Sunday, April 1, 2012

"I Love U" Mom Dad!

Every secret I shared even if its unimportant and wee.
Every thing and place which together we always see!
At my smallest victory her face will be in glee.
To my wishes and impossible demands she would always agree!

When I am dull she would give me a good book or story to read.
She would stand behind and give me all chances to lead!
To my tall-tales and any deed she would always pay heed.
With out me uttering a word she would recognize what I need!

When am sad she becomes impatient till she makes me smile.
I assist her in all the chores just once in a while!
She never fails in her pursuit to make me happy.
She is forever concerned though at times I am sloppy!

After entering the home he will instantly search for me.
From my tot to teen to now the habit hasn't changed some how!
I say you are the head of the family, a master to all the three.
He says am the princess of the kingdom of four and takes a bow!!

He is always on the move to fulfill my craziest desires,
we cut jokes on each other and throw satires!
A friend and "The Best" he is, who comes to my rescue.
To pull mom's leg his face lits up in a bright hue :)

Today  I realized what am missing.
No one can stand for you like your mom and dad do.
Keep the whole world aside and them on the side which is true!
Coz how much ever you love them, there will always be due!!

PS: Written due to surge of thoughts . Tomorrow I will be leaving home of course to come back again but why does this time run so fast ?
Why can't the moment always last!!

always - allways :)
Miss u :-|


  1. Wow! A post dedicated just for your parents! I love the gesture! Your parents must be among the luckiest to have you!:)

  2. so so beautiful. Ds your parents read it? They must have been so very happy. I loved it totally.

    Glad to have found you via Indblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  3. Thank U Jen :) for so promptly reading and sayng that my parents r lucky!

    @Kajal : I read ur posts once in a while and loved them.. Thanks for following me :)and ya am yet to show to my parents :)


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