Sunday, August 23, 2009


Shut up and bounce

If ur thinking am gonna write DOSTANA songs lyrics.or about the movie silence of the lambs :) --.UR wrong...its just the title I GAVE and the image as they are very apt.SHuT UP AND BOUNCE!! WOWWWOWW!!very apt.
Have U ever tried to open a bingo or kurkure packet with the help of ur sharp canines coz UR neatly manicured nails will get spoiled...and the next scene was the scattered chips all over...Have U ever tried to not sip but drink all of the pani puri ka pani in ONE GO coz its irresistible and had a series of dry coughs later...have U ever tried asking Your neighbour how is she??! When her son eloped with her girl friend and her husband came drunk dialy night.....?Have U ever tried...asking your project manager Give me the schedule for the project so that I can plan accordingly when things are going in a very random and disorganised fashion ..with out proper time lines and proper estimations....Have U ever tried warning your bus driver who drives DEADLY rash as if he can meet a deadly accident any minute...who pays deaf EAR TO U DIALY!!....HAVE U ever tried doing all these things...TRY doing and U will understand hOW Apt it is my title...I mean how apt it is TO SHUT UP and let things happen and things wont happen PROPER when u try doing them in UR OWN STYLE OR ur own way which may seem apt to U but not to others....U may feel U can easily open BINGO with teeth...but it cant give better results always..U may feel panipuris pani is TASTY! But it leaves a bad acidic stomach for that day ............Ur showing UR CONCERN towards UR neighbour...but she may respond fiercely....UR PM may answer..Get uSED to the ways of this proj...THIS IS NOT UR PREVIOUS project..very curtly....Ur bus driver may look at u as if he is looking at dialy doordarshan 7Oclock news when U board the 7:30bus and warn him...he drives double rash regardless of ur continous THREATENS of complaints,....after all U R not the HEAD of the DC..or transport head atleast....So when we continuously do such things how ever strong we wish to do..we END UP WiTH 0 results...or Minimum results....but not satisfactory.....Let me jump in to the main THING I wanna discuss here...
OFFICE is a place bustling and jostling with VARIETY of people..HELL of a variety i should say,,,no where ON EARTH U WILL feel so many diversified characters....Some smile at U as soon as U look at if its instantaneous and ur just waiting for their SMILE THE WHOLE DAY!! Or the first thing in the morning...U Dont realise WHO IT IS .....HE smiles and leaves the place also...Thats the routine with many....we don’t even know the names...we just shut up and bounce;) Some don’t smile HOW HARD U TRY!! U laugh loud at ur own joke....u make a funny face...U tickle...They don’t smile...U prickle...They don’t react....THEY R LIKE THAT,,,,angry young mEN....BAChAN category......U SHUT up and bounce there too,,,,,then comes a category which smiles wide broad and bright when they need uR HELP!or want their work done: Jamuna (with all 32 teeth flashing LIKE IN THE HAPPY DENT AD ): “Aakash can U just add these extra points to this estimates document and leave...can u please finish this by eod....coz we hav a sudden client review coming up,......”...aakash happily does it IF JAMUNA is a pretty woman and is little dishearteaned if she looks awful....Some folka have a disconnected look...all their senses are disconnected.their body language is poor...they look at something else and talk to U! They smile vaguely looking at the white board behind U! Or some pen or book in ur hand ....or some thing else...disconnected senses SYNDROME! I call it....i exactly don’t know the reason..but they want to avoid u! With all possible ENERGY they have................I ONCE wondered and turned behind to see whats written on white board which is so funny that is making him laugh............but then realised...ITS DSS problem.....Some people try to fall under the rude category! Don’t kno why again here.........but they try maintaining a rude...shrewd LOOK!! A haphazard style of saying hi and an idiotic smile...ThEY feel its REALLY KEWL!! But don’t realise its really “A big fool” who is doing all this...Some are real good at flirting.......THEY Flirt ALMIGHTY level...they even tend to finish UR work....just to be in UR good books............or BECOme a hero for that day atleast........but poor chaps don’t realise they r being used.....!!Some flirt with A GLORY!! They r obvly the confident lot...who r handsome and hav little of brain...ITS tuff damn tuff to make them stand with two feet on the ground...They are almost always in skies...on cloud 9...sometimes may be on 10 and 11 and they feel all the single or almost single girls or some times even married ones FALL FOR THEM ! with out any SHAK! In their dimaags ;) When they meet a girl who doesn’t pay attention they name her “weirdo” “Rude”,,,,,when the girl pays attention (AFTER ALL HANDSOME looks & brains are many a times things to get tempted) ...They respond “Hey so much attention on me these days with a wink”
They feel they deserve talking any thing which can make THEM superior ....thats the whole intention...NOW I will stop the boys category for a while and start off with GIRLS...Gals gals ...always a strange topic...GALS make friends very easily and break up also damn easily!! Sometimes a common project, a common language , a common category (MARRIED or unmarried)or even a common enemy can make them REAL GOOD friends!! And there can be no REAL GOOD REASON! For break UP!!it can range from not wearing a saree even after continous requests of UR other girl friend ---It doesn’t matter whether u like wearing or not...or any other blah blah reason(YES there R Such people..dont get shocked)....Girls DONt drool over BOYS!! But a girl can become UR StroNG enemy when boys pay attention TO U! Particularly if she is MORE GOODLOOKING...and more......ADORABLE;)...but still boys stick to U!.............(this is the A1 reason....when a girl suddenly lessens her conversation to hmm oh is it...and just answers UR ASKED questions....)...A girl...can even stop talking to U! When there are N number of girls talking to U and she definitely doesn’t want to be the N+1!!------U get busy with Your work....lately...and become little frustrated with new mode of work people time stretches...all New which all face....but when U try meeting up Old friends after a long GAP its all new..U end up being asked...”is there any reason for this meeting....?” initially U can say just wanted to meet u All!!
But such a stupid emotional answer is not right FOR EVERY one and every time........U r questioned the same thing or responded a BLUNT NO! With out being given proper reasons for not able to make it........YES IT is taken THAT u HAVE Avoided them for two long months...and didn’t bother to inform or the same tit for TAT!! Huh!! I know whats playing in UR mind now”SHUT UP And bounce baby!! “”:-)

TBC Soon


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