Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali to one and all !!

To Brighten up came the festival of lights.
The sound of fire works is the sound of joy.
Stars and moon are in competition and gave a try!
Failed to increase the beauty of the illuminated sky!!

Times are so dark and the worries are increasing.
The festive mood for a while makes us feel its all ceasing.
Before you kill the evil in others target the evil with in.
There are many fears to wipe off which are built-in!

Rejoicing for a day and forgetting is not done.
Happiness is a pursuit of one and only "the one"!
Remember to cling to the hope even when its dying.
You may reach the skies, you should keep trying!

Gone are the days when we gathered in groups and celebrated.
Busy are the hours and the festive hours are limited!
Hurried are the wishes some times formal and belated.
Facebook eased the life where you type wishes copy pasted!!

Like people who are always prying,
galaxies tried and in a rage are sighing.
The bird cooed in a distance and started to fly.
Diwali we celebrate it with spirits so high!

Like a beacon of light when it is all dark,
just when you start losing direction!
Like a ray of hope when you lurk,
which just can lead to that resurrection!!

Happy Diwali * One and all*
PS: A beautiful starry night inspired me to write this :)
Afshan Khan--


  1. Hey, is it OK if I re-post this to my blog? I will give you
    credit, of course!
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  2. Sometimes I envy ppl who write good poems!! :P

    Poems convey a lot more than a two paragraphs of detailed description!!

    hehe...loved ur poem Afshan....

    Happy Diwali to you too!! :)

  3. Thanks for Ur compliment Kally :)

    YA poems do convey a lot but dont attract many readers :P
    and anyone can be a poet at times :)
    HAppy diwali to u too. Hope u had a blast!


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