Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crisp Cartoon with clear message. Did u crack it ?!

Drawn in 5mints using paint brush (outcome of joblessness). Do let me know hows it ?!!


  1. is it about the vamps in tv serials ?

  2. @Indu : hehe, Kind of but ya abt some vamps in real life too ;)bt its mostly inspired by serials

  3. wow..the pic is very creative( heart-->broken heart).good job,Afshan !

    p.s: its been a long time since i posted a comment here ..... yeah..and i write less these days :) ... must be busy !

    Congratulations & Best wishes ! (came to know through your blog that you got married :) )


  4. yeah!
    I never saw U arnd :)
    was busy with writing / settling down yada yada.

    Must b more punctual/sincere and get in to serious writing.. Glad u jumped to my blog

    There are many more interesting write ups. Do read if time permits...and Thanks for ur wishes kranthi.. Cheers!

  5. Sweet!! :)Love the paintings!

    your newest follower :)

  6. Hello Jen!
    welcome to my blog. Thanks a ton and U made me supr glad by following me


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