any normal human for instance....Its horror to imagine a person burnt in mid air charred and head crushed beyond recognition.....!!the other four people also met with same MISFORTUNE.....a great loss for their families ..a great loss for state ...loss for nation...For one whole day the whole state glued to Televisions as if a cricket match was going watch whats gonna happen to their favourite was almost like a suspense movie....drawing conclusions now and then..praying for his safety...hoping HE RETURNS bubbling with FULL LIFE miraculously as if in A MOVIE but alas........LIFE is already planned by some one up there...The day the chopper didn’t reach its destination........the search started late......People started praying...every one forgot about the ganesh Procession,...there were namaaz offered in masjids..prayers in churches temples so that their favourite leader comes back safe...........I felt astonished seeing this immense love...unintentionally my heart started pleading GOD....that this MAN SHOULD COME BACK!! A man who is loved so much by so many shouldn’t just become A puff of smoke in air.......shouldnt meet such a dreadful end atleast..but i guess God has his own ways..and WHEN it comes to decisions GOD pays deaf ear!! to peoples Wishes.............Our YSR like just a star fell down on top of a hill totally burnt ...seems recognised only by his bald head and rings to his hand...
A man so devoted to his devoted towards his work...A man who can be said less religious when compared to many OTHER GONE!HE didn’t do injustice to other castes or religions like Few of our leaders do....a converted Christian yet had empathy towards all religions and beliefs ....reflected secularism to an extent and showed sympathy towards the poor!! seems before every meeting / every visit to a public place he jots down :”TO BE DONE” things in his notepad...and stays prepared..keeps on revising them...he might be doing the same thing before he met THIS horrible painful that split second would have been when he realised...the time has come...... HOPE didn’t die when it was revealed the chopper was identified by commandos..PEOPLE started pleading god,,,CM should be safe....the helicopter must have landed some where...there are even food and beverages in the chopper....facilitating a better stayal....BUT everything was in vain and it was soon informed..CM IS NO MORE!! The mournful state of the WHOLE state couldn’t be watched,....i felt shattered when i saw many people mourning crying out Loud for their Lovable leader ...few still hoping he will come back..some how he will heart sank watching every one ...foolishly hoping ....IF ONLY THE TIME TURNS BACK...and he doesn’t start at all.....I DONT HAVE MUCH Knowledge about politics...i don’t know much about WHOS WHO....i only know PEOPLE loved him immensely...madly much MAD That....24 people committed suicide unable to bear this death ...nearly 107 people died of heart attacks!! It’s like a massacre some Unseen power did ...some hands... evil hands plunged the state of AP and destroyed the peace and harmony....I PRAY NO ONE further dies......The fate GOD Has written is enough...why is the count of deaths increasing so much...???!! “OH GOD!! Please prove U R THERE”!!! amen............
People who died in a similar fashion
1.) Subhash Chandra bose whose flight crashed in Taiwan..Whose death is still a mystery
2.) Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a glider 1980 in a crash
3.) Madhav Rao Scindia, a senior Congress leader and a former cabinet minister, was killed in a plane crash Sep 30, 2001
4.) G.M.C. Balayogi former lok sabha speaker in a chopper crash March 3, 2002
5.) S. Kumaramangalam, a Congress leader, died in a plane crash in 1973 near New Delhi.
6.) O.P. Jindal, also a noted industrialist, and Surendra Singh were killed when the chopper carrying them went down near Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh March 31, 2005.
7.) Saundarya (FAMOUS telugu actress) who was campaigning for elections was killed in 17th apr 2004 in a similar crash
Few were lucky who missed Such death... such crashes...few had so rotten luck that they met such a death ...the people like above.....Its still an open question when people will get more alert...when we will stop Using outdated choppers or choppers repaired for hell lotta times...planes made of cheaper spare parts...with less security equipment and less technology!! INDIA MOVING fast in many fields ...still meets with such mishaps....Hope people spend money for right things at right places......GIVE The best to the nation and ...avoid making a history like this.....
YSR used to announce that a political career for any individual should end at 60...A man who believed YOUTH should enter in to politics...sadly for him it ended in this demolishing way god has planned for him...:( I bow for a man who met his death while servicing his people ...the state and nation as a whole...he was born on 8-7-1949...just completed 60yrs last month.
May his soul and the souls of the Folks who accompanied him rest in peace...!!!
“Salute to All”
HARD TO BELIEVE UR NO MORE Dear YSR!! U live in our hearts... ur smile will haunt for a long time :(


  1. I salute the most strongest CM of Andhra Pradesh I have ever seen in my life. I Wish his vision to transform Andhra Pradesh in to the best state in India shouldn't end with him.

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  3. well written...
    do check my post on being indian and comment


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