Sunday, January 21, 2024

"When God Spoke to Me!"

Is it for the love of God, you do what you do?

Or is it your hunger to wake up something sleeping within you?

What do you mean to do with these new wings of power?

Do you want to scream the greatness of the God standing on a tall tower?

There is only one God for all of us, as it is famously said!

Does that God understand your deep devotions and the efforts laid?

What do you think he is doing from up above the world?

Is he glad, euphoric, or feeling that there is still more to be done and told!?

Yesterday God came into my dream and whispered a few blessings in my ear!

He sat next to me and caressed my forehead, the dream felt so real!

I asked him, "Which God are you?," as I felt I didn't know him.

He chuckled, "Not which! Ask me Why I am here?" suddenly sounding so grim!

"You humans pray to me, please me, and offer me so much!

As you work crazily to project me as the best, are you aware of what you are doing to each?

If you are so passionate about your God, inculcate in yourself - inclusivity and empathy...

I live in each one of you, and not in a shrine or in the sun or the sky conversing through telepathy!

Next time you feel all devotional, try to look deep into the unwavering eyes of a child

The eyes pose a million questions - as to who and what they are?

Thanks to the divisiveness you created among them - they form a very early identity!

They believe what they see and what they are told, as to who is who's deity!

Next time when you need a favor and want me near you, think about the misfortunes and misery gripping the globe!

Know the facts around you, not the hypotheses - Try to probe!

Nothing matters to me when the world is indifferent and blind to few and wide-eyed in awe for few!

No miracle would work until you double-faced hypocrites are bound to destroy and strew!

You could build me golden walls, and walk me all around the earth

You could install me in every nook and corner, but still, there will be a dearth...

You put your life at stake for me, fighting over the blood, bones, and the carcasses

You dig me out deep from the Mother Earth's belly and resurrect me, thinking it will clear your own mess

Beware that nothing matters till you learn what love and devotion in real mean!

Till you learn to live as humans, does it really matter whether your God is heard or unheard, seen or unseen?!"

As the last question rang in my ears, and as dawn cracked...

I woke up in disbelief as the feeling of God stayed with me, but he disappeared!

Yet again I start my day with my work and things...

Yet again I realize, it is not God whom I dislike, it is his fans' association and their doings!!!

Not sure of the source but I just love this quote. As per info on GoodReads, it is by A.B. Potts

P.S. On a related or may be not-so-related note, do watch this movie - Bruce Almighty, if you haven't already. You won't regret it.


  1. I can totally relate.

  2. I wish the world magically transforms in a better place for our kids. Almost like the times when we were growing up! Heartfelt words.


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"When God Spoke to Me!"

Is it for the love of God, you do what you do? Or is it your hunger to wake up something sleeping within you? What do you mean to do with th...