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Few pages from the chronicles of Infosys - Nov27 - A DATE TO REMEMBER!:)

Mysore Training campus- Entrance

Even though I am out of Infy (half heartedly) I still feel attached to it. I can cite 100 odd reasons as to why I still stay attached even if I hated few aspects during my stay. I got a cold shoulder over there on which obviously I couldn't lean and the time always comes in life to move to next phase and I had to do that. There are many memories attached to Infy which make it a place near to heart.

My fav click. View of cricket ground, multiplex and building with
top in the shape of NRN's signature
  • First and foremost thing is Infosys was the platform to improve my writing skills and get few great friends. Hence the fact that Infy blogs were being destroyed lead to a heart break (well almost ;) )
  • It is larger than my Btech life. The  duration , the kind of friends and experiences are unmatchable to any happenings in pre infy life atleast to me!
  • I dont think the college feel one gets here is possible in any other company. Of course it has its own benefits and losses.
  • The forever friends who even after crossing so many phases in life remember you always and never forget to stay in touch
  • The Mysore training is one marvelous experience and the hyd infy days altogether make a big chronicle!

There she is ! The magnificent GEC 1

Swimming pool at ECC
Rules which were never followed
The royal life in Mysore which was short lived but seemed long due to the never ending training period will forever be etched in my memory. By the end of the training we only wanted it to get extended. It is the most romantic place a student can stay at least in India. The aura and ambiance by evening lifted the moods and spirits but we always stayed back in GEC only to do revisions for the next assignment / comprehensive test but ya it is a different story whether we ever seriously studied!

I very well remember the triumphs of success , the valleys of frustration , the peaks of boredom , the easily shed tears , friends , enemies, farewells ,gossips , crushes , movies(hit and flop) at multiplex, the GAZEBO breaks which were relaxing, samosa- Appy combos and frooti , Drum stick chicken which I used to love and had it on the day one of my best buddies was leaving , the coffee day breaks , FC 1 maggie counter and juice (favorite of all), Panama chicken Biryani which used to have a single large piece which I and my friend Ipsita struggled to finish with forks and knives in the long lunch breaks which were huge affairs , Sandwiches at loyal world ECC, laundromat, amul butter-bread and maggi which come under the major staple food there , the couples, stories which even lead to marriages , romances which were short lived behind the bushes or on the GEC steps and ended as they entered production :P (Post training period. Describing it so that non infoscions understand) and so much more .

The memory of the day is still strong, when I spoke to a guy who was not a great friend but lifted my spirits when I failed in the test saying , "you are not the only one here . Go and count in every Classroom FR3 , TL1  etc etc. There are many. Many who even were gold medalists or stood first in their respective colleges. Don't give up". Those were moments when I realized all were sailing or sinking in the same ship :)  I still remember that 2 AM talk and the blinking lamp posts and we both talking standing at the center of the road ! Where else will you get such lavish empty roads occupying 100s of acres and neatly manicured lawns in a training institute ? Kudos to the  house keeping staff there. The road shines better than your sprawled bed spread which will be neatly folded by the time you come back from classes. I always missed that royal treatment once I entered production!
Neat and  tidy hostel room
I missed those long mid night talks and violation of the rules , the primary violation is-  boiling Maggie in the kettle. I was the only one who used to get up early in the morning on Sundays , atleast in my wing to enjoy the view, to have a walk around the campus ! I can never forget the movies I watched in multiplex starting from Casino Royale to namaste london , Guru and many more !
The ROYAL multiplex. I was visibly perplexed when I came to know about the weekend movies here !!

When we parted we only sighed wishing few more months in that spectacular campus with no compres , 0 classes , 0 rules and only fun but I guess we value the place much more as the tenure was short and as we came out of it in flying colors . The surge of messages and wishes from all batch mates made me write this. Feels good to be wished even after drifting away or as we say moving on after leaving Infy. The first love is always the first and has the best place in every ones' hearts !
GEC2 - which was only under construction during our stay
Rain - View from a new food court which sprang just behind the multiplex

 The 4 1/2 to 5months of life if described elaborately will it self make a good story but I believe this is not the right place and time to do it. Infy happened ages back but still feels like it was a month back. We had mixed emotions then but now looking back, we can only smile and feel proud that we got a chance to stay there and feel special. The talks and the lectures are forgotten but the memories are still afresh!

Keep smiling and rocking !

PS: All these snap shots were taken when I visited Mysore last year and was quite amused by many new editions but GEC-1 remains an all time favorite adda for obvious reasons!


  1. Aww you went back to the campus eh !

    Well, what can I say, I cherish every moment of the 3 months I spent there. From the time my whole family came to drop me there, to the tears on losing friends. I'm very glad I got to experience it.

    You are right, we might have some complaints with Infosys, but it will always remain special. :-)

  2. @jazz : ya we went for a holiday and covered mysore too just in oct end last year. I was running around the place that weekend with a gush of so many memories :) I wished I went there with few friends

    ya I know it must have been a special experience to U too !!

  3. Wow!!!! U just made me recall my basket of sweet memories... :) Yes, its the best time i ever had in my lyf... never ever in colg i enjoyed a lot but in Mysore - Its rocking... Movies on weekend, gng to Mysore city whnever frnd's parents come, Coorg tour with frnds, Mysore one day tour package, ha ha ha... its a long list... Mainly midnite B'day parties... V used to play anthyakshari at 1 or 2 am... chit chat on roads till early hours... gossips... Wht not everything but whn exams OMG its terrible.... :( Fast track is really tough to cross... always exams exams.... hate them... :P But I remember one incident - One day I was alone coming from GEC 1 to my room, thr were guys sitting on the footpath and commenting in telugu as it was dark thy cudnt recognise me as telugu girl... Thr conversation was so funny... the topic was "Arey mama mana colg lo ithe ammayilanu tease chesthe em godava undadhu but ikkada chinna maata anna ASHI ani complaint chestharu,peddha thalanoppi ra mama..." :) Hope u got it... If i go on share like this thr r many incidents... :)Anywaz thnx dear for reminding me the beautiful campus... Wish to visit agn with my frnds... :)

  4. @Jyotsna : Good to see ur elaborate comment :) Ya what all u told I too echo echo !! :D
    we even used to discuss horror stories well past mid night and get scared thinking that bldg 13 is haunted (Not sure abt facts :P)

    Abt that telugu guy commenting- LOL!!paapam kada
    but ASHI didnt stop any thing . Infact panama students and others used to openly kiss and flaunt emotions when on the other hand INDIANS R barred and ASHI'ed . Our cultures/ customs U see ? but am not sure if that stopped anuy thing. Good to see U liked reading it :)

  5. *stares at screen for two minutes*

    What a beautiful post. Too much nostalgia. Words fail me. No matter what happens, Infosys will always remain special in spite of the idiots it has!

  6. @Nandana : Thanks for reading :)
    ya what ever may be the progress in the population of idiots day by day I still love the place and itss near to heart :)

  7. Nicely written...If I had to write about my 8 month stay in Mysore, then I guess I will have to write 8 posts :P
    Nice pics. I liked the first pic :)
    Keep writing!

  8. @ninad : thanks for completely reading it . I suggest u to write those 8 posts when the memories r still fresh . Would love to read . Even I briefed my stay . Didn't describe in detail . Youto keep reading and writing :)tx

  9. Once an Infoscion, always an Infoscion :)

    I miss Infy so much after reading this :(

  10. @Akanksha : When ever I read it I miss Infy

  11. Good old days..will always be cherished in that special tiny corner :)

  12. Beautiful post and pics of nostalgic memories...superb:-)
    That's why it's said once an infoscion always an infoscion!!

  13. Hi.
    My question might seem silly, but i wanna know if in shared rooms, are there 2 separate cupboards

    1. Yes there are two separate cupboards. The que made me laugh / smile :) but a genuine doubt


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