Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Heart of A Mother

When you smile my heart skips a beat
When you cry my heart skips a beat
When you lock your eyes with mine for hours, my heart skips a beat 
When I giggle and you chuckle, my heart skips a beat!

The heart does a somersault when it hears your wail
The heart is shielded by love when you hold my hand tight or follow my trail
In my heart, for every one around me there is sudden warmth and love 
It is a bigger place now, as in my heart you started to live!

My new found heart embraces me when I need to be strong
My new found heart gives me a bear hug when I do something wrong
My heart nudges me to discover new acts for you
When you nudge me to repeat my act , the act feels so good and true!

You are the best remedy for my every day blues
You have filled my life with many new hues 
Your smile feels so pure and honest, devoid of the worldly stuff
To sail through a rough day that loving stare and smile are enough!

When I held you first in my arms, tears flooded my eyes 
The tears of joy and overwhelm on seeing your face felt so nice
The first kiss on your forehead will be treasured by me forever
It is the best kiss of my life and nothing can match it ever!

It feels like a fairy flickered her wand and the God performed a miraculous trick
Having you in my life almost feels like magic
Motherhood is not what you are but it is what you do
I always feel ecstatic when I think of the duo of me and the little you!

I still have a long way to go and the day to day challenges scare me

At times I do have a selfish desire to be the little daughter to my mother, and be free
I am a new mother with lot of apprehension and fear
In future when I may be fighting my own demons, I want you to be there!

If I am lost or angry I want you to read these lines

Only to know that it is love at the first sight which always reigns
I want you to feel the endless bond which envelops you and me
I want you to know, it is an overpowering emotion, my love on thee!!

A 6 month old me and my three month old daughter

Happy Mothers day to one and all!


  1. You look so cute and your dearest daughter is like you. Both are like twins, Afshan. Such a wonderful poem expressing the many forms of a mother. Love it:)

    1. Thanks so much Vishal !

      I feel good whenever someone says she resembles me :)

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