Monday, April 10, 2017

"H for HakunaMatata"

Every one of us who watched The Lion King know this song-  Hakunamatata, where Elton John stole our heart by composing music for all those beautiful lines! Hakunamatata translates to "no problems" or "no worries". I remember the most favorite line - "Hakunamatata what a wonderful phrase . It means no worries, for the rest of your days!" In my growing years this song had a great influence on me. Such a scintillating and inspiring song this one is but once you grow and as you take a plunge in to your own life and experience the happenings around you, will you be able to sing Hakunamatata with out a second thought?

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"Hakunamatata is for sure a wonderful phrase
But can you say Hakunamatata in every single phase?
To actually feel it, to rise and loudly sing,
we need continuous practice of not giving a shit about a thing!

With so much happening in the world around you

From loneliness and war, to hunger and deaths, is it easy to make Hakunamatata true?
A tragedy is not really a tragedy till it hits home
And when it hits, there is no time left to escape the storm

A young boy committing suicide in the neighboring city is a volatile news

When the same incident happens in the neighboring house it gives more blues
We get worried, we are careful , hope and wish it should not happen in our house
But do we even try to know, why for that seemingly normal kid, life had to louse!?

Watching the kids dying like fish out of the sea due to a chemical explosion

Makes me feel, hakunamatata is after all just my delusion
What or who is responsible for ending those innocent lives?
Is God vigilant and listening to those pleading cries?

If only fish could also fly in the air
If only a bird could also swim in the water

If only there was an escape for every victim facing a disaster
If only there was a punishment for every heinous monster!

If only there were no tears and gloom but only warmth and love

Then the earth could have been for you, me and all a treasure trove
If only every one had friends , a family and strength which eases the ache
We could have sang ,"Hakunamata" always and forever without a break!

Original song from The Lion King

PS: Started off the post on a happy note but ended up jotting these lines. May be my real subconscious mind lead to this

This is my day 8 post for A to Z Challenge 2017 #atozchallenge 


  1. My children are sitting besides me, immediately recognizing the Lion king. Such a good thought.
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  2. What a beautiful interpretation to life. The song empowers the soul and it's such a soulful composition:)

  3. Aaawww- thanks for reminding me of this song- looooved it - the favorite film of my daughter so the times I was humming to this song is timeless! love the energy in it. hope you are well and happy:-)

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