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Love is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough- Book Review

Title : Love is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough
Author : Amit Shankar
Number of Pages : 203
Price [INR] : 195
Genre: Fiction

Looking at the title I felt it must be a mushy book. There is no dearth to chick lit books and I thought this is just among many in the neatly arranged racks. Still I ordered it as I enjoy chick lit stuff. The story revolves around Moon a LOVE child to an entrepreneur mom who is a known face as she becomes the editor of a leading news channel after working her ass off. Her dad is a French man whom Moon doesn't meet much but shares a strong bond. E-mails and chats are her favorite means of communication.

Unlike her mom Moon is not career oriented but every thing in life is easy for her with the tag of Ms.Payal Malik's daughter. She becomes a mega model in no time and she falls in and out of love so many times that the doubts and dilemma she has about love and eternal happiness keep bugging her from the day she starts falling for guys for various reasons. She  is just 19 when she falls in love with Ash. She likes him but doesn't really get drawn towards him. She falls for many other people simultaneously and loses them for various reasons. In her words life is always a bitch for her. She stays frustrated and discontent.

Life becomes a cobweb when she falls head over heels for "D" the Devil which is the name she fondly gives to her mom's X boy friend. To understand why and what makes her get attracted to men and how she always leaves the relationship with an empty heart you must read the book and know. She is a dissatisfied soul , a troubled teen who always wants pamper, care, love and others approval for her looks, acts and what not. She is brave , confident and independent but she is unhappy as there is a huge lacuna in her life due to lack of a father's care and a mother's gentle love.

At a certain point while reading I remembered the movies like Page 3 and Life in a Metro and many other movies based on love and relationships in metros. The chapter where she attends a gay party and becomes shell shocked reminded me of a scene  from Page3 where Konkana Sen performs neatly. The story starts off in a good pace with the enthusiasm and energy which only a teenager can possess but as it gains pace it falters. It is just like a daily serial where you can watch the fresh episode with out watching the old one and guess the next few episodes even before the current episode ends. Only one thing I can say for this book is that I got "bored."

First thing which I really liked is the portrayal of the troubled teen which is perfect as every teenager takes the roller coaster emotional ride. The second thing which I liked is how the author showed the involvement of facebook in our lives and how much we all are addicted to it. Specially in teenage FB gives a high when you are loved all over it. All these things are shown aptly. The influence of online communication which gives rise to many virtual relationships is shown nicely!

There's too much to grasp from the book. Its like a jack of all trades, master of none. From Facebook to copy writing to media and Anna Hazare kind of fights against corruption all things are just brushed up with out going in to too many details. When the book ended I thought it will end on some suspense note or may reveal the true side of one person or another but sad that there was no element of  surprise at all. You can easily guess the ending and even the dialogues. When Moon says that she loves Gautam who is the driving force of the anti-corruption movement I could only laugh in a silly way as I have my doubts on her consistency.

In my honest opinion this book is for teenagers or for people in early twenties. Others like me may not enjoy it. 
My rating 1.5/5

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  1. Ha! your rating of the book made me smirk :)

  2. Your description certainly makes it look like the book is just a bad copy of a bunch of movies!! :D Will avoid!

    1. It sure reminded me few scenes from here and there. Not sure if people liked it but I didnt njoy !

  3. I had to laugh at your rating.

  4. I may not have ordered by seeing the cover page :) And your review already says its not for late twenty people :D So the final conclusion I draw is to not to order the book :D

    1. haha I usually like chick lit stuff ... this book begins well and immediately loses grip

  5. Wow that was one honest review and I honestly like when the author appears unfocussed :D

    1. But I was more confused here but finally felt liek writing what I REALLY felt
      Thanks sridevi for reading

  6. LoL.... i was anyways not in any mood for this book more so because of the way this writer insulted book reviewers.

  7. Ya I heard that :( and by that time I already got the book and hence just did my duty !! If its true then many will actlly black list the book
    Not sure if its genuine

    1. Check it out here:



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