Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Salaam to Kalam"

Originally published in ViewsPaperTVP-09-FB-001
People come. People go
Time doesn’t halt. It will flow
People live. People die
Only few have wings of fire and always fly!
Today I pray in front of the God with just a single desire
I ask him for the seeds of wisdom and those wings of fire
The fire of knowledge, the fire of good will and the fire of passion
The fire of purpose, the fire of perseverance and the fire of the right emotion!
You are the reason I felt there is no need to always announce my success
You are among those legends who proved intellect is the true finesse
You are the reason, a child could and can strongly believe and walk the path of belief
When the country was getting filled with corrupt leaders, you came as a relief!
You are the only person who strengthened the words – the pen is mightier than sword
You are the reason I felt, declaring I am Kalam is the best way to feel right and good
Your words changed my way of living and thinking.
If my soul is lost, your words always help in finding.
You are the one who proved humanity and wisdom come above religion
You became the reason for many kids to form a common legion
You are famous as the Missile Man but you are the symbol of love and peace
Your visionary gave us the power to dream and the courage to make it true
When religion becomes the reason to stereotype many around,
You stood as a living proof and filled hope and pride abound
Your life should lead more and more like me towards the path of the fulfillment
You are immortal and live forever in our thoughts and will rule our hearts!! 


  1. Beautiful. Wonderful tribute to President Kalam.

  2. He was indeed the true philosopher -king Plato had envisioned. I read his autobiography 'Wings of Fire' a few days back and I swear it was just so inspiring! may his great soul rest in peace...nice tribute

    1. I read it long back. Should read it again some time.
      Thanks for ur time Ankita !

  3. Salute to the greatest man who asked us to dream and to fill the world with our glowing efforts. Wonderful tribute!
    ​​A Rat's Nibble : #IAm16ICanRape ~ Book Review

  4. i am wondering how i had missed this beautiful piece..Amazing

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