Friday, July 26, 2013

"The day I touched Himalayas" - Drive to Rohtang Pass!

Last summer we traveled to Manali by road and then to "Rohtang Pass". Our day 2 in the itinerary was to visit Rohtang pass. We spent a good 6hrs on the road to cover a mere 52kms which should take less than 2hrs! The trip increased our patience, controlled our temperament, taught us to cooperate with each other and reminded God and gave the stark realization that the godly places are always tough to reach! The below one is the most classic shot on the way. Don't you feel like living in that house along with grazing horses and cattle?

As we started taking turns on the zigzag road it started getting hazy and foggy. It was the month of July, the best time to visit Rohtang pass as during winter all the roads will be blocked with ice chunks which are 5ft in depth.Check the snaky traffic line. Not sure how many corn and tea breaks we took. Nothing passed the time and we were exhausted as we were stuck at the spot below for a good 2 and 1/2 hours. Finally the traffic moved slowly after a total halt of 3 and 1/2 hrs.

The day was both sunny and icy which troubled my sinuses. Many people puked on the way. I was later told it is called “acute mountain sickness”.

After too many people falling sick in our jeep and an unnerving traffic jam it felt worth it when we touched the ice.

We had piping hot ginger tea which was a relief. Where ever you go you can find solace in Maggi which is like the staple food of hill stations.

Some people wanted to go to bathrooms and I avoided them for the reasons best known to us. They were just booths covered with some wooden planks and there was no water available. The below pic is my most favorite.

Lastly my pic with my favorite travel partner - Harnoor from Chandigarh who made me smile all the way with her silly jokes. She was a relief whenever the journey seemed endless. Among other partners there were Harnoor's parents, 3 fiery, feisty girls who worked in Delhi and Gurgaon, who were very cooperative and offered us the middle and front seats as the back seat of the jeep made us sick! Half of the clan fell sick and I just wanted the trip of that day to end but in the return journey we again faced a traffic-jam though it was not a prolonged one!

Thus our trip ended and even if the journey was stressful I can never ever forget this first time Himalaya experience in my life. I dedicate the below poem to this journey.

Sometimes road is smooth sometimes with friction.
Sometimes Life is real sometimes with fiction!
Road has many milestones to cross.
Life has many phases to pass!!

Road shows us mirages at times.
Life shows us dreams and dimes! 
Road ends with destination.
Life ends with re-incarnation!

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  1. Nice pics and I like the ending lines the most..
    life ends with re-incarnation...

    1. thanks manjulika. Glad u liked them.
      Thanks for acknowledging the post

  2. The pictures are really amazing and loved your poem too!

  3. We had visited Manali in Jan and therefore Rohtang pass was closed! But I had lovely time in lvoely that I feel I have left a part of my heart there

    1. Ya we were told in winter we cant go there :) ya manali is nature's wonder !
      thanks for reading and acknowledging

  4. Beautiful pictures. There is so much in the world to see. :)

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