Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Short listed in TOP 25 in "Tum-Bhi" Short story writing competition!

I felt glad when my friend called me up and told that am in top 25 of TUM BHI Short story writing competition. Its definitely encouraging to see that am at 15. Don't know about winning but such a platform inspires all budding writers!

Short listed entries are below.

There are many more good stories written by other participants too .

Short Story Writing Contest

Here is the Super 25 Shortlist of Short Story Writing Contest:

Sr. NoStory WriterShort Story
1Deepti MittalReet per Khichi Lakeer
2Assad KhanBlind
3Banu DaiLove Untold
4Nikhil SrivastavaVada Story
5Jesse RaineGetting out there
6Ekta PatelSilent Witness
7Chandan KumarThe Deadly Prank
8Amogha RThe unseen rendezvous
9Chandru BhojwaniSaya
10Arpa MukherjeeAdnama
11Amogha ReddappaA step forward
12jerremy spurginThe great mysterious
13sanjay vermaDurghatna
15Afshan ShaikRendezvous at Insync
16vibha batraThe Survivor
17Sriparna SahaEnd of an affair
18Majid BazmiAkela
20Abhishek SaurabhAbhishek Saurabh
21Mayuresh KanvindeThe Strange Case
22Aditya SinghThe Servants
23vandana kumari jenaIf the Truth Be told
24vandana kumari jenaJudge Not
25Renuka VishwanathanThe Lone Wolf


Winners Announcement: 25th April 2012

Get the latest contest updates for announcement of the winners -

www.facebook.com/TUMBHI and https://twitter.com/#!/tumbhi

Thanks Readers:)


  1. ok im never gonna talk to unknown girls :D nicely written.. and the mans point of view, well described :)

  2. @Vishnu : Haha Ya :)

    THanks for reading and acknowledgng:)


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