Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sridevi --- B'ful

I am impressed by this pic. I was clean bowled by her innocent and beautiful looks and eyes during the period of Kshanakshanam( telugu movie ) and chalbaaz!
I was amazed by seeing her as Devakanya a beauty from heavens who comes down TO EARTH in search of her "angulikam " or ring in jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari :) 

I was little then and used to tell every one that I WILL BECOME HER when I grow up .

Sadma a movie where she actedmade me cry! I wasnt able to decide who was the best Kamal Hassan or She. I am not sure about Mr. India but  I definitely felt she is my own Miss. India who is damn cute, so comical so sweet ! 

My beautiful LADY turned 45. To me she LOOKS LIKE DEVAKANYA (Angel) TILL DATE!!

This random post as I am amused a lot and bowled by her beauty and simplicity!


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