Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"The Ultimate girls get together with Kitchens Of India"

Salma came to India 2 years after her marriage. She was dying to meet her friends. Rather than meeting for an hour in a multiplex or a restaurant she thought of throwing a party at her home. By the time the idea flashed in her mind it was too late. The cook who usually cooks for parties at her mom's place went on a long unplanned leave.She was staying for a short duration in India and wanted to make the most of it. She got tensed as she wanted to invite her friends for a pyjama  party which will be filled with loads of fun , chatter , gossip and never ending leg pulling. She craved for the moment and got tensed as she couldn't think of a solution for the party. Her mom was sick and she was not a great cook.

When she started casually browsing in her laptop absorbed in thoughts she came across the gourmet products from Kitchens of India where she could even order the ready to make mixes easily. Kitchens of India became her life savior and she knew what all to order instantly. Four of her friends were non vegetarians and they would settle for nothing less than chicken biryani and mirchi ka saalan which is Hyderabadi delicacy. She added that to cart . She ordered Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani mix , Mutton Kolhapuri , Murg Methi and Mughlai Paneer. For the other four friends who were pure vegetarians she ordered vegetable Biryani mix and Dal Bukhara and shredded mango chutney. She was impressed by her choice of dishes .

She moved to the dessert section and selected Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa which she and also her friends love to have. She was so impressed by the collection that she selected the strawberry mint and jodhpuri moong dal halwa from gifts section to give them to her best friend.  She was so happy to purchase them all at such low prices.

She made some rotis and rice for her friends and in no time she conjured all the tasty dishes. The food spread was wide enough to lure any one. She was excited by her apt decision. She got fresh and decorated the dining area and bed room. As it is a simple pyjama party she didn't lay much emphasis on decorations. She decorated the table with candles for dinner.

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She decorated the bed room with newly bought satin bed sheets and pillows. In excitement Salma hopped all over the house cleaning every corner so that it sparkles
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She sent a reminder on her invitation mail which she sent a week back requesting all of them to reach on time. The reminder was some thing like below.

Hey Girls, 

Tons of chit chat , gossip and many good movies and needless to say yummy food is waiting for you. 
Come soon!
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Every one gorged on the food and had helluva fun. Salma's ideas clicked and every one loved the candle light dinner idea and the cute satin bed sheets adorning the bedroom. After they had a content dinner they played some nice old songs to time travel to college days and their chit chat did not end till the wee hours in the morning. With their tummies and hearts full that was the best party they had in recent times. When all girls get together its not just the useless chat. They discussed future plans , their wish lists , dreams and aspirations too in midst of relishing the moong ka halwa. The party was the ultimate pyjama party ever.

Salma was overwhelmed and carried all the memories to the U.S.A. She eagerly started waiting for the next pyjama party in India. She recommended Kitchen's of India to all her friends in the U.S. and also got many instant mixes for her self before leaving :) 

So how was your weekend party ?

Do visit "KitchensofIndia" and enjoy the Indian cuisines 

This post is submitted for the contest "My Weekend Party with Gourmet Food" by Indiblogger and Kitchens of India.


  1. With such a lavish spread and perfect ambiance, the girls surely would have had a great time!
    All the best for the contest, Afshan :)

  2. haha ! Thanks Shilpa. Ya the very thought of such pajama party relieves me and thanks for wishes


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