Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Sun to Rain"

 Bright yellow and burning was the blazing sun.
 Sweat all over and then having lemonade was fun!
Staying indoors was boring to save the skin from a burn.
 If only I was the fastest like Cheetah I would have run.

 Some angel heard my wish and there are showers.
 Pleasant it is around and neat are the flowers!
 Not  sure if its natures repercussion or Gods powers.
 It is a playful time for a kid and awesome time for lovers!!

I almost danced in joy seeing the weather change.
Events happened all over the world in a range!
Earthquake some where and tsunami alert did sound strange.
Is the foresight true finally as told by Mayans or some sage?

When I read in the news the ice in Arctic is melting,
I imagined volcanoes erupting and stones pelting!
I thought there's lot to do, not so soon GOD.
As a second thought something made me prod!!

What I can do today, why delay to tomorrow?
There are many things to be done in a row!
Tasks can't be finished with just a frown on the brow!
With a hope to finish many tasks a seed of beginning I sow!!

PS: We never know when world ends and when we really have to witness it but this poem just written randomly with a desire to finish so many pending things. Even if they are unfinished I would be glad I wrote this!!:)


  1. yes.. promises everyone has to keep, so better keep the pace going...

    nice poem

  2. @deeps: Thanks for cmng to my blog and thanks for complis:)


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