Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the memory of a BEloved! ! :(

People come people go!
Time doesn’t will flow!!
Today I pray infront of you God bent with a bow,
Can the time turn back and get little slow??

I lost my friend in just the flick of a second,
Will he not be alive blessed with a chance second!!
Show him the path of peace with your beckon!
There are few memories I don’t wanna reckon!!:(

I make a life less doll for myself out of clay,
I mend it at times or I just play!
The doll bubbling with life made by U wants to pray!
Still you seize the life and take it away!!

Thy Kingdom Thou Rule OH GOD!!
The world full of colors your sod!
Demise is none other than you in disguise,
Making us always fail and in Power u rise!!

------------may his soul rest in peace------------

1 comment:

  1. Afshan....Really!! dedicated thoughts through words.... though we can;t revert back the time, still wounds are needed to be healed!!!

    And sorry for your lost friend!! :|


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