Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 2". "9 Loves"!!

Well Well Lovehttp:// !!!
Love is in the air.. If we keep on telling what all we love I am damn sure the list will go from Kashmir to Kanyakumari but as part of the challenge started on sunday(due to time constraints couldnt continue immediately :| )I want to pen down the Top nine Loves of my Life!!! After revealing secrets which almost seem like my “LOVABLE” wishes/desires I don’t know what exactly to write here:-o Anyway here I ago!!
1.) Home sweet home: Who doesn’t love it. It’s quite silly to mention. But as I am starting from 1. I need to say . Home, Mom , Dad and My elder Bro. Where ever I go on this earth ,would always love to come back home and rest in peace
2.) My Huge Book Rack!!I want to expand it to a mini library and when I get old I am damn sure if my eye sight is good [after the laser treatment, cataracts so on so forth :P ] I will keep on reading
3.) Music/My IPOD: Especially all the Hindi melodies, 60s to 90s. Need to collect more n more! It’s so soothing and whenever I listen to them where ever I am, travelling in a bus, waiting for the train, engulfed by my thoughts, music just gives the relaxation needed and outlet for thoughts
4.) My Laptop: My dear dear laptop . If given a chance like in some villages people marry trees first as its some faith they have, I would marry my laptop :P It helps me to “Write” . This writing habit emerged coz of my laptop, so I love it!
5.) Mom Dad’s Wedding Album : I Love browsing through it again and again and I feel so thrilled every time and love browsing through the things she preserved like wedding gifts , saree etc etc! I feel excited.I LOVE THEIR MEMORIES! Till date I argue with them why didn’t they try to get a vedio of wedding L
6.) Home Made food: Take me to Taj, Take me to Oberoi or any other newly opened restaurant in the city especially Hyderabad being a place famous for FOOD I would always want to come back home and have that elaichi tea made by my mom or maggi noodles and chicken biryani . As a matter of fact anything and every thing made by her. I hope I learn atleast 20% of her skills and survive
7.) Slam Book/ Poetry: I always hold it carefully (the school slam book) as if its “Handle with care” thing in fear of spoiling it .The whole scribbling in the book is too near to my heart. Especially written by some of my teachers which are imprinted in my brain but I still love reading them again and again. How they felt about me!!!!!(The most favorite one is by my English mam Rezina) and I love spontaneous poetry written by me or my friends
8.) Family Get togethers: Earlier it used to be summer holidays from april till june for which I used to eagerly wait the whole year. There is no scope for it now but whenever we meet its all “ruckus” and feels like good old times are back! Now that there is a third generation my new loves are the kiddos Omi, Dani , Husna , Suhaan , Tabish and Ayaan !!ofcourse there’s no risk to show partiality here. Ayaan is my hero J
9.) My Friends : Yes life is so dull and incomplete in their absence . Today I read in some mail “Friends are the Family U choose for Yourself”. I Love those dear ones whom I can reach any time and talk anything without giving a second thought.
That’s all for now!


  1. //My Huge Book Rack!!I
    I have lots of books not not a rack yet dedicated for them...and yeah love to have a library!!! :D

    //I would marry my laptop :P
    Duh!! too small for u! ;) My mom says I'm married to my Desktop!! :P as I dwell in it all time..

    //Home sweet home:
    Yes obviously!!! Same here...!

  2. Oh !! Soon get a rack and get them organised..will accompany U in ur oldage;)and thats somthng best u can own :D

    laptop small for me;) hehe smal or big doesnt matter :D wat matters is the amt of love kally :p


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