Friday, August 19, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 6". "5 Foods"!!!!!!!

Five foods
*Food* Yummm yumm *Slurp* .What can be more interesting topic than this ? MEN? I guess NO!! Food has more varieties than MEN :)
My uncle teases my aunt saying: “If she is given an option to chose between chicken biryani and him , without a second thought she will file a divorce :) " .
People love food. It’s good to be a diet conscious person and take care of your body and keep a check on weight but doing it 24*7*12*365 is possible only if all your taste buds stop working and your sense organs are not working properly! Well I always wonder looking at the models, cine stars and those people who control their food cravings and appreciate them but always feel they are missing some fun and taste in life!! I get this feeling especially when I look at the not so appealing skinny and 0 sized bodies!! Anyway coming back to the FOOOD!!! Oh am a foodie.I haven’t tasted international cuisines. So I won’t sound cool by saying my favorite food is Chinese , Italian , Brazilian or Macedonian whatsoever :P Now let me not make this post long and directly attack on my Top 5 foods!

1.)Chicken Biryani : Yummmmm. The Royal Nawaabi Food. It’s a relief to enjoy the smell and sight  (both zoom in and zoom out )when it’s still on stove and when served on dinner table. There is a technique to make it. My mom puts a roll of wheat as a seal around the vessel lid so that the rice becomes more frilly and it seems this gives a better taste to biryani (DUM biryani it is). I never understand the technique as I always am charmed by the aroma and taste ! Cooking Hyd biryani is all together a different art ! But I like the native Andhra biryani better with Gongura chicken (spicy). I like almost all varieties of chicken! Lucknowi Biryani was also OK. Am No mutton / Prawn / fish eater. I try fish once in a while as they say it’s good for heart.

2.) Mango Pickle: Well frankly speaking am not interested in vegetables. They all look same to me!! I daily have Dal and vegetables as I have to have them and am a diet conscious person and no hard core meat eater ! But ya if I have to take one name I must say I love “Kairi” – Mango Pickle!! Which is again in the native Andhra style not like the one from other places with a tinge of sweetness! One should taste the Andhra Avakaya with ghee in rice. Its mouthwatering . Even when am typing this its appetizing! I bet you would be mesmerized and may close your eyes when you actually eat as directed by me. Well Avakaya should be prepared nicely ofcourse!! The curd rice and Mango pickle is a hit combo too which is like a fast food when no food is in reach and nothing can be cooked and you are in a hurry!

3.) Maggi Noodles with Ruffles lays chips : I religiously decorate my plate whenever I make Maggi noodles or mom makes and I many times have it outside too . Everyone has their own Maggi story as they advertise it ! Maggi is the bestest and the fastest food among all the foods invented so far and available in too many flavours. Chicken maggi , egg maggi , veg maggi , Paneer maggi. Yummylicious with Ketch up. Recently When I have been to client location I had total 10-15 flavours of maggi for a month or so!!!! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAGGI! Of all I had I loved Corn Maggi .Lays chips as a side dish is good with Maggi!

4.) Chat : Well who doesn’t love chat. I drool even by seeing the menu. Samosa chat , Ragda chat , Sev puri, Raj Kachori, Dahi puri , Pani Puri , Bhel puri , Pav bhaji Extra pav, Papdi chat so on so forth !Chat Bhandar is the most fav adda to me when ever I meet my friends/ cousins or even if I am alone and have nothing to do ! If there's one thing I can never stop eating it would be chat after the chicken!! If after all recessions and great depressions I lose my job then I will surely start a “Chat gaadi”with few friends and add  few special native cuisines to the menu. I am glad I got a chance to taste the original Rajasthani chat lately when I was in Jaipur!

5.) Kaddu ka kheer/ Sheer khurma : I don’t have a sweet tooth and eating too many sweets makes me feel drowsy at times  ( I don’t really know the reason). I don’t enjoy sweets. But two sweets which I can never stop relishing are kaddu ka kheer and sheer khurma. Sheer khurma is Ramzan special all over the world, and there are many varieties in it . The one with condensed milk is called sevayya !There is a variety with dry fruits and there is also dum ke sevayya which are orange in color and crispy ..Chauba acts as topping made of khopra (dry coconut scrape) and baadaaam , akhrot and other dry fruits. This topping is yummier than the sevayya to me .Making Kaddu ka kheer is again an art. Have it with Milk maid and mail me if you don’t feel heavenly !

Am too hungry now so
Khuda hafeez :)


  1. //Food has more varieties than MEN :)
    Hmmm....but there are more varieties of Girls than Food!!! :P ;) I prefer Food with them!! ;) hehe...

    //Maggi Noodles with Ruffles lays chips
    Try eating Maggi with Bingo mad angles...those triangle triangle wala....Hmmm...everyone loves maggi except those health freaks!!!

    Chat/ too me all those pani poori, dahi poori, dahi papdi, bhel, etc etc...!! *slurp*

    Good ones...Tasty too!!

  2. @kally: ha ha ...ya food with them is good!!
    i prefer my food alone so that no one watch what all am hogging on ;) :P LOL

    Maggi with all those crunchy munchy chips is good..i tried with bingo ;) too



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