Friday, February 28, 2014

When I Think Loud!

When ever I think loud Facebook comes to my rescue more than my blog. The fad for FB will never fade. I don't use twitter much and hence I am not sure about the good / bad feel embedded in those 140 characters and they always fall short when I have some emotional thought to share ;)  .I was and am used to Facebook and it is interesting and amusing to see the queue of comments whenever anyone posts their opinions or thoughts. It feels good to see that some are nodding at it. It also feels good to see that some one else has an equal and opposite reaction to yours :)

All in all thoughts are food for FB and FB is food for thoughts. At least to me it has been like that so far and that is the reason I love FB more and hate it less!

Coming to Project 365's prompt, today the first thought I had today morning which I posted on facebook is below. In fact I had this thought the night before.
Afshan Khan feeling grumpy
"If having emotions in right amounts and projecting them in the right direction is an art, having over emotions and bombarding them in all directions is like a fart and having "NO EMOTIONS" is both art and a fart as it possesses the art of accelerating the fart !"

Yes I was feeling grumpy due to few experiences and I had to post this awesome line on FB. You may just feel it mediocre but I felt that this quote by me is the awesomest when I compare it with all other quotes I penned till now! It is one of those haphazard thoughts which bother and bicker you till you write it down! Writing is like nirvana sometimes. I wonder the way it relieves me. At least for a short span of time I feel like I conquered the thought and can celebrate my grand victory. It is amusing how the pen comes to rescue when a man can't ;-) 
Coming to the thought I had it is not a thought which formed in my mind overnight. It is some thing which is bothering me from many years. I can't really recollect when the first seed of that thought germinated in my mind. It might be when I saw a class mate who was beaten up by her own parents as she was not studying well during my primary school days or when I saw a standard grumpy expression a class teacher used to have no matter what happened. Even if you tickle her she will not laugh. She is like that live statue in the VGP Golden beach of Chennai. You tickle him, poke him, crack a joke, whatever you do your efforts will go futile. He is the living man statue. Golden beach is an awesome place to hang out. Don't forget to visit if you go to Chennai!
VGP man's statue at chennai
Emotion and expression go hand in hand. Even if you are feeling some thing, if you can't express it, then your emotion is as good as NO EMOTION! The emotional quotient of few people is standard. It will not budge however hard you try where as few people have an interesting statistics of emotions. They are emotional chameleons who are happy and cheerful one second and grumpy and gloomy the next second. They will praise you to skies one second and when you are not in the frame they don't give a hoot to reveal news about you to others. The EQs of people can be seen every day in the form of their status messages on face book or in the form of their tweets and so on so forth as this is the only medium which is easily accessible but most of the times it can be deceptive too as people may not update something they really and actually feel on FB or on any medium which is accessible by all!

As far as my emotional intelligence is concerned I am also strong sometimes and weak some other times like any other human being but there are few moments when others' emotions control mine. If I am not getting a reaction I wish to get from the other person who is pretty close to me I become weak. I lose all my senses and I become fartoholic err I mean over emotional :) I don't understand the unresponsiveness of folks around us , who are pretty close to us and whom you think you can take for granted for most part of your life but truly and absolutely we cannot take anyone for granted. We can only bombard them with our thoughts and use our authoritative tone but we can never guess what is truly going on in their mind. No one wants to  be taken for granted. Not your kids, not even your mom or dad or your bestest friend! I can sense few people nodding in agreement and few others shaking their heads in disagreement!! 

I know most of us have those 3 O clock friends, a lovely spouse, a beautiful family but at few junctures every one goes in to a self-operational mode where they have no time, patience or energy to think about any thing else! May be they are fighting some demons which we are not aware of. May be they are tired and just need time for themselves. I am really not sure of the reason but all I know is to let them go and concentrate on resolving the issue all by myself. Sometimes we have to forget our expectations. We cannot rub them on a person who for sure has a different view of the whole scenario!

Get up and get going. Fine tune your mind to avoid friction in the relation ship with your spouse/ boy friend / girl friend or the bestest friend!

  • You want him/ her to listen to you but he/she is not listening. You please stop talking. I am sure there is some one else who might be a good listener. NEVER lose other FRIENDS.
  • You are waiting for a reaction but not getting one and you don't get one even after expressing it. Stop expressing. At least try. Clinging to some one emotionally is something which makes any one instantly weak.
  • You like some thing and he/she doesn't like the same thing. IT IS OK. You both are neither cloned nor from the same gene pool.
  • You feel your demands are silly and can be easily met. He/ she might be thinking your demands are unusual.
  • You feel he/ she is insensitive and non-emotional . He or she might be feeling you are unreasonable and illogical
Saying is easy, doing is hectic. Yeah, I know but rather than being mum, speaking out sometimes gives the strength to try! Lastly I want to share a fun quote by Aunty acid. If you don't know who she is - go to AuntyAcid.
You will love the page.

That's all. I don't want to rant much and spoil your day. Sorry for this cribbing post but I had to write all this as this is the first ,second and the last thought I seem to be having today. Some times we need to talk to ourselves and my blog is the only clear and louder way of communicating to my self on any given day :)

Thanks for bearing with me. My stint with Project 365 ends here. It was a great experience. Feels good that I am writing the last post for February! Thanks to all of you. Thank you Rekha for inviting me and thanks Jairam, Sid and Sakshi. Special thanks to Sid for clarifying my doubts and guiding me when ever I asked. Wish to write along with you guys some other time. Till then rock on. I love this initiative!

[This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on the prompts provided. I am the guest author for the month of February. The prompt for today is  First light - "Tomorrow morning, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not it’s coherent. Remember yesterday, when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it. "]


  1. So very true!! In the early days of my marriage, I've done pretty much everything you've mentioned, and I was an official fart-aholic then :). But now, after more than 10 years, I've learnt my lessons and life is much more peaceful. Thank you for a great post and for making me feel good about my 'improved behavior'!!

    1. I need 8 more years to come to senses then :) Am glad that u read this Fabida :) Fab to see the first and most sensible comment from u!
      This post cud make one feel good also ?? ! That was unexpected

      Loads of love

  2. Sheer genius to think of VGP Man's statue and relate it to this post. I love this kind of contextual topicality and linking in posts. It helps to express your thoughts even better. Helps the reader to relate to them easily too. When you said "when others' emotions control mine." I couldn't agree more. If we actually notice, most of our reactions are in reaction to others' reactions/no-reactions. (Did that make sense?) And Aunty Acid never fails to make me smile! Well thought-out post. Carries a lot of depth.
    By the way, thank you for being with 365, Afshan. :) All firsts are always special, you know that!

    1. Overwhelmed by ur elaborate comment as always. This shows with how much dedication u read others' posts :) VGP was the first thought I got when I remembered all non emotional ppl. Sigh !

      Thanks a lot ! ya most of our reacns are due to others actions / no actions! :) U made sense
      Thanks for making me a part of 365 ! would love to write with u some other time :)

  3. The status is super smart!!!
    and the way you connected the chennai golden beach's VGP guy to the teacher, was brilliant!
    I am a diagnosed fartaholic. MUST STOP!!!

    1. @redhanded: Thanks . MWaah ;)
      Am a dangerous fartoholic. LOL !
      thanks for being here as always

  4. Hi Afsan, This just seems like a rant that I would have frequently :) I think I am very expressive in my happiness, my sadness and my anger. I come across so many people who are difficult to figure out. I mean, If I talk, are they listening? Do they want to talk?? Nowadays, Like you said, I just move on. When I am in this "mood", a hug cheers me up. Mostly it is from my daughter :) Here's a hug for you :) rgds, Poornima

    1. we all frequently have this rant no ?? !
      tell me abt it. People are like puzzles to me these days :)) ! I too move on after certain limit I set to myself crosses !
      I so loved ur comment purnima. That hug felt so real :D :D THANKS A LOT
      can u please share your blog link ? I can't find it !

  5. Lovely take Afshan. I am amazed at how you have spun a tale around the thought.

    1. Thanks Jas , What I thought as a random rant is worth a read which made me more than happy :)

  6. I loved the analogy of the Chennai golden beach's VGP guy. A very brilliant, but effective way to explain your point. I am a terminal fartoholic. Grrr.

    1. ya that analogy is liked by many. I love it too :)
      Thansk a lot for being here after a long time Dhara :)

  7. I am a bigtime fartoholic when it comes to emotions. The more I try to get hold of them, the more they escape. Good one Afshan.

    1. me too me too , Am so fartoholic that people will die of poison if in a closed room :P :LOL
      sorry for bad joke
      Thanks for ur time

  8. LOL at the emotional fartoholic joke!! It's true about the emotional quotient of many people being constant! And, I'm afraid that I'm a bit like that, except for when I get majorly stressed then heaven help everyone around me!! :D


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