Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"My Unlimited London Dreams!"

 I dream of a fairy land. 
I am the fairest fairy with a magic wand.
A genie, all time ready for my command.
A life so colorful , bright and so grand!

I felt there is a real magic world.
There are stories and mysteries untold.
A kingdom which I ruled.
A warrior who can fight and be very bold!
A castle which is strewn with all gold.
When no owl arrived and nothing caught my hold,
I had to back off and my dream had to mould!

I dream to be a  teacher.
Teaching Maths ,Geography and Biology of every creature!
Unfolding the realities of the life still felt magical.
Exams ,marks, results and ranks made it mechanical!

I dream to be useful to nation and be in politics.
I realize I don’t know the poly-tricks.
You have to change your face and play many flicks.
The dream is still in the corner of mind as the clock ticks!:-)

I dream to be a a singer or a dancer in delight.
I think of becoming a lyricist or to own a roof top restaurant in twilight.
I dream to design a marvelous art works gallery.
A lavish boutique and there is no need of day to day salary!  :-)

I dream a new thing daily.
I wake up thinking will all these dreams work really?
All the overloaded dreams and desires fight back.
I calm them down, relax and write back !

As I write down my dreams desires and facts.
My brain is getting light and heart is on flight!
EUREKA--This is my dream job, which is writing down all my thoughts.
Wrong, right , delight ,plight and every thing in my sight !

I did not get a letter to join Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
But it was equally magical to come across "British Council" which ended my worry!
To pursue a career of my choice in my favorite place and favorite school is like a dream.
Looking at all possible course options with joy filled heart and bright eyes, I beam!

The course options of English and Creative arts opened doors to my career.
I embarked on this journey with a hope filled heart, with out any fear.
The University of East London was an answer to all my dreams.
The college and the stay feels great and my passion on any day gleams!
University of East London - here

 To roam around my dream place is an added asset.
 With all the enthusiasm in air I am always in zest!
"London" - the city of Buckingham Palace, the city of Big-Ben and the city of Thames.
 When I say, I am in England studying what I desire the most, everyone in awe exclaims!

I will not let any one show their sympathy or pity.
I will take a careful step and know all the nitty-gritty!
One day I will make my dream come true in this city.
I will have command on the English literature and nurture my creativity!

 I will try to fulfill my dreams , hopes , desires and aspirations in the city of London.
 I will never miss any chance which helps me to prove that I am the one and only one! 

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  1. Awesome! all the best for the contest!

  2. Interesting take by poetry Afshan..loved ur flow n hogwart imagination here... Keep it up :)

    1. Thanks Ekta <3
      UK se Hogwarts hi pehle yaad aata hai
      Thanks for reading !

  3. Good luck with the contest babe!!!! :)

  4. This is such a unique post. Very interesting take on the topic, I must admit.
    Best wishes for the contest.

  5. Hey, thats a nice one!! :) All the best for the contest!! (PS: Secret - ours dreams match a lil!! ;) )

    1. Thanks Arpita ! Ya dreams are always unlimited No ?!

      Good to hav u here

  6. I am awestruck when I read poetry as I am unable to weave anything. To write a poem on the given topic is truly imaginative. Good luck Afshu.

    1. Thanks a lot Alka !
      Coming from U always brings a broad smile :D But I am sure I Won't win as I cant draw / sketch or paint ;)
      thanks for reading

  7. Superb.You are very talented masha'Allah
    Follow each other.

  8. WOW !! Let your dream come true :)
    Wishing you the best dear!

  9. very nice blog.....keep in touch :)
    plz join my blog

  10. Wow!! this is awesome!! loved the poem! I hope your dream comes true!


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