Sunday, July 7, 2013

"The Lost World :-) "

Binding the books with brand new brown sheets was an important task.

All emotions were crystal clear as we never wore a mask.

It was fun to preserve the peacock feather in note books.

It was a eureka moment when we scored marks for all our flukes!

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We never got tired counting the stars and we always wished when we saw a shooting star.

Those were the days when we thought world is full of love and no war.

Those were the days when we believed the power of joy over worries.

Today those bygone days are just treasured memories!

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  1. oh yes!! I remember!!
    the day we did the whole new-wrapper on new books was more exciting than the actual buying of books!! :D

    Lovely Afshan! :)

  2. You just made me super nostalgic with the first line of your poem. I loved and anxiously waited for the school to re-open because I liked how we shopped for new books (includes smelling them), covers, stickers and stationary.

  3. "....we never wore a mask."
    That is what I miss most about my childhood, the innocence and simplicity of life and relationships.
    Lovely poem Afshu :)

  4. Seriously! Gone are the days of innocence! Of life with simple joys!

  5. So many memories of those new books - the excitement, the resolve to study better this year..And yes, the dreams and innocence. How well you brought all this out, Afshan!

  6. Everyone is getting so nostalgic nowadays. :)
    It feels good to remember the good life.

  7. Aha! those good ol' days. How much we all miss it.

    Beautiful it is, Afshu. <3

  8. Ah! The beautiful, lovely, innocent days of the past! Nostalgic post! And a fab one for the prompt :)

  9. Ah, you reminded me of the pleasure of wrapping our books with brown paper and also preserving flowers between their pages!! :)

  10. Did time change or did we change with time?

  11. How simple life was as a child and how precious those happy memories are as time passes!!


  12. Life was so simple and beautiful then!

  13. yeah, this is the treasure which is really lost...

  14. Ah! I miss my childhood as much :) Nice post!

  15. Childhood days are fun. Wish some genie should reverse my fortune to go to childhood days.

  16. Beautiful. How wonderfully you have captured so many childhood memories !!


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