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The daffodil Love....

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Tring Tring.. The phone rang...rather Grrrr grr, the phone vibrated as Preeti keeps it in silent mode most of the time. She some how doesn't like the sound of the phone ringing. May be as all are used to just messaging and chit chatting over FB Preeti got unused to the phone call. Phone call is like a telegram to her if the regular calls from parents and one or two close friends are excluded. A phone call always is some thing related to work or if there is some urgent news and most of the times it is from airtel customer care or a person requesting to get an ICICI credit card or a distance MBA degree. Even after the repeated refusals they keep trying to lure you by calling you from different numbers.

On that fine morning the phone rang and Preeti answered with the same monotony in her voice.
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Preeti: "Hello. Who's this?"

On the other side : "Don't you recognize my voice?"

Preeti: "Nope. Sorry!"

"No need to be sorry. Actually I should be sorry for not being in touch!"

Preeti: "Who is this?"

"Aah. I want you to figure out yourself."

Preeti: "Listen mister. I don't have time to figure out some fake call. Bye!"

"Wowoow . Hold on. You haven't changed han ? Why are you in such a hurry? Let me just talk for a while."

"Listen. I hate stalkers like you. I absolutely loathe prank calls."

"But this is not a prank call. You know me."

"Sorry but I can't recognize you. Are you from school ?

"I wish I was in school too with you but alas, I was not lucky enough!"

"Who the hell is this ? "

"Keep guessing. I will call again tomorrow."

Saying so the stranger ended the call.

Preeti was puzzled through out the day. She wanted to get it out of her head but his voice kept coming back in echos. "Who could that be ? How should I crack it? " she thought continuously . Her ego stopped her from calling him back. Later in the evening she got sms.

It read : "Did you figure out who am I ? Don't try much. There is a surprise for you tomorrow!"

Preeti spent a sleepless night thinking about the stranger guy. She thought of informing her friends as she already read about too many phone crimes but then changed her mind. She thought if she senses harm she will then inform some one.

Next day as she was getting ready for office the calling bell rang. She was startled as she actually was expecting her phone to ring. For the first time in her life she kept the phone in ringing mode as she didn't want to miss the call.

She opened the door. The DHL courier person delivered a huge package and a daffodils bouquet with an envelope tucked neatly between the petals.

She was scared to open the package but she opened it anyway. There was a lovely sky blue colored top, a SRK poster and an old notebook in the packet. She hastily opened the envelope to read the letter.

Dear Preeti,

I know you are exasperating as of now. Don't worry. I am not a criminal. I will not cause any harm to you. I am hoping sky blue is still your favorite color. I know how much mesmerized you were in college after reading the daffodils poem by William Wordsworth and loved daffodils since then . Poetry is in your blood. Weren't you a huge fan of Robert Frost and Shakespeare? Thats your favorite notebook in school in which you scribbled your own poems and also your favorite poems of various poets. Sorry for stealing it from you. I am sure it is your treasured possession. Hope you would be excited to have it in your hands again. Last but not the least I am sure that SRK's dimple in the poster would already have brought smiles on your face! If you haven't still figured out who I am then wait for my phone call.
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Love and wishes
Guess me ? ;)

Preeti ruffled through the pages of note book. Indeed it was hers. She was jumping in joy. It could be none other than Ritvik who used to sit in the same bench and was her great fan. In the graduation days she laughed at his proposals and love poems thinking its just the teenage infatuation but her joy has no limits today as the very thought that Ritvik remembered her all these years is over whelming.

With emotions and hormones gushing through her she opened the call register to call him back when the bell rang again.

5' 10" tall and confident Ritvik  stood infront of her wearing a broad smile. Preeti instantly recognized his striking features and hugged him as she fell short of words!

-------------------------------- THE BEGINNING---------------------------------------------
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  1. I loved the cute story dear Afshan and the end sorry the beginning.

  2. Aah. Daffodils, it is one of those poems that gives you the feels.

    So glad that someone from the Preeti's past came back in such a lovely manner for her.

    1. :) Ya past comes back faster in poems and prose than in life ;)
      thanks hrishikesh for acknowledging

  3. Cute story :). I was actually surprised to see the reference to Daffodils and old notebook of recent post had these things too.. :D

    - Vaisakh

    1. Read and commented ;) The rare resemblance of blog posts which always feels good !
      hav a good day. thanks for reading

  4. ah... the sort of wonderful happy story that all romantics would sucker for :D
    I need to link the M&B's eternal fan wifey read this one :D

  5. Aww! Such a cute story!!
    Loved it Afshan! :)

  6. What a sweet story. And what a nice Ritvik.

  7. Interesting story short and sweet.


  8. Afshan :) :) Where there is love, where there is affection, I am there!
    Loved this story of yours dear... True story? ;)

    1. haha ya mush attracts us THE Most na !
      Wish the characters were real ;). i wish it to be true for all :)

  9. Loved the story afshan :) The title is also Catchy :)

  10. I am guessing..this is just the first part of a story...can't wait to read more

    1. thats the end of the story ;) :P thanks for liking it

  11. that was a beautiful one!
    And Congrats Girl! :)

  12. If only all of us could connect with our old loves this way! ;) Loved the story, Afshan.

    1. ya in real life its not very easy :) Thnks for reading Corinne

  13. cute! wish all were so lucky... memories from past when they meet you in true farm ..nothing beats that excitement


    1. ya nothing beats that excitement !
      PAST IS BEST :)
      Thanks apoorva for visiting my blog and acknowledging

  14. The story was so engaging. I wanted to read what happens next and when it ended, I was like 'noooooooooo....' dont end! Haha

    1. :) ya its good to leave it to your guessing !
      Thanks a ton dhara for reading and acknowledging

  15. So this one got you the Wow Badge. That's a very cute story. Congrats Afshan !!

  16. Hey! I have nominated you for Sunshine Award! If it's not too much, can accept it! :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot Sheethal
      How can any award be LESS ?
      Thanks a bunch.. will do it in a while

  17. I am always a sucker for love stories :)
    Congrats on the WOW badge :)

  18. Congratulations on the WOW badge!
    That was a cute love story.


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