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Meet the budding entrepreneur - Ranjana :)

Being a woman entrepreneur by pursuing one's hobby on a regular basis is commendable specially when a woman has to manage the house, do her day job  and simultaneously keep her passions alive. Not that any woman is forced to work or  meet the needs of a home but multitasking comes naturally to many woman :) Today on my blog I want to introduce a budding entrepreneur. I met her in the " original HP Indiblogger meet ". I found her sitting alone like me and thought to say hi. As we were two lone birds we immediately bonded and exchanged conversations, personal and professional details and by the end of the day even our phone numbers. Being my first blogger's meet Ranjana's company was a life saver as I started getting bored. During the conversation she said her's is the arts and crafts blog but then I thought that it was just her hobby but later realized that she is a small scale entrepreneur. Her day job is on the computer like many others' but by night her imaginations soar high with the wings of passion, enthusiasm and energy. She mostly makes hand crafted jewellery and apparel and recently she even started 3D quilling.

Do visit her blog - . Her Face book page -"Ranjana's creations" .Even if the working hours are strenuous and life gets busy with her kid she takes out time to ignite her passion and learn with each passing day .The ear rings she makes are to die for. They are appealing and the color combinations are pretty.

Some of the ear rings she made are below. 

leaf design with black and white crystals

This is my favorite from her valentines day collection.

Another pretty design. Ain't they cute?
She also does work on embroidered clothes using laces , kundans and motifs. The below one is a maroon khadi silk dress. She attached the lace on the border, patches in the middle and motifs here and there . The second one is a kalamkari sari. Kalamkari is technique of painting on cloth with vegetable dyes. She attached Kalamkari patches on a saree. The outcome is the result of hard work for 6months!

The maroon dress

The Kalamkari saree
        Given below is emboss painting for screen printing on a green khadi silk saree.
You can find more artistic works on dresses and sarees at On her blog you will find the products of your choice using the labels and tags.

She also makes the art work for specific occasions and festivals. She makes Kumkuma(Vermilion)  bharanis. Mostly they are made of wood in various designs. She used kundans to decorate them. The below one is my most favorite design with sliding doors and two compartments. When every nook and corner of the house exudes art, every thing seems interesting :)

The above saree and blouse are specially made to wear on the occasion of Diwali. I immensely liked the patch work , laces attached , screen motifs used and also the delicate golden chamkis. The design is so intricately and artistically done that I can only applaud looking at it.

Not only does she make dresses and jewellery but also makes many interesting items which you would want to use for a specific occasion. For instance for Rakshabandhan she made the rakhis and cards below. She is a master at quilling and made the cards for various occasions.

In the above picture you are seeing the Rakhis with cards ready to be sent. Aren't they lovely? I am sure they will multiply the smiles!

I never like the costly greeting cards which we purchase. Rather than getting some thing from a shop how cool is the idea of making it yourself and writing a personalized poem or a message? The above hand made cards are my personal favorites. It gives a feeling that you took the effort to make the event special :)

Not only this she also has the painting talent. She makes pencil sketches and also makes glass paintings and coffee paintings. Have you heard of coffee paintings ? Yes I too heard it for the first time on her blog. Only coffee and water are used in the painting. Have a glimpse at it below.

The unique coffee painting which she tried for the first time
 Below is a simple glass painting made by her.

She also does the ceramic work on pots and aluminium plates. This is done using the ceramic dough and sand. The one below is a Moghulai style flower vase with the vines made of ceramic dough and the second one is a design made on an aluminium plate.
Ceramic pot

on aluminuim plate
This single blog post is falling short of words which can be used to project her plethora of talents. She is ingenious. From crochets to paintings to bidri work to jewellery, neck designs, mirror work, pencil sketches and many more, you name them and she will conjure them. To know more visit her " blog " and check out her creations. Contact "Ranjana on facebook" to know about her latest works and deals.

Icing on the cake is that she has recently been awarded by a blogging community for the best blog under "hobbies" section. Check out here.

I can't think of any other person who deserves this award more than her. She is a true winner.

The woman behind all this- Ranjana. She is wearing the jewellery made by her self :)
Ranjana at the IB meet. This was my creative group :)

The highest art is always the most religious, and the greatest artist is always a devout person. --Abraham Lincoln --

Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.
-- Anita Roddick  ---

I wish she becomes a full blown entrepreneur pretty soon and inspires all of us. Do encourage her!

Written for the Indiblogeshwaris' "Ladies Independence Special Contest" in association with ""

PS: Images are taken from her blog!


  1. What an artistic collection ! Creativity at its very best :)

  2. I have been following her blog since I started blogging. She is truly talented and even I love earrings designed by her. Sometimes, she uploads pictures of orders she completes and they all are so beautiful. She is an inspiration for sure and may her venture soars high.

    Good luck to both of you in your personal endeavors. :)

  3. ya I like most of her collection :)
    Thanks for the comment and thanks for wishing me too


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