Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Click Baby Photography Review"

Recently we got our baby photoshoot done by Suryakant Raut from Clickbaby.in who is a maternity and baby photo shoot expert. He covers variety of occasions of new borns and  also makes creative videos and potraits. The session started at about 11:45 A.M. at our own place and lasted till 3 P.M. in the evening. When he entered with a huge trolley bag full of props and frames, it felt like some magic show or a dance show was about to start and when he revealed all his props and plans we all were exuberant and it sure felt magical. Even if you have all the  equipment, props and every thing set up for the shoot, with out real enthusiasm, patience and passion a baby photo shoot is a bad idea and Suryakant seemed to be having loads of them which gave me an idea that the session is going to be extraordinary.

As it was scheduled on a hot summer day, I was worried that Zaara would get cranky and not co-operate at all but surprisingly she was enjoying the shoot and Suryakant was also wonderful in persuading her. The way he waited for each best shot and tried to calm her down patiently showed his experience with babies. We were super happy that she listened and was calm through out the shoot, posed for us in whatever way we wanted and the bonus was that she smiled a lot too! Luckily he captured most of  her smiling  shots.

Then came her feeding  time and we all took a break for about half hour till she again got in to good mood. All shots were  done in sync with our house environment. The props were carefully chosen so that they blend with the design of our  home and garden.

I loved the intricacy of the photography. My most favorite shot is shared below. She seemed like a blessing from heaven in mid of the plants as if she was given birth by the mother earth. I just can't stop appreciating this click. There were many more dreamy, dramatic, funky , funny snapshots which captured our happiness perfectly.
One of the many amazing shots
I also loved the shot shared  below where our baby is holidaying on a sunny morning. I can write a story for each photograph, such is the detailing of  the  photoshoot. I feel bad as I did not get my maternity shoot done by him. I  have seen his work on the website and it is fantastic. I am not sharing all the clicks here but you do get an idea of his work on looking at these pictures!
With Sunglasses
I thank Suryakant for enthusiastically finishing the photoshoot and I also want to thank his team who covered our cradle ceremony. Both the outcomes are  beautiful. I feel so elated on seeing the result of his hard work and wish him success and many more milestones! Happy that we bumped in to Clickbaby.in and decided on getting this shoot done!
Our beautifully decorated cradle from the ceremony captured aesthetically

If you are in or around Hyderabad you should opt Clickbaby.in for all your baby events. To know more contact him on facebook at Click Baby Photography!

This is also my third post for A to Z Challenge 2017 #atozchallenge


  1. A great share on your baby being at its best and enjoying the capture. Lovely read, Afshan:)

  2. Beautiful ! Stay blessed princess! :)

  3. Wow, baby shoots weren't a thing when I had my children, so I had no idea what all was involved. How wonderful it all sounded, that he spent so much time with you all, was so good with your baby and captured the way your new blessing blended in with the life you had already made. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes to you and that baby!

  4. Love the picture of Zaara in the garden! The photographer obviously really cares about his clients and respects the baby to spend so much time to get the photos!

  5. Love the pics of baby! So cute! Babies are a joy which would be cherished through a lot of celebrations that include photographs. Many parents are part taking in baby photography Mumbai sessions.

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