Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The debonair "Milka" - For Jabong.com's Bhaag Milka Bhaag contest :)

Today as and when I got the mail for " Bhaag Milka Bhaag contest"  I started writing down the post as I am a Farhan Akhtar fan and as there are movie tickets only for the first ten posts. So as not to miss the FCFS I am here posting the fashion tips for fitness freaks. Look and feel definitely matters a lot. When you are sweating out in gym or jogging in a ground or doing sprints , crunches or push ups it is very important to look good and feel good. Hygiene plays an important role in work out and wearing outdated and misfit clothes and accessories will not only make you look in bad shape but may not play a good role in rising your spirits. You need to feel good about your self specially when you work out! The below are my choices from Bhaag Milka Bhaag collection.

I loved the below Black Panther Fitness Tights - Grey . If you have a fit body it will enhance your shape and boost your confidence. Find them "here" . It will cost you just 359/-  Luckily you have 20 % off ! The same black panther fitness tights in black also look good. They will be warm too in rainy season and black always makes people look slim and stylish:)

If you are slightly conscious and don't want to show your arms you can go for "Puma Running Polo T-Shirt - Grey " the image of which is on the right in the above images shared. It sure looks elegant!

For women the below 
Puma V Neck Graphic Black and red T Shirts look the best to me. They will for sure make one look cool and confident. My personal experience with Puma is good. I can vouch the durability of Puma products! 

Coming to shoes I feel the below Fila Arthur White Running Shoes which are "here" on the site look stylish and comfortable! As Adidas is a favorite brand I felt I can even go  for the   "Adidas Impulse M Navy Blue Running Shoes" . They will look good on girls too.

Coming to accessories and training equipment Adidas T ADIGIRL 3PP COTTON SOCKS look good on girls. They are at http://www.jabong.com/Adidas-T-ADIGIRL-3PP-COTTON-SOCKS-55700.html .

Its very important to protect your fists and knee joints when you are working out. The below Nivia Splendoer Gym Fitness Gloves and Nivia Knee Support Slip-In Style look just efficient for the same purpose .

You can find them at http://www.jabong.com/Nivia-Knee-Support-Slip-In-Style-275220.html and http://www.jabong.com/Nivia-Splendoer-Gym-Fitness-Gloves-275205.html . The Hiking Bottle is just cute for girls. Find it below :)

Find this at http://www.jabong.com/quechua-Hiking-Bottle-06L-Jr-26239.html

You can check out many more amazing equipment and stylish sippers , socks , push up bars and many more at this link. The collection is huge and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Coming to other sport essentials I chose the below ones which will complement the over all work out look . Fast track is my favorite brand. Hence I am choosy here and selecting Fasttrack watch(Fastrack 3091Sl01-Db832 Brown / Silver Analog Watch) and Fastrack Eyesport P205Bk2 Black Sunglasses. You can find the pics below. I am just too tempted to ignore them ! They are at below links- http://www.jabong.com/fastrack-3091Sl01-Db832-Brown-Silver-Analog-Watch-144646.html and http://www.jabong.com/fastrack-Eyesport-P205Bk2-Black-Sunglasses-92827.html

Having a duffle bag always helps in keeping your things safe and intact so its better to have one. The below "Reebok I10681 Blue/Black Duffle Bag" is a good choice for that!

Aren't you feeling charged up? Fitness should be the utmost priority of every one's life. What are you waiting for ? Get up and get going. Shopping sure is therapeutic . It will help you get motivated for your next step. Never stop working out and always look good when you do the same!
Good day:)
The ensemble of products I chose looks like below!

This post is written for blog contest by online shopping website, Jabong.com on the occasion of launching the exclusive Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Sports Collection.


  1. Loving that watch, Afshan! I haven't used Jabong before, now I'm tempted.

    1. Yep
      I love analog watches and fast track has always been a fav brand !
      Go for it corinne . They have some deals and prices and delivery are satisfying

  2. Want to buy all this stuff that I will never ever need, good job Afshan :)

    Akhil Kalsh. Http://1hw.in

  3. I haven't yet bought clothes or shoes online .... maybe one day

  4. Jabong has quite a variety but I rather prefer buying clothes that I can feel and try on first :D



  5. Congrats Afshan
    Everything makes me go shopping.. :)

  6. Above sport collections are good and attractive.

    http://www.neevov.com also offers international export quality fabric t-shirt direct from factory for men and women.


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