Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D for "Diary page from Delhi"

Delhi , the capital city of India is impregnated with history. Every bend of the street, every nook and corner exude history. Too many kings, dynasties , invaders and their beautiful monuments have given Delhi a special status on the map of India. I am happy that I got a chance to stay for almost an year in Gurgaon which is a neighbor to Delhi. I got a chance to explore the rich food and culture the city can offer. 

Delhi is known for its tourism and also the extreme summers and winters. When I stayed there, in the  month of December the day used to be foggy till 12 noon. In the nights just after 8-9 P.M. we used to shiver and the fog used to drench the car's window panes. But the chilly weather is enjoyable and the joy of eating hot jalebi or samosas in Delhi winter is incomparable!

Delhi has tombs of many Mughal emperors. In December 2012 on one wintery evening we visited Humayun's tomb.  It is the tomb of emperor Humayun and is quite famous. The intricate designs and patterns are a delight to watch for any artist. We arrived late and it was almost the closing time in the evening by the time we went inside. The guards were politely asking the tourists to leave and whistling everywhere but we managed to sneak in to the tomb requesting them saying that our stay in Delhi is about to end, which was actually true. We clicked few pictures and then I went inside near the actual tomb and was lost in thoughts, thinking about the history and awing at the architecture. I suddenly turned around saying something to my husband Imran, but it was stark silent and could see no one in the vicinity. Thanks to my fetish for horror movies, I felt I saw some shadow behind me. I again turned around but could only see some shadow of tree and a lamp dancing on the wall in the evening shade of light.

Illusion can be the cruelest thing. I still was feeling presence of some one or  some thing near that tomb area. The age old belief that historical monuments for sure have spirits roaming around didn't help much and specially if it is a tomb then undoubtedly the spirit would be lingering there as per the stories we read and movies we watch! I gasped. My throat was suddenly dry. I kept calling Imran and quickly walked towards the entrance. In an attempt to immediately get out of there I stumbled on a cement block and almost broke my toe. I took the support of a near by pillar and was able to stop myself from falling flat on face. Some repair and renovation was happening and there were many paint buckets and wet cement patches here and there in the tomb. I successfully came out. Those few seconds felt like hours. I saw Imran some where, 20 feet away from me happily clicking the sunset. I ran towards him and bursted out, asking  him why he left me all alone inside the tomb! After hearing an earful he understood I was scared and started laughing loud. I joined the laugh too but trust me when fear grabs you, it can show you visions !
Tomb clicked from outside
Sunset from the tomb

We happily came out after clicking some satisfactory snaps of the tomb. The architecture is beautiful and mimics Tajmahal a bit. Many bollywood scenes and songs are shot in this place. One such famous song is shared below. It feels lovable and peaceful whenever I listen or watch this song!


  1. I don't think I would want to wander alone inside a tomb, either! You are braver than I am!

    1. Haha I didnt choose it ;) That moment was perfect, visitors left. No one around other than some distant cooing bird. It was a nice backdrop for horror imagination

  2. The Mughal period is my favourite in Indian history. I love the Mughal architecture and Fatehpur Sikri is I think one of my most favourite places in the world. Nice to see you taking part Afshan.

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