Thursday, March 12, 2009

colors of LiFe!


It Seemed to be a shade of YELLOW,

Fall came but the grass is still mellow!!

Sun lit skies and the rainbow colors..

Earth seemed to be heaven with all the flavors!!

It seemed to be a shade of blue,

For a second it all seemed true!
To sort it out I just stayed glue,

After a while it got lost in the crew!!

It seemed to be a shade of pink,

Made me smile and also think!

Bright it was and the worries sink,

The color faded when I blink!!

It seemed to be a shade of RED,

Splattered here and there is The BLOOD!

Shaken I was and totally afraid,

Is this the path of the HELL LAID!

It seemed to be a shade of white,

Setting all the things Right!

The world is the happiest with minus EGO,

Soon it seemed to be long time ago!!

It seemed to be a shade of green,

Which was peaceful and clean!

Turbulent colors of THIS LIFE,

Gleeful at times, at times with strife!!!!


  1. Hey!!! Its really a Colourful poem....
    Wow!! U have b'fully coloured ur thots with words!!
    Nice, really!

  2. Hey i agree with mitu!
    True colors of holi :) potraying their meanings :)


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