Saturday, August 10, 2013

Face"Book of life" - A new poem

Facebook has to do multiple tasks.
In the glory of his success someone basks.
His failure is tackled in its nook and corner.
His friends may have to be put on the back burner!

Life’s matters are seriously discussed here.
You are free to give badges of honour and smear.
From disheartening politicians to peers.
Even others status messages and their fears.

There is no such thing which is not important.
You are free to express your opinion in the form of rant.
You are free to reply to others on your wall.
You smile at the pleasure of the graffiti hurting your pal!

Facebook makes everyone go in to your friends list.
You feel it is the clear vision you have when there is no mist.
Once, love was expressed face to face and from eyes to eyes.
Hatred was under the wraps as it was thought to be wise!

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Everything is the topic of the day.
Updating the status on face book is a child's play.
Topics vary from a persons accent to his dressing sense.
Facebook is the hangout for every nonsense!

Facebook is the crystal ball to see your future.
Facebook is the hobby which you want to nurture.
Facebook is an outlet for good deeds which is a paradox.
Facebook is an everyday Pandora’s Box!

Life is so easy now; the world is in your fist.
Everything is told here if not in detail at least in gist.
Ultimately every one decides who and what is worthy.
And I am still contemplating if this is blog worthy? 

Image source :"here"

P.S. : A series of irritating status messages as and when I woke up lead to this. I am not sorry if this irritates any but I am happy FB always keeps my creative juices flowing  


  1. :D Good one. Nicely expressed the daily woes of netizens who spent time on Facebook.. :P


    1. Thanks vaisakh for reading and liking it
      Am also one of the netizens but today is my day as I feel am far better than many ;) :p
      Thanks again

  2. A lot of people have complaints/comments regarding my Facebook updates...But then..who cares! :D :P My Profile..My Timeline..My words! Tumblr isn't as much fun!

    1. Incidentally I posted this as status message too ;)
      I love ur updates . It's not About the funny , intellectual updates or anything which is readable . It's about those idiotic statuses which immediately make me hide those posts . They r personal tiffs ., judging every human on earth etc :)
      U keep posting . I will keep commenting
      Good day ;)

  3. I loved this one Afshan :)

    Too good... I was laughing all the way till the end.

  4. :-) I enjoyed it when you posted it on Facebook and enjoyed it again now.

    1. am glad u enjoyd :) Thanks for suggesting me to post on blog
      good day

  5. .............and this blog is worthy Afshan as every word is worth its weight. and Congrats for Tangy tuesday pick.

    1. Thanks for informing abt tangy pick Kalpana ;)
      congos to u too

  6. LOL :P
    a post that Zuckerberg should read :D

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog after long deepak :)
      Ya if at all zucker finds my blog I will make sure he reads it ;)
      Thank u

  7. Very interesting :) Congratulations for tangy pick!

  8. Good one Afshan. And this one is so true and brutal.

  9. I agree with what you say. You are now defined by your FB life - when virtual and real come together. I hate FB. It completely ruined my life because some people who have nothing better to do than be on FB all day long, tittle tattled about what I'd said and.........

    1. @Bellybytes : Thanks for reading and acknowledging. Ya FB sometimes is too complicated but I suggest u to nt take it seriously and limit ur time there :) That always helps
      Take care

  10. I totally relate...sometimes its just amazing/unbelievable what people share! Congrats on the Blogadda accolade!

    1. Few thot the same when I shared this as status but who cares as long as mine r not pointless and senseless updates :P
      Thanks for wishes and thanks for reading Rosh

  11. What a way to let your creative juices flowing. True that when life throws you lemons, make lemonades outs of them. :)

    1. Awww
      Thanks Pree for the comment <3 True , we can have a lemon soda too !!

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