Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan- Sadly not a true Homage to Bollywoodish Love stories :(

Direction: Yash Chopra
Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma
Music: A.R. Rahman

Not in my worst dreams I ever thought I will dislike a SRK's movie to this extent. I was never a die hard  fan of all Yash Chopra's movies but I do like the dreamy feel , love and its intensity, the breath taking locations , beautiful heroines and if I  tell in brief too many elements in the movies always made it tough to dislike them even if they are unrealistic at times. Be it Veerzaara , Dil to paagal hai or the legendary dilwale dulhania lejayenge to mention a few. You can never get bored by these movies as there are too many interesting elements like dance , Madhuri,  the nativity , family bonds , unending romance and last but not the least our dimpled charismatic SRK!

Jab Tak Hai Jaan being Yash Chopra's last one I thought it would be his best or may be atleast a jumble of all his gems but sadly as it turns out it didnt even stand at 2 on the scale if you rate the best Yash chopra movie at 10.

If there is one pit fall you may ignore but the story has gone to toss and the routine beauty born with silver spoon who travels in a Bentley and whose engagement gets printed in magazines falling in love with a pauper like SRK who works in markets or shovels snow or sings to earn extra money is not new in a Yash chopra movie but the blunder lies in how unreal the roles are, specially Katrina's who asks for some boon in church and sacrifices something linked to her in return everytime. Seriously ? Did he think audience will be moved by this ?Sadly I could only see audience moving in and out of the cinema hall!

 Thankfully SRK is at ease with his in-built romantic charishma who even at the age of 47 maintains that unmistakable deadly gaze at her girl and woos her effortlessly . The choice of girls is the next biggest blunder. Anushka with her stereotypical chirpy delhi girl image bored me beyond limits. She is definitely a good actress but she can do tons better in different roles! Kat / Rich Meera ditches SRK/ Samar due to some stupid sentiment she has when Samar meets with a hit and run accident and the moment where I seriously wanted to come out of the theater was the same stinky sentiment repeating in the second half after a second accident where he gets something called retrogressive amnesia and giving a shooting pain in audiences brains and A**es he forgets anushka and remembers only Kat !! There are no great punches nor noteworthy dialogues by the ladies other than the one where Anushka says She is an Instant make up break up kinda girl who thinks of love later. 

Srk was tempting in that military uniform with the skill to diffuse any bomb any time any where but the reason to do it is love as declared by Anushka the discovery  channel reporter / documentary film maker in the end.

Gosh! Thats it . I was doomed. I felt I should get my money back as I spent extra bucks for the FDFS. SRK whose enticing charm never failed to charm me failed the very first time in my life, the major reason  being the leading ladies on whom the charm was directed, the story line which has gone to toss , the long 180 min movie which will make audience yawn , the expression less Katrina who along with looking as stunning as in amsutra ads should learn some acting too, now that she is on the toppers list of bolly wood , Anushka Sharma and her repeated dialogues about her being a supergirl and careless bitch and her fake tears. 

Come on if you dont passionately love SRK dont fake it . Seriously I felt I can do better:P and there was a competition between Kat and Anushka as to who can be more FAKE!? and the winner is Kat .The root cause for the movie to be a bore is Anushka and Katrina sans the Yash Chopra factor unlike the naturals like Sridevi , Madhuri , Kajol and so on. The elegance and the radiance missed here how ever hard Katrina tried wearing a white salwar  or chiffon saree. There are few hot making out scenes and SRK's first lip lock kiss but even they just become lukewarm in the king-dumb of boredom.

Music : A.R. Rehman definitely was sleepy when he did this. Other than the title sequence(poem) , Challa and Heer I liked nothing else. Kat looked ravishing in Ishq shava though. Thats the best she can do - LOOK gorgeous!

Hoped Katrina to turn to a ghost for a twist when ever she wore black or white . Wished SRK did not do this movie ! Dreamt Yash chopras last one to be an intense love story like a veerzaara or to be much more dreamy and magical - Only tempting thing is Leh-Ladakh , and may be Katrina's trinkets and bracelets if you AVOID that expression on her face and last but not the least SRK's gaze and the look in second half  but ofcourse  his killer looks, 
shades, the well built body in 2nd part have gone wasted :-/.That's the best way I can put
it . All in all , highly disappointed.

Lastly if you love SRK like me  you may enjoy few bits and pieces or if you want to go  
watch Yash Chopra's last for the sake of all his beautiful creations till date , well do watch it. 

My Rating : (--___2/5_____--)


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  2. Masterpiece by legend Yashji...King waz excelnt,kat waz best til now,ths film z ans 4 those who criticize ab kat acting,however akira aka anu waz bit betr than kat...thr wz round f clap in PVR,of crs more than one time watch 5/5

  3. @Love Sms : Good to know u liked........ofcrs SRK was excellent in the role.!
    Glad to hear ppl clapped :)
    thanks for dropping by

  4. Hmmm....i hv been waiting to watch this movie but after seeing all these bad reviews am planning to see it in DVD :)

    Anyway but the characters are good its just tht the screenplay and storyline spoils evrything!!!

    Guess in the movie I wud love tht Ishq Shava song to the max!! :D

    Nice review by the way Afshan!!

  5. @kalyan: Story and plot spoiled every thing . Never felt this sad watchng a movie- spclly as it is Yash chopra's last . SRK was the reason i beared the pain while watching :P
    Not becoz of being a fan bt as he is damn natural in such roles.

    Well thats it. Ishq shava is also very lengthy yar with some Predance sequence.

    Katrina does look ravishing. DONT MISS HEER song. Both look GORGEOUS in it :)
    good day

  6. Till date we have not watch this movie ' jab tak hai jaan' but after read above article, we will watch movie as earlier.


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