Sunday, February 23, 2014

Teen Bandar Blog-gaga ke andar!

The three unwise monkeys some times called the three mystic apes stand for "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Now who doesn't know this but some times when we get carried away and fail to use all our senses, we come across three other monkeys who see no truth, hear no truth and speak no truth and we tend to believe whatever they say! They go to any extent to meet their ulterior motives and if one of those monkeys tries to hear out to our pleas, the other two close his ears and make him/ her do what they believe.

The story written below is fictional and resembling anyone and everyone is very much possible.
Once upon a time in the Blog-gaga jungle lived a beautiful Dove. She was beautiful in and out. The way she thinks, talks and writes is beautiful. Not all were happy in the land of blog-gaga. Some used to rant, some just used to suppress their expressions, some were too expressive and some were always edgy. One common dream which all the blog-gaggers had was to get published one day. To see their work on paper written with a quill dipped in the magical ink provided by renowned Bubble-ishers is their long lasting dream. Bubble-ishers do the work of bringing the creative people's work to larger audience. For instance a Dove's work will not be restricted to just Doves. Crows, Elephants, Dogs, Snails and even the king of the Blog-gaga jungle, Simba the Lion will have access to her work if she gets bubble-ished. The very thought of this used to elate the Dove. She was talented than a couple of other Sparrows and Pigeons who got bubble-ished by few renowned bubble-ishers. On one fine day a fellow Pigeon brings a message to all the jungle dwellers.

" A contest to get bubble-ished by none other than Heera , Ranjha and Laila." They are the three monkey bubble-ishers whom many of the blog-gaggers didn't recognize. The name of their bubble-ishing company is "The Monkey Bubble-ishing house." Dove's happiness knew no bounds as she felt she can give her best this time as she loved the themes. She was hopeful to get bubble-ished. She knew and heard about them and she thought she could trust them and so did not ask many questions.

She dived in to the contest with a hope and a dream to see her work in the magical ink. Results were getting delayed and she thought due to some technical glitch. Mean while Heera , Ranjha and Laila added her on the Blog-gaga's social network which is called , "The Jungle-Book." She asked them about the results a couple of times. Other than that she had nothing else to get clarified! One day Ranjha replied.

"Soon they will be out. Meanwhile please check out my page and like it and do buy the book written by me too. It will be helpful."

Dove ordered the book. Yes. Her senses were not working that minute. All she thought of was her story in the book and a good rapport with the bubble-ishers!

On one fine day results were announced. The overjoyed Dove took a flight to the top most branch of the Neem tree holding her I-phone as and when she saw her name in the email sent to her by the bubble-isher group. She was about to announce it to all her friends when she saw an attachment in the mail ! She read it and immediately the pure white color of her wings turned to off-white. She was asked to buy 30 copies of her own book at a discounted rate and transfer the money to bubble-ishers. In return her story would be bubbli-shed along with many others' stories! When she said she can't do that, the number of books was reduced from 30 to 15.

The winners were not announced publicly yet as quantity of people who commit to pay the price was given importance over the quality of the stories. Dove's trust factor was broken and she in a rage pinged Ranjha on the Jungle-Book.

Dove : "I didn't get the clause in the contract?"

Ranjha: "Which clause?"

Dove : "The clause that I have to pay for my own books!"

Ranjha: "Yep. Sorry about that Dove but Heera decides it. I can't help."

Dove: "What does it mean by Heera decides it? Was it already decided? If yes why aren't we informed well in advance?"

Ranjha: "I am as helpless as you are. Why don't you talk to Heera?"

Dove obediently pinged Heera to know what this monkey business is all about.

Dove : "Heera, why was it not informed before  hand about the payment to participants?"

Heera: "It will never be informed prior. Once you are chosen only then the contract will be disclosed."

Dove : "But that is just sad and disgusting. It is cheating in the name of contest!"

Heera: "Madam. You need not rant or show attitude. Go prove your self in the big bad bubble-i(sh)tching world and you will come to know how much the Monkey bubble-ishers helped you!"

Dove: "This is highly demotivating and I would like to walk out of the contest."

The dog barked, cuckoo shouted in an off-beat tone, the cat howled and the sparrow squealed  when Dove disclosed this. As of Dove she got stark silent after all this. She finally realized that the effort spent on her story was sheer waste. To her surprise many have agreed to pay and she refused to sign the contract. She thought for a second if she was a bigger fool but her conscience did not agree with her!

Few walked out of the  contest while few gave in to the temptation. After all seeing one's own work in the magical ink is everyone's passion!

Dove was feeling bad due to the tiff with Heera and his rudeness. She thought if at all she has potential one fine day she would be equipped to fulfill her ambitions.

Meanwhile Laila spoke to Dove like below in the chat window.

Laila: "I heard about it only when results were being announced Dove. We never knew this. I will never be working with Heera again."

Dove : "Heera was rude when I objected and said that I am showing attitude."

Laila: "That was quite unexpected. I am sorry for what ever happened!"

After empathizing with Dove both forgot each other and moved on with life. After a couple of days Dove came to know that all three were together in this Monkey business. Laila updated on their Jungle book page that there are three other surprise winners. It was funny because those three obviously would have been short listed after they agreed to pay money. Like this the three monkeys flourished in the business and the Dove's bubble of desire to get bubble-shitched with the help of monkey bubble-itchers got burst!

The only thing Dove could do to soothe her angry soul was  cancelling Ranjha's book order she made weeks back. Dove decided that if ever she meets them she would offer 
5star to them, "Kyu ki Cadbury fivestar andar to seriousness (deceitfulness)  baahar ;) "
Like Abraham Lincoln said ages back, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time,but you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

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  1. Hahahahah!

    Cheeky move to participate :P


    Updated my blog. Do drop by.

    1. Thanks CRD!
      Yep shall check it soon. Thanks for reading

    By the way, nice and vivid imagination here.

    1. Three posts and this is the first time I did like this. Kya kare I still have many other stories to write on the same theme. Hope I didnt bore U !
      This one I just had to write:)

  3. Yeah some monkey business this is and sad that so many upcoming writers are falling for this. That too when self-publication has become so easy. There is a reason why these monkey businesses thrive.
    Wonderful post Afshan. All the best.

    1. Monkey businesses always thrive . Hence the Ab Lincoln's quote in the end!
      ya many fall for it and many others who rejected even if they have potential have to patiently wait for the right opp!

      Thanks for reading and wishing Janu

  4. Nice take on the "bubble-ishers" of this "monkey-world". If I'm not wrong, this is your third entry isn't it? Good luck Afshan.

    1. This actually is 3rd entry :) Wrote on the fly. The other two posts were ancient ones. THIS IS A FRESH experience :P
      Thanks Sid fr readign and acknowledgin !

  5. I hope the monkeys learn a lesson soon! Also, the dove need not worry, her work will get published soon, without anyone playing with the T&Cs. :)

    1. ya I wish goodluck to the Dove too ;)
      Thanks Pooja for reading and acknowledging

  6. Hope their monkey business comes to an end very soon. And that Abe Lincoln quote is perfect here.

    1. We can only hope for that but I feel those business have chances to thrive !
      Thanks Bhavya for being here:)

  7. You are so right about the monkey business. Smart move. But only those who suffered from this monkey menace will understand your satire here.
    Good luck dear.

    1. Thanks Alka !
      ya . This post gave me solace and comfort as I felt I was foolish during many interactions :)
      Thanks for reading

  8. hahah!! Nice take on the whole affair! I'm sorry to hear that there are people willing to take serious writers for a ride!!

    1. There always are ppl who take writers for a ride :(
      Thanks for being here Roshni!


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