Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goody goody -->misleads!

Often we fall for good things in the world. We fall for honesty, intelligence, humour , care , friendship , love , hope and what not....The good things which make u weak and u tend to wish more of it and expect they will accompany U as such forever!There is an ulterior motto behind many good deeds and behaviors!

For instance Some X comes in to your life all of a sudden and treats you very good so good that u think U r an Angel! But trust me UR a normal human like all others..How can a sudden special treatment make u unique from all others???.X is treating u so coz there is some Y motive behind it..The motive may range from a very silly one like just to pass the time and there is no good company at all around X or to take a chance of your foolish belief that UR THE BEST as per X’s treatment and have immense pleasure out of it or any other which is outta your guesses.Yeah there are such inalienable pleasures in the world......if u dont realise this and do lot good & expect an equal goody reaction then U r Not from todays world and u cant implement todays notion!Todays notion is that LIVE The moment and expect least out of it!! Care for a person if U want and forget it the very next day....Coz u never know when people stop being Good and when and how and what purpose of theirs is served! If the next day U R UR original self and the person has changed a lot.. No wonder ! this is what is the world like..There can be people like You!! But yeah as they say majority wins! So try going with it...

Emotionally getting attached to each and every one can lead to disasters! Unknowingly u may put up with people who are reckless with your heart !coz HOPE ...Inspite of knowing the hope will harm U! U hope coz u stick to the stupid belief that once it was GOOD i can make more out of it ...but Buddy !! the world is moving so fast there is no much link to the past present and not saying treat some one good get the good treatment from some one and JUST FORGet it ...I am saying dont expect it will prevail for long!! The someone WHO is the best to U may change tomorrow and who knows--> U who r the best to some one can change the very next day!

Change is the only stable thing in the world...Today U speak to a person Z who was immensely giving suggestions to U even with out asking . Who was extremely praising U for UR good deeds and sweetlly scolding for rude manners U have any towards others!! The next day U go to Z coz U have some problem and u wanna solve it..and who else BETTer Than Z! But Z yeah the same Z is paying deaf ear ... U think Z has his own problem...may be..but Z is being good to others...because it is their GOOD DEED day not uRs!If u hope Z will come back then UR fooled...Yes there is a definite come back but only when it is too late and when it is not that needed !
A pleasure U wanna get through pressure is always painful!! Please note my words...U expect some thing out of X Z or any Y coz once your expectations were met but the same XYZ bounce at the needy hour!!There are very few things done in the world with out a motive behind them...

Realise this fact stay young stay fit for long....keep forgetting the already spent DAYS or years! And move on..If u realise this U R at the right place ! its said a 1000 frowns may lead to one wrinkle and old age soon!! Analyse less and GO ON..........

“ I am a kid!
Can i be it but God forbid!

I grew to be a juvenile
Hoping every thing and every while!

Flood of thoughts made me frail!!

I got old and was dying
I told Hope is the good thing in me always living!”

If there are many hoodwinks in the world which lead to good!!then LET IT BE!! I will be good...and continue being it...COZ Good never DIES!


What do you think about this ? I always love to hear back. A comment or a brickbat boosts me to write more but the mud slinging shall be promptly vacuumed.

Thanks for your time :)

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